How to Attach Clips to Hair Extensions Without Sewing

Listen. I don’t consider myself a seamstress. In fact, the thought of sewing anything throws me into a bit of a panic. So when I got my hair extensions delivered, only to discover they were wefts that needed to have the clips attached, I thought I was in for a world of hurt.

That’s when I decided to go on a journey to uncover the best ways to attach clips to hair extensions without sewing. To my surprise, there are a whole lot of excellent ways to attach clips to extensions – without ever having to open a sewing kit.

If you’re stuck in a hair extension dilemma where you need to attach clips to hair extensions but don’t want to sew, keep reading. This article shares some of the best ways to connect clips without needing to sew (you know, so other people who aren’t sew-savvy can still rock their new extensions).

Sew, what are we waiting for? (Get it?)

How to Attach Clips to Hair Extensions Without Sewing – 3 Ways

Although sewing your clips to your hair extension wefts may offer the most security and longevity, you don’t have to sew to use your new faux hair. There are three easy-peasy ways to attach clips to hair extension wefts with zero sewing involved. 

Method 1: Glue

The first method is to use glue. I recommend purchasing glue designed for use on hair, although I’ve seen people use other types of glue – such as super glue – to get the job done. However, if you’re concerned about damage to your mane or scalp, opt to buy hair-friendly adhesives.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut the wefts. Some packages come with very long wefts that may be impossible to work with. If so, you’ll want to measure them along your head where you want them and cut them as needed.
  • Glue two pieces together (optional). Gluing two wefts together provides added thickness that many women adore. However, it’s unnecessary, especially if you’re purchasing already-thick hair strands.
  • Apply glue to the top of the clip. You can be generous with the amount of glue you’re applying. After all, you don’t want slippage (talk about an embarrassing nightmare!). Be careful to keep it on the top portion, so the hair doesn’t stick to the clip.
  • Attach the clip to the weft. After applying glue to the clip, you need to quickly apply it to the weft. Press down on the clip to apply some pressure, ensuring the clip stays put. The key is to be swift, as this glue will dry incredibly fast.
  • Attach as many clips as necessary. Small wefts, such as those going on the side of the head, may only need one or two clips. Longer wefts may need as many as four. Space them out about an inch apart.
  • Let them dry. Once you’re done attaching the clips with glue, set your wefts of hair down on a flat surface, such as your bathroom countertop. Allow them to dry completely before wearing them.

To get a great visual on applying clips to hair extension wefts using glue, follow this video:

Tip: Make sure you’re extra careful with these extensions! You don’t want to tug or pull roughly, especially while brushing. Keep all oil-based products and conditioners away from the glue, as this can cause the adhesive to deteriorate, ruining your DIY hair extensions!

Method 2: Wig Clips

The second option is to use wig clips. The benefit of using wig clips is that there is no mess involved, which is an obvious occurrence with method #1 (hello, any art project using glue is bound to be a bit messy, even for the precise artists!). 

It’s super simple, I promise:

  • Start by cutting and doubling up, if necessary. Just like in method #1, you’ll start by cutting and doubling up the wefts, if desired.
  • Lift the two hooks on the back of the clips. You should be able to simply slide your fingertip underneath the hook and lift it up. That way, you can easily slide it onto the hair extension weft.
  • Slide the clip onto the hair extension weft and push down on the hooks. This will secure the clip in place. Squeeze as tight as you possibly can!
  • Continue until all of the clips are fastened. Remember – the clips should be spaced about an inch apart. Depending on the length of your hair extension weft, you may need more or less.

This lovely woman gives an excellent explanation and step-by-step guide on how to use wig clips to attach clips to hair extensions:

Method 3: Bobby Pins

Are you in a rush? Do you not want to fuss with glues or wig clips? Then there’s one final option: to apply your hair extension wefts using bobby pins. OK, so this method bypasses the clips entirely. But it still works. So don’t @ me, please, *insert smiley face*.

To apply your hair extension wefts using bobby pins, you’ll need to start by sectioning your hair to create space to “install” the hair extensions. Then, apply a series of bobby pins in a diagonal direction, going through your natural hair, the wefts, and the faux hair. 

I know this can sound a little confusing. To help you out here’s an awesome video:

Oh, and yes, her personality is fantastic. You’re gonna love her!


See? I told you there were three great ways to attach clips to hair extensions without sewing! (OK, so one method attaches extensions directly to your hair – get over it, girls!). Check out these FAQs to learn more.

Can I put in clip-in extensions myself?

You can definitely put clip-in hair extensions yourself. It’s the recommended method for installing clip-ins. The best part is it’s quick and easy and presents little to no risk of damage. Still concerned? You can always have them installed professionally, but they must be removed before bed.

Can you use Gorilla Glue for hair extensions?

It depends on what you’re using the glue for. If you’re using it to attach the clips to the hair extension wefts, then yes, you can use Gorilla Glue. However, I always recommend opting for glue specifically made for hair.

Why do my clip-in extensions keep falling out?

The biggest reason your clip-in hair extensions are falling out is that you didn’t install them correctly and secure the clips to enough natural hair strands. You may also be brushing too vigorously or trying to apply extensions to overly conditioned or oily locks.

Attaching Clips to Hair Extensions Without Sewing is Easy!

Whether you opt to glue your clips onto your hair extension wefts, use wig clips, or bypass connecting the clips altogether, you can easily rock your new clip-in hair extensions without ever having to open a sewing kit. So go ahead and buy those lovely new hair extension wefts, queen!

How do you attach clips to your hair extension wefts without sewing? Do you have any methods you’d like to recommend? 

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