Are Hand-Tied Extensions Damaging or Bad for Your Hair?

Every woman dreams of having thick, lustrous, and long locks they can flaunt with every step. But if you have short, thin, or fine hair, you might think these #hairgoals are out of your reach. Well, think again.

Hair extensions are the ultimate gateway to the hair of your dreams, and there are many types of extensions to choose from. One option that gets plenty of attention is hand-tied extensions. But are they right for you? Do they cause damage, or are they bad for your hair?

If you’re considering getting hand-tied extensions but want to double-check how safe they are for your locks, you’re not alone. Damage is a primary concern amongst women considering hand-tied extensions – and this article teaches why they might be a superb choice for you.

Keep reading to find out if hand-tied extensions are damaging or bad for your hair!

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Damaging or Bad For Your Hair?

If hand-tied extensions are on your hairstyling radar, I have great news for you – hand-tied extensions are not damaging or bad for your hair. They’re great for almost everyone, and you won’t have to fear that they’ll pose a risk to your natural locks.

That’s because hand-tied hair extensions use very lightweight wefts that are “sewn” into the hair, either by tiny beads or braids. No heat or glue is required, which means less of a risk during application. 

However, nothing is foolproof. Some things can lead to damage from hand-tied extensions. Luckily, any damage that may occur is minimal and completely avoidable. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Correct Application is Critical – Opt for Professional Installation

Much like any other type of hair extension, correct application is critical. Incorrect application can lead to problems down the line. One of the most significant potential issues is traction alopecia, or hair loss due to weight and pulling (from hair extensions or other causes).

With that in mind, it’s always recommended to have your hand-tied extensions installed by a professional. Double-check that your stylist has the experience necessary for proper installation, as there is no actual certification for performing hand-tied hair extension installation.

2. Hair Health Plays a Major Role – Healthy Hair Only!

Aside from improper installation, another potential reason why hand-tied hair extensions may be damaging or bad for your hair is if your hair is in poor health to begin with. If your hair is especially brittle, fine, or thin, the weight of the wefts may be too much for your locks.

Of course, no reputable hair stylist would apply hand-tied hair extensions onto hair that isn’t healthy enough to handle them. So, this isn’t a significant concern. Simply discuss with your hairstylist whether or not hand-tied extensions are a good fit for you.

Your hairdresser may inform you that a different hair extension route is better for your particular hair type. They may also offer instructions on strengthening your natural mane so they can be prepared for hand-tied extension installation.

3. Don’t Overdo It – Too Much Hair is a Bad Thing

Celebs like Salma Hayek and Ciara have jaw-droppingly thick locks that we all want to steal. And while a full-bodied finish is the name of the game when it comes to hair extensions, too much of something is never a good thing – including hair extensions.

If you add an excessive amount of hand-tied hair extensions, you will cause undue stress to your roots and scalp. That’s because too many hand-tied extensions will create added weight and density, resulting in undesirable tugging and pulling on your natural mane.

Although it can be tempting to load up on the extensions, there’s one big thing to keep in mind – hand-tied extensions are highly sought after because they’re lightweight and comfortable. Keep it that way by limiting how many extensions you apply. Trust me – a little goes a long way, honey.


Hand-tied extensions are awesome for your hair. Yay! Now, all that’s left is to check out these commonly asked questions by readers just like you. Let’s check it out, ladies!

Do hand-tied extensions damage your hair?

Hand-tied extensions won’t damage your hair 99% of the time. As long as they’re installed by a professional, and your hair is in good health, you won’t have to worry about these extensions causing harm to your natural strands and scalp.

How long do hand-tied extensions last?

Hand-tied hair extensions can last up to one year, making them an excellent investment for your appearance. Just keep in mind that they’ll need to be moved up regularly, with general “move-up” appointments occurring every eight weeks.

Are hand-tied extensions good for thin hair?

As long as your hair is in good health, hand-tied extensions can be a great option. That’s because they blend seamlessly and won’t cause excessive pulling or tugging like some other types of extensions. However, if your hair is too thin, it may be impossible to hide the braid or beads required for “sewing” the wefts.

Hand-Tied Extensions Don’t Damage or Harm Hair!

Hand-tied extensions have quickly become one of the most popular hair extension installation methods because they are not damaging or harmful to natural locks. Ensure your hairstylist is experienced and your hair is healthy before opting for hand-tied extensions. Don’t overdo it with the amount of hair, either.

Do you like hand-tied hair extensions? Do you have anything to add here?

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