13 Best Hair Extension Brands

Hair extensions. Or should I say life-changers? Hair extensions can create beautiful, look-at-me volume. They can also add some serious length to hair that might be otherwise short and difficult to grow to the desired length.

But while you’re on the hunt for the right extensions, you’re going to come across a whole lot of different brands. How can you know which one is the best? While I will tell you that there are many top-notch companies to choose from out there, they aren’t all created equal.

Certain brands have risen to the top of the charts due to their quality and excellent reviews. And now, you have access to the ultimate list of the absolute best hair extension brands on the market.

Whether you’re looking for temporary clip-ins or sew-ins, straight hair or locks, you can find it on this list. Each brand has its own unique features, so pay close attention when sifting through these incredible hair extension brands. Let’s get into it, ladies!

1. Indique Hair

Indique Hair has been in the biz for over 30 years. Needless to say, they know hair, honey. Indique Hair is unlike many other companies in the industry. They own and operate their own factories to ensure the quality of the hair from start to finish. 

What is more to love about Indique Hair is that they have natural collections featuring the purest, one-length Remy locks. Dip inside the Pure, Bounce, SEA, Chaka, Keratique, and Hysteria collections and find exactly what you’re looking for with ease.

2. Bellami

When people think of Bellami, two things come to mind: incredible Remy hair at a price they can afford. Bellami offers their customers a huge collection of products they’re bound to adore, hence the name ‘beautiful hair.’

While most people run to Bellami for clip-ins, they are so much more than that. At Bellami, you can find basically anything, from clip-ins to tape-ins, ponytails, to sew-ins. If you need amazing tresses with impressive grams and inches, Bellami is the way to go.

3. Richy Hair

Any company that puts ‘rich’ in the title is bound to be a winner, right? Well, it’s certainly true for Richy Hair. Wearing these products will not only make you look rich but feel incredible, too.

Richy Hair has been in the industry for 30 years and has crafted its skills immensely. They go through an incredibly slow, cold coloring process to ensure there is absolutely no damage to the locks. That means you have silky and soft hair every time, whether you go the Keratip, Stickee, or HairFlow route.

4. Great Lengths

Seriously, ladies, people would go to great lengths to get their hands on Great Lengths hair extensions. Good thing they don’t have to; consider these ethical Indian Remy human hair extensions are so easy to find and buy.

The reason why Great Lengths is so beloved is that the quality is superior. They are designed to be impressively colored with a smooth finish that blends seamlessly and looks flawless. Not only that, but the double-drawn craftsmanship ensures thickness from root to tip. 

5. Kinkistry

Kinkistry is a black-owned business that is changing the name of the game when it comes to hair extensions. The company’s theme is ‘No Curl Left Behind,’ and they mean it. They pride themselves on offering an enormous variety of natural hair textures to represent all types of African American beauties.

The company has textures ranging from 3A to 4C. And when you can’t seem to find your perfect pairing, Kinkistry offers a unique, state-of-the-art texture matching service so you can finally get your hands on hair that looks, feels, and acts like your real mane.

6. Extensionology

If you’re looking for a company that goes above and beyond with innovation for hair extensions, Extensionology is an excellent choice. Extensionology is not only designed with superior quality for double the longevity of typical hair extensions, but they’re made wider for more density.

Extenisonology offers many successful types of extensions you won’t find elsewhere. Tailored is designed to be entirely seamless and appear as if it’s growing right from the roots. Bare utilizes matte tape-ins that are incredibly comfortable and blend easily. Canvas is the ideal base of dying and customizing for endless creativity. 

7. Hotheads

If you need tape-in hair extensions, look no further than Hotheads. Hotheads are the original tape-in company that will seriously wow you. The tape used for these beauties is said to be the best in the industry, with a super-strong hold and comfortable, seamless wear.

These tape-in extensions are only made with Remy hair. You can get up to 10 weeks of wear with proper care, and the hair can be reapplied up to three times. This not only means plenty of long-lasting, lovely locks but a bigger bang for your buck, too.

8. The Hair Shop

When it comes to superior versatility and options, no one beats The Hair Shop. They have anything and everything to suit your hairstyling needs. Go with the Smart Tabs, which can be applied in less than 30 minutes with up to two months of wear, or choose from their wide range of stunning clip-ins.

The Hair Shop will seriously wow you not only with their immense application options but the texture and length options, too. Basically, it’s a breeze to find your perfect new set of hair when you shop with The Hair Shop.

9. Yummy Hair

If you want hair that looks yummy, honey, then you need Yummy Hair. Yummy Hair is a company that stands apart from the rest when it comes to quality. After all, the company owner said it herself: “Yummie won’t wear it, then we don’t want it.” 

But what makes Yummy Hair one of the best hair extension brands? They only use human hair that doesn’t use fillers like synthetic, low-quality, or animal hair. They are long-lasting extensions, and Yummy gives you all you need to keep them looking 100%. You will love their curly, wavy, and straight options that slay all day.

10. Glam Seamless

One brand you have likely heard of is Glam Seamless. It’s a popular company used by stylists and celebrities alike. People love Glam Seamless because of their commitment to quality. Not only is their hair soft and stellar, but it’s double-drawn for the immense thickness you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Glam Seamless stands out in a few more ways as well. For one, you can find over 100 different hair colors to choose from. Wow! Secondly, there is an impressive amount of length, texture, and curl patterns, so finding your perfect pack is a cinch. Go with the clip-in, ponytail, wefts, or tape-ins, and get ready to feel glam, honey!

11. Boho Locs

Let’s be real for a second – there aren’t a whole lot of options for chic locks on the market until now. The company known as Boho Locs is a female black-owned business that gives us all the vibes. The motto at Boho Locs is “This sh*t is for us.” Edgy? Maybe. Agreeable? Heck, yes.

Boho Locs offers their customers handmade hair extensions available in a range of loc hairstyles. They have Goddess, Queen, Twists, Mermaid, and more. Designed with high-quality synthetic fibers, they look incredible and have a desirable lightweight feel, too.

12. Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair might be a bit new to the game, but they’re rising to the top of the charts at a rapid pace. People love Cashmere Hair because the hair is not only amazingly high quality, but they are far more affordable compared to other brands on this list. 

Cashmere Hair offers a nice selection of clip-ins and temporary options to bring your high and low ponytail goals to life. They use only Remy human hair for a flawless finish. Plus, they offer free color matching, so you don’t have to worry about styling and coloring after buying. 

13. Hidden Crown

Another excellent choice for all of your temporary hair needs is Hidden Crown. Hidden Crown is one of those companies you can trust not to disappoint. They use Remy human hair, which is guaranteed to provide customers with incredible softness and shine.

Hidden Crown products are also double-drawn. That means that you can expect fullness from root to tip, which isn’t the case for plenty of extension brands out there. Go for their ever-popular crown extension or consider a clip-in or ponytail extender to create serious #hairgoals.

Final Words

When it comes to the best hair extension brands, there are plenty of options. Of course, each one has its specialties that will help you decide which one you consider the best

Whether you’re looking for a female black-owned company that suits your unique texture needs or you’re looking for a brand that offers double-weft locks for a full, lengthy style, you can find it on this list.

These brands have proven to wow the world of hair extensions, so you really can’t go wrong choosing any of these brands. Which one is your favorite? Did it make it to my list?

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