3 Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Having fine hair is, well, not the best experience in the world. Fine hair is a challenge to style and doesn’t have a whole lot of volume to it. That alone is enough to make a fine-haired gal like myself go mad.

But having fine hair doesn’t have to be a hairstyling nightmare. There’s this lovely invention known as clip-in hair extensions. They provide essential thickness for a more voluminous look. Not only that, but they’re temporary, so you can style up or down whenever you please.

If you’re in the market for some cute clip-in hair extensions for fine hair, I’ve got you covered, chica. My favorite is the Sixstarhair Clip In Human Hair Extensions because it comes with 240 grams of hair. That’s more than enough hair to put together a full-bodied, beautiful style.

Who Needs This?

Girls that are struggling with fine locks should highly consider wearing extensions. They are a serious game-changer. With extensions, creating a full-bodied and stylish finish is a cinch. 

Clip-ins are great for girls that want temporary options. They’re also the easiest type of extension to apply; no professional experience or stylists required. You can place the extensions however you’d like, giving you full control of your look. 

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Fine Hair: Top Picks

If you’re ready to transform your mane to a voluminous, trendsetting style, look no further. I have picked out some of the best clip-in hair extensions for fine hair on the market today. You’re going to love using these high-quality tresses.

1. Sixstarhair Clip In Human Hair Extensions (Top Pick)

These clip-ins are so pretty whether you’re going the highlighted or solid route. The hair looks unbelievably all-natural and flawless, which means you won’t have to worry about a sub-par finish. They’re designed using only human hair, so you get guaranteed softness and shine.

Aside from the lavish color selection and lovely appearance, these clip-in hair extensions are my top pick because they come with 220 grams of hair. That is a lot of hair. You will only need one package when opting for these locks.

Keep in mind that these are only available in 22 inches or 20 inches (20-inch pack comes with 180 grams). If you want something shorter, don’t hesitate to cut and style these beauties however you please.


  • Made with 100% human hair
  • Ten pieces per package
  • 220 grams per pack (less for the 20-inch option)
  • 22 or 20-inch option
  • Fully styleable and customizable
  • Beautiful collection of colors, including highlighted choices


  • Some customers had issues with the clips.

2. Full Shine Brazilian Clip in Hair Extensions (Best Ombre and Balayage Pick)

Remy hair? Check. Gorgeous balayage and ombre color combinations? Check. Plenty of hair to keep fine-haired babes satisfied? Check and check. What can I say? These hair extensions have it all, from high-quality Remy tresses to standout color combos.

The Full Shine Brazilian Clip in Hair Extensions are going to absolutely be your best option if you have ombre or balayage locks. Whether they’re bright and spunky or more mysterious and dark, you can find your color match here.

These voluminous, super-stunning clip-ins look, feel, and act as your real hair and can be applied in minutes. Curl, cut, dye, and bleach to your desired style. Pick between shorter 14-inch locks or go bold with up to 24 inches. Either way, you will enjoy 100+ grams of hair.


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair
  • Seven pieces per package
  • 100-140 grams per pack (depends on length)
  • 14 to 24 inches available.
  • Fully styleable and customizable
  • Gorgeous balayage and ombre picks


  • Some issues with color matching, although these can be dyed/bleached easily.

3. My Lady Double Weft 100% Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions (Budget-Friendly)

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on hair extensions? Um, I don’t blame you, babe. If you’re on a budget but want to style those fine locks, you need these extensions. For starters, these are budget-friendly; in other words, your wallet won’t hate you for this purchase.

But don’t think just because these are cheaper that they lack quality or thickness. With these extensions, you get between 110 and 170 grams of hair, depending on the length. That’s enough for most ladies to be completely satisfied.

Aside from plenty of thickness, these hairs are designed with 7A Remy hair, which is heavily desired. Go for a choppy 10-inch wonder or indulge in more length with the 20”, 22”, or 24” selection.


  • Made with 100% 7A Remy human hair
  • Eight pieces per package
  • 110-170 grams per pack (depends on length)
  • 10 to 24 inches available.
  • Fully styleable and customizable
  • Lots of color options from dark to light
  • Budget-friendly


  • Thin ends

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Fine Hair: Things to Consider

Don’t start shopping unless you consider these few things first.

How much is the weight?

The more grams the package comes with, the more fullness you’ll get. For a fine-haired gal, it’s best to go to 150 grams and up. Otherwise, you might need more than one package to keep you satisfied.

How many pieces?

When it comes to clip-ins, pieces mean everything. The more pieces you have, the more styling you can do. I like to have tons of options, so a pack with ten pieces is ideal.

What are the length and color?

Try to match your current hair color. With length, though, you can try to match your current length or add some extra length to your mane. I prefer to go bold with my style, so I am always looking for at least 24 inches.

Final Words

These hair extensions are designed to change your fine-haired world. With these extensions, you can finally achieve a full-bodied hairstyle that slays. My personal favorite is the Sixstarhair Clip In Human Hair Extensions because I like the length and how many grams the package comes with.