5 Best Hair Extensions for Box Braids

There’s nothing quite like a cool and edgy box braid. From Moesha to Yvonne Orji, these iconic traditional African braids are always stuntin’. The ‘90s style delivers plenty of head-turning styling options, which is why extensions tend to be so popular with this particular look.

That’s why I set out on a mission to find the best hair extensions for box braids for the beautiful African American women out there. From eye-catching color combinations to curly sensations, I’ve got you covered.

I found the Dorsanee Pre-stretched Braiding Hair to be the most popular option. This brand offers a delightful range of color options, from natural to striking ombre combinations with striking hues on the ends. Plus, there are tons of length options, too. 

Keep reading to find out which box braid extensions made the top five list.

Who Should Get This?

For my girls out there rocking box braids, you might want to consider extensions if:

  • You’re looking to add more color to your box braid hairstyle.
  • You want more length than what you already have.
  • Your hair needs more body and volume.
  • You want to transform your looks by opting for box braid extensions with curls.

Basically, if you want to take your box braids to the next level, you should highly consider purchasing some box braid extensions.

For the most part, applying box braid extensions to your natural hair is a cinch. Box braid extensions utilize a crochet weaving process, which uses a hook. This can be done alone, and with enough practice, you can whip them into your cornrows in no time.

Best Hair Extensions for Box Braids: Top Picks

I’m ready – are you? Ladies, I proudly present to you my top five picks for box braid extensions. These are the dopest extensions I could find on the market. They will either give your look some fullness, length, or fascinating color – or all three. Let’s get started.

1. Dorsanee Pre-stretched Braiding Hair (Best Box Braid Extensions)

These are, without a doubt, my number one pick for box braid extensions. Why? Because they will fit almost any girl that’s rocking traditional box braids. They’re pre-stretched and ready to go, designed with super high-quality synthetic materials that look and feel like the real deal.

There are several color options to choose between, whether you want to keep it natural with an all-black symphony or throw in some colors on the ends. They have bright pink, edgy dark blue, and sultry mahogany. Gorgeous!

Aside from color and quality, these braids come in several lengths to keep you satisfied. Choose between 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, and 28”. When you’re ready to switch up your style, simply dip the extensions in hot water and change the braid style to twists, locs, etc.


  • Made with high-quality synthetic materials.
  • Variety of lengths, 12” to 28”.
  • Stunning color combinations, including natural and ombre.
  • Pre-stretched and ready to go.
  • Can switch the braid style using the hot water technique.
  • Eight packs weighing 85 grams for plenty of volume.


  • None!

2. N/M Jumbo Braiding Hair (Best Jumbo Box Braid Extensions)

Jumbo box braids provide jumbo style and posh to anyone’s appearance, but a set of jumbo box braid extensions can take them to the next level. The jumbo box braids from N/M are designed using ultra high-quality, heat-resistant synthetic hair that feels and looks all-natural.

Each pack comes with five pieces weighing in at 100 grams, so you can rest assured this pack comes with enough hair to give you that full-bodied look. You’ll love the immense color options, from natural black and beautiful to fantastic blends of neon purples, bright pinks, and more.


  • Comfortable and easy to install.
  • Come with five pieces weighing in at 100 grams.
  • Lots of color options, from natural to striking combinations.
  • Made with high-quality and heat-resistant synthetic materials.
  • Delightful jumbo box braid design.
  • 24 inches long.


  • Only come in 24 inches.
  • Sometimes an issue with tangling.

3. Wigenius Goddess Box Braids (Best Goddess Box Braid Extensions)

When I think of the word breathtaking, I think of goddess box braids. Fit for a queen, these charming braids razzle and dazzle wherever they’re seen. For the ladies showcasing luxurious goddess box braids that need a little more flex, consider these extensions.

These box braids come in four colors: black, brown, brown ombre, and red ombre. The package comes with 12 pieces of 20-inch hair weighing in at 70 grams. The ends have lovely, deep curls to bring the whole look together beautifully. 

Each hair is entirely 100% handmade, so you know you’re getting high quality. The synthetic fibers feel lightweight, soft, and fluffy, with an impeccable bounce with every step. 


  • Beautiful goddess box braid design with curly ends.
  • Four color options to choose from.
  • 20 inches long.
  • Twelve pieces weighing in at 70 grams.
  • Made with high-quality synthetic materials.
  • Handmade.


  • Only available in 20 inches.
  • Not a lot of color options.

4. AIDUSA Ombre Braiding Hair (Best Color Options)

For my ladies out there craving color, this one’s for you. The standout feature of the AIDUSA Ombre Braiding Hair is that they come in so many fab color combos. Here, you can rock black to blue, rainbow, purple to blue, and so much more. The options are practically limitless!

Aside from the dope color combinations, you will love the lengthy 24 inches made entirely of high-quality synthetic fibers. They’re soft and gorgeous and blend well with multiple braids, not just box braids. With five pieces weighing 100 grams total, these have the body-ody-ody to match the fierce color options.


  • Crazy and fierce color combination options.
  • Twenty-four inches for the alluring length.
  • One hundred grams for a voluptuous head of hair.
  • Made with high-quality synthetic materials.


  • Hair is a little tough.

5. Kori Koli Short Curly Spring Pre-twisted Braids (Best Short Box Braid Extensions)

Not every girl is trying to have hair that dangles down to their lower back (although I can tell you I’m utterly obsessed with beautiful long box braids). But if you’re rocking a flirty short hairdo, then keep reading – the Kori Koly box braid extensions might be precisely what you’re looking for.

These curly wonders are designed with top quality materials to provide a charming style that feels nice and soft. These natural-looking braids are also comfortable, fluffy, and offer that delightful bounce you need from a voluminous bob. 

Utilizing two-strand twists, these are heavy-duty extensions that you can wear anywhere without having to worry about breakage or damage. They’re available in an excellent selection of natural shades and come with 15 strands of 10-inch locks. Perfect!


  • Perfect for short hair; 10-inch pieces.
  • Fifteen strands total.
  • Made with high-quality synthetic materials.
  • Comfortable, bouncy, and fun.


  • May need multiple packs for more body.

Best Hair Extensions for Box Braids: What to Consider

Ready to enhance your edgy box braid hairstyle? There are a few things you should consider before making a final purchase.

Type of Box Braids

Not all box braids are created equal – I’m sure you know this by now. So you would be doing yourself a definite disfavor by opting for goddess box braids if you have jumbo box braids, for example. 

That said, pay attention to the type of box braids utilized in the extensions. You want to find ones that match your natural box braids for the best finish.

The Length

Another “must” to consider is hair length. I don’t know about you, but I love adding length to my locks. There’s just something about whipping your hair over your shoulder and giving off that sassy energy. But it’s not for everyone. So, if you want to keep your hair short and cute, do it.

The Color

If you have searched #boxbraids on Instagram, you would be greeted with gorgeous and out-of-the-box (braid) looks. Most of these looks utilize unique and striking colors, whether it’s a subtle ombre or a complete rainbow look.

Well, when it comes to box braids, it’s never been a more perfect time to toss in some color. Why? Because it looks fierce, and it won’t cause any damage to your natural locks. That’s a win-win situation. 

Final Words

Ladies giving us major 90s vibes with their gorgeous box braids can consider extensions if they want length, texture, or vibrant colors. 

I clocked the Dorsanee Pre-stretched Braiding Hair as my number one pick because they have an incredible variety of colors and lengths to choose from. The quality is unmatched, and customers raved about them.