3 Best Hair Extensions for Asian Hair in 2022

Asian queens are known for having thick, lustrous, and strong locks. The hair tends to grow swiftly, creating a striking head of dark brown or black hair. But let’s face it – we’re all created uniquely, and the same rules don’t apply to every one of the same race.

Whether you want to add instant length, volume, or a combination of both, the easiest way to do it is with hair extensions. You have options between simple clip-ins, slightly more permanent tape-in, or going with full-blown beads.

My favorite hair extensions for Asian hair are the Moresoo Tape in 40pcs Highlighted Hair Extensions. Why? Because I am a massive fan of tape-in extensions, and these have stunning balayage hues. They’re made entirely of human hair, meaning plenty of thickness and softness.

Keep reading to find out which three hair extensions for Asian hair made my top three list.

Who Should Get This?

Any Asian beauty desiring to add length, volume, or both, should consider buying hair extensions. Hair extensions can also be used to switch up your style. For example, a short-haired Asian woman might want to transform to longer locks for date night.

Which type depends on what you’re going for. If you want the permanent body, then beaded or tape-in hair extensions are best, while a short-term solution would be clip-in hair extensions.

Best Hair Extensions for Asian Hair: Top Picks 2022

You finally made it to the end – my top three picks for best hair extensions for Asian hair? Are you ready? I know I am. Let’s dive into these gorgeous accessories.

1. Moresoo Tape in 40pcs Highlighted Hair Extensions (Best Tape-In Extensions)

I said it before, and I will repeat it: these are by far my number one choice for Asian hair extensions. Not only do they offer a gorgeous balayage coloring, but they are designed entirely of 100% Remy human hair available in 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”. 

These ultra high-quality tape-ins weigh in at 60-100 grams per pack, which is plenty of volume for most Asian women. With 40 pieces to tape in, you can mix and match your style to suit your needs. 

The primary benefit of these semi-permanent tape-ins is that they can last up to 10 weeks, depending on how well you take care of them. When it’s time to reapply, remove the high-strength tape and reapply towards the root. The same extensions can be reapplied for up to 6 months. 


  • Tape-ins last six months total (must reapply every 6-10 weeks).
  • Luxurious balayage coloring.
  • Treat like natural hair: straighten, curl, wash, etc.
  • No tangling or shedding.
  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Variety of lengths to choose from. 
  • 60 to 100 grams, depending on extension length.


  • None! Quality is impeccable.

2. Sassina Clip in Hair Extensions (Best Clip-In Extensions)

I’m just going to be brutally honest right now: I love these clip-in hair extensions. The 100% Remy human hair appears soft and all-natural, and the color options are so full of succulent depth and sheen. 

Aside from appearance, I also love the weight and pieces. The pack comes with 10 (yes, 10!) double weft clip-ins. This allows for versatility when styling your locks. Now, you can place extensions exactly where you need them. Weighing in at 180 grams, these clip-ins offer body for days.

If you want a temporary style switch up, I highly recommend these lovely locks.


  • High weight – 180 grams for full volume.
  • Ten pieces for ultimate versatility.
  • Beautiful shades to choose from.
  • Made with 100% human Remy hair. 
  • No shedding, tangling, or smell.


  • Only available in 20 or 22 inches.
  • Darker shades cannot be dyed/bleached to a lighter hue. 

3. Sunny Micro Ring Hair Extensions (Best Micro Ring Extensions)

Last but not least, let’s talk about your micro ring extension option for Asian hair. The Sunny Micro Ring hair extensions are a fabulous pick. They offer various rich hues, from a decadent deep black to platinum blonde and even teal. All are made with silky human hair.

The benefit of these stunning hair extensions is that they are the most undetectable hair extensions on the market, which is a significant plus. As long as you take care of these extensions, they can easily last up to 6 months without any work in-between. Another bonus!

If you’re concerned about comfort, have no fear. The beads used in these hair extensions are made from silicone materials that hold firm yet don’t cause damage or discomfort. Choose from many length options, including 14” up to 24”.


  • Last up to 6 months with proper care.
  • Made with 100% human hair.
  • Treat like natural hair: straighten, curl, wash, etc.
  • Microbeads hold tight yet don’t cause damage or discomfort.
  • Rich hues to choose from.
  • Variety of lengths to choose from.


  • Take a while to apply.
  • Dark colors cannot be lightened.
  • It may not be thick enough for some women.

Best Hair Extensions for Asian Hair: What to Consider in 2022

Is there anything to consider when buying hair extensions for Asian hair? You bet. In fact, there are four things to consider when choosing which extensions are right for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Type of Extensions

The most important thing to consider is the type of extensions. In this blog, I will be sharing with you three different types:

  • Clip-in extensions. Best for short-term wear. Easily applied.
  • Tape-in extensions. A semi-permanent option. Easily installed.
  • Micro loop (beads). This type of extension takes the longest to apply, but it also lasts longer than the competition. This is the optimal long-term solution for volume and length.

Hair Type

If you’re brand new to extensions, then you might be shocked to see hair types listed. Aren’t all extensions created equal? Not exactly. The best option is to always go with human hair if the budget allows. The good news is, my top 3 hair extensions for Asian hair all have human hair.

Hair Color

Okay, so all of these hair extensions are fully customizable. You can bleach, dye, curl, straighten, etc. But that doesn’t mean you should choose a hair color that looks nothing like yours. Save yourself the unneeded hassle and try to find the right shade to match. 


The last thing to consider is the weight. The weight of the extensions determines how much body your mane is going to receive. So, thick-haired girls should be wary of super hefty extensions unless they want a mop on their head. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want temporary length or permanent volume for styling, you can’t go wrong with these best hair extensions for Asian hair. However, my top choice is the Moresoo Tape in 40pcs Highlighted Hair Extensions simply because the colors are flawless and they’re long-lasting.