3 Best Cheap Clip-In Hair Extensions

I don’t know about you, but I have naturally thin and fine locks that make it almost impossible to put together a voluminous, full-bodied hairstyle. When I’m looking for body and bounce, it is always clip-in hair extensions to the rescue.

But let’s face it – those price tags leave me running for the hills. Clip-in hair extensions undoubtedly aren’t the cheapest thing on the market. Does that mean we have to be left disappointed with a flat mane?

Absolutely not. The good news is, plenty of companies have come up with budget-friendly options that get the job done. And don’t worry, they don’t look like fake locks someone created in a lab with a funky texture and awful smell.

My absolute favorite cheap clip-in hair extensions are the REECHO 24″ Straight Long 4 PCS Set. They’re gorgeous, ultra-long, and look like the real deal. There are a few other top-notch brands that will leave you with a thick, beautiful set of hair without breaking the bank.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone who wants to play around with their mane’s length and fullness should consider buying clip-in hair extensions. Why? Because clip-ins are not a permanent solution. That leaves plenty of room for versatility. 

With clip-in hair extensions, you can easily spice up your look for date night and take them out for your next morning gym sesh. You also don’t have to worry about the hours needed for placing permanent extensions; or the price tag that comes along with them either.

More specifically, cheap clip-in hair extensions are best for women who want the look without emptying their wallets. If you’re on a budget or new to the extensions world and don’t want to spend too much right off the bat, then you’ll love these top-notch cheap solutions. 

The Best Cheap Clip-In Hair Extensions Reviewed

Ready to get the look you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank? I’m going to share my top 3 picks with you when it comes to budget-friendly clip-in hair extensions. 

1. REECHO 24″ Straight Long 4 PCS Set (Best Pick)

Why do I absolutely love these? Well, first and foremost, it weighs 280 grams. That is a lot of weight for a 4-piece set. So, even someone like me who was (blessed?) with thin and fine hair can get body without having to buy extra packages of these clip-ins.

Another thing to adore about these clip-in hair extensions is that they’re made with heat resistant synthetic fiber. That’s right – a synthetic fiber that can handle heat up to 350 degrees without the worry of breakage or damage. 

Plus, there is such a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from. Go with bleach blonde curly locks, or try a daring straight green.

Last but not least, let’s talk length. They have such a great variety of lengths to choose from, whether you want to keep it simple and bouncy with 12” or add serious length with 24”, 26”, or 28”. 


  • High-quality and styleable synthetic fiber material.
  • Plenty of hair colors and textures to choose from.
  • Lengths from 12” up to 28”.
  • Weighs 280 grams for a thicker mane with just four pieces.


  • Four pieces may not be enough for some hair types.
  • Some may prefer the look and feel of human hair.

2. Licoville Remy Clip in Hair Extensions (Best Remy Clip-Ins)

Remy hair doesn’t have to be ultra-expensive, and these Remy clip-in hair extensions prove that. They’re made with gorgeous human hair that is easily styled without any chance of melting, breakage, or tangling. They come in 4 lengths, 15”, 18”, 20”, and 22”.

From balayage to golden brown and beyond, there are plenty of stunning colors to choose from. Each pack comes with seven pieces, altogether weighing 70 grams. This is noticeably less weight from the REECHO extensions, but you can be more versatile with placement with so many pieces.


  • Designed with magnificent Remy human hair.
  • Comes with seven pieces for versatile styling.
  • It can be washed, straightened, curled, and more.
  • Variety of colors to choose from. 


  • It only weighs 70 grams.
  • Only available in straight.

3. OneDor 20″ Curly Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions (Best Curly Clip-Ins)

Where are my curly-haired girls at? If you are longing for some full-bodied ringlets to add to your mane, look no further than these cheap clip-in curly hair extensions from OneDor. I love them because they offer stunning loose curls that will change your appearance instantly.

Aside from being beautiful to look at, these 20-inch hair extensions come with an impressive weight of 140 grams. With seven different pieces to play around with, it’s never been easier to get the (curly) look you’ve always wanted. 


  • 140 grams for plenty of volume.
  • Plenty of colors to choose from.
  • Made of high-quality synthetic fiber.
  • Perfect for girls who crave ringlets.


  • Only available in 20 inches.
  • Can only handle heat up to 300 degrees. 

Best Cheap Clip-In Hair Extensions for Women: What to Consider

Okay, there are a few essential things to consider when buying cheap clip-in hair extensions. As you may have guessed, you need to be careful when buying cheap hair extensions. Some have a pronounced fake appearance, which you want to avoid.


Clearly, the most crucial factor is hair quality. Yes, it’s possible that you can find Remy hair (100% natural human hair) for a low cost, but it might mean less volume and not a lot of pieces. 

Is Remy a must? Not exactly. While it’s ideal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use other hair types. Synthetic fiber can be an excellent choice, but you need to be picky. While it’s less expensive and easy to work with, they are not all created equal.

The best way to find out if the synthetic fiber is up to par is to read reviews. Also, check if it can be styled. High-quality synthetic fiber materials can handle heat up to 350 degrees, which means you can straight or curl without fear of damaging the locks.


Grams? If you’re new to the clip-in extension world, this may have you bewildered. Let me explain: grams reflect how much the extensions weigh. The heavier the extensions, the more body they will provide. So, if you want tons of volume, pick clip-ins with plenty of weight.


Four, seven, nine, and beyond. Every package of clip-in hair extensions is going to come with a certain amount of pieces. Someone who needs a little pizazz for a thick mane can get by with a 4-pack. If you’re like me and (desperately) need body, consider a package with extra pieces.

Final Verdict

Finding high-quality clip-in hair extensions on a budget can be a challenge, but clearly not impossible. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these top 3 cheap clip-in hair extensions, but my number one choice is the REECHO 24″ Straight Long 4 PCS Set. They have it all, from color to length, textures to styling capabilities.