3 Best Clip-in Extensions for Thin Hair in 2022

After researching many clip-in extensions on the market, combined with my own experience, this review is going to show you some of the best clip-in extensions for thin hair.

My name is Lauryn, I’m a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in hand-tied weft extensions, clip-in extensions, and tape-in extensions. 

I’ve done many extension services since nowadays many people want their hair to be bleach blonde, but those colors tend to cause a lot of damage, increasing the number of people wanting to purchase some type of hair extensions to achieve a longer and fuller hairstyle.

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite clip-in extensions for thin hair. My top pick is JZ Styles. But it’s not the only option, there are several other good ones worth considering as well depending on your needs.

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Quick Summary

Here’s a quick recap of my recommendations:

  • JZ Styles has the best overall extensions with a lighter weight (this will help prevent breakage from being too heavy) along with the softest hair.
  • If you are wanting an affordable price and many color options, Glam Seamless Clip-in Extensions are for you.
  • If you’re looking for salon-approved, luxury hair, look no further than Harper Ellis Extensions.

Who Should Get This

Anyone with thin hair can benefit from using clip-in extensions. If you can see your scalp, you have thin hair, so these extensions will help alter the appearance of your hair giving it a thicker appearance.

With thin hair, breakage can be caused by clip-in extensions, so it is important to find a lightweight extension so this won’t happen. If you can, find extensions that weigh 80-130 grams in weight. This may be hard to find but you can also use fewer pieces of hair to keep the heavyweight off of your scalp. 

Clip-ins are great for anyone with thin/straight hair to add extra volume and body, I would not recommend these to anyone with oily or kinky curly hair.

Best Clip-in Extensions for Thin Hair: Top Picks 2022

Below is a list of my top choices of clip-in extensions for those who have thin hair. I’ll also explain what I like and dislike about them.

1. JZ Styles Clip-In Extensions (Best Overall)

The JZ Styles clip-in extensions are 100% virgin human hair as well as European cuticle. These extensions are a perfect weight of 130 grams and each package contains 11 pieces. 


  • 130 Gram weight (not too heavy, not too light)
  • 22 inches long (you’ll be able to cut to the desired length)
  • European Cuticle hair (no split pieces)
  • Extremely soft hair
  • Hair coloring is approved


  • None. These babies are the best of the best! So soft, silky, and shiny without weighing your hair down or causing too much damage.

2. Glam Seamless (Best Budget Option)

The Glam Seamless clip-in extensions are a great affordable purchase. However, you will be losing the soft, silky quality that the JZ styles hair would have, due to the lack of European cuticles.


  • 4 different types of clip-in extensions to help find your perfect fit
  • 47+ color choices for your ever-changing lifestyle
  • Always a sale! (10-20% off is always a good deal when purchasing extensions


  • Not hair color approved
  • Heavier weight than most brands so this would not be the top choice of hair to go with if you struggle to keep clips on your hair strand
  • Only includes 5 Pieces

3. Harper Ellis (Best Luxury Hair)

Harper Ellis has amazing quality of hair, but amazing quality typically calls for amazingly high prices. No joke! These babies are an investment but you will most definitely get the bang for your buck.


  • Salon-Approved Hair Extensions
  • Soft, silky, and smooth
  • Hair coloring approved
  • Most luxury brand in the market


  • Hefty prices
  • You can only purchase this through a professional hairstylist
  • Hair only lasts about 9-12 months

Best Clip-in Extensions for Thin Hair: What to Consider in 2022

Here are a few tips to help you decide on the right clip-in extensions for you.


You will want to find hair as light as possible if you have thin hair. You don’t want to create any breakage to your hair resulting in hair loss and flyaways.

Hair Blend Type

Another thing you will want to look at with your extensions is what blend they are made of. Some extensions blend in synthetic fibers, making them more affordable, but last half as long as 100% human hair extensions. 

100% human hair is the way to go if you want a longer-lasting extension without too much damage or shedding. European cuticle hair is preferred because it means the cuticle is intact and still laying in the direction it was to begin with (this means no split ends throughout the extension).

Color Options

Color options are a big thing to think about when purchasing extensions, are you going to want to color or tone them? Are you going to use vivid colors on them? Make sure you read the description of the hair before you purchase so you know if you can do color services on them! 

Even if they say “100% human hair”, these extensions were treated in some type of way to maintain the color they are, so you may have a hard time performing a hair color service on top of it.

Final Words

There’s plenty of clip-in extension brands to check out, but I highly recommend the clip-in extensions for JZ Styles. They are very affordable for long-lasting and super smooth tresses, with little to no shedding at all.

No matter what extensions you choose, you’ll love them in every way! I personally work with JZ Styles hair extensions and I have co-workers who use Harper Ellis and Glam Seamless extensions, there are huge differences in quality as well as price, but we let clients choose whichever sounds good and feel good to them.

Remember to take good care of your clip-in extensions! Yes, that means washing them with clarifying shampoo if they have too much buildup, deep conditioning if they are feeling dry or brittle. 

Detangling while they are wet so you don’t have a big rat’s nest to comb out, and blow-drying until they are completely dry and store in a cool area with no moisture! Oil your extensions daily for optimum care.