5 Best Hair Extensions for Ponytail

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am a ponytail addict. Okay, that might be a little overboard. But I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t wear a ponytail at least five days a week. I love them!

However, I will also be the first one to say that ponytails can get really mundane. It isn’t much you can do with a ponytail. Sure, I might add a braid here and there or curl the ends, but it still isn’t impressive.

What’s a girl to do?

Let me tell you; a ponytail extension can change your life. Ponytail extensions will give your body some much-needed “oomph”. I will be sharing my top five trendsetting tails with you today, but my number one pick is the Felendy Ponytail Extension. The voluptuous curls are everything.

Who Should Get This?

If you’ve been struggling with a snooze-inducing ponytail, you need to consider getting a ponytail extension. They will completely revamp your look and give your tail some much-needed volume and flare.

This is an especially great option for women with fine or thin hair, like me. My ponytails tend to be extra boring simply because I don’t have the natural texture of fullness to make my pony “pop”. So, extensions provide the essential bounce and body to make the hairstyle stand out.

Best Hair Extensions for Ponytail: Top Picks

Ready to pick up that ponytail and make it all the rage? I’ve picked out five ponytail extensions you have to see. There is something for every lady on this list. Let’s get to it.

1. Felendy Ponytail Extension (Best Curly Extension)

If there is just one ponytail extension you add to your arsenal, let it be this one, please. These are simply stunning. The alluring body and bounce provided by the romantic ringlets are unmatched. Plus, they appear natural and come in two delightfully long lengths of 18” and 20”.

I love all of the natural shades offered, too. From dark brown to ash blonde, you can easily find a color match and enjoy every second of it. Seriously, if you’re craving luscious and sexy curled locks for date night, a wedding, or a stroll through the park, you need this ponytail extension.


  • Comes in a variety of natural shades, dark to light.
  • 18” and 20” option.
  • Luscious, thick, and bouncy curls.
  • Glamorous, yet appear all-natural.
  • Made with 100% premium synthetic materials.
  • Lasts up to 12 months with proper care.
  • Clip closure for added security on-the-go.


  • None!

2. SEIKEA Clip in Ponytail Extension (Best Straight Extension)

Ladies, if you’re looking for that “wow” factor, look no further than the SEIKEA Clip-in Ponytail Extension. This ponytail extension provides sleek, sexy, and ultra-long locks to your ponytail. Available in 28”, 32”, and 35”, these flowy extensions are bound to turn heads.

These extensions are made with premium synthetic materials for a stunningly smooth and natural appearance in terms of quality. They’re soft and delightful and can be clipped to the ponytail in a flash. 

With this fun and exciting ponytail extension, your options are practically limitless. Go for an Ariana Grande look and go with a super high ponytail. Keep it simple with a low ponytail that provides a more posh and sophisticated style. You can even curl these extensions to switch it up.


  • Extremely long – 28”, 32”, and 35” available.
  • Made with 100% premium synthetic materials.
  • Styleable – curl, straighten, and more.
  • Silky straight and smooth.
  • Variety of hair colors to choose from, dark to light. 
  • Designed with five combs to clip in securely.


  • Tendency to shed and tangle.

3. Lelinta Hair Bun Extensions (Best Bun Extension)

I will be honest: I have always been jealous of those Instagram model buns. The perfect tousle, the right amount of volume, and plenty of texture. How do they do it? Maybe they’re lucky enough to have hair that naturally does this, but I go the easy route with an extension.

I love the Lelinta Hair Bun Extensions because they provide the ideal amount of body. They come with a super sexy tousle, and there is a seemingly endless supply of colors to choose from, including natural and unnatural (green, pink, blue, and more).

Creating an Instagram-worthy updo is a cinch with this extension. Just wrap it around your hair elastic, and you’re ready to take on anything. And yes, don’t worry – one size fits all. These extensions are entirely adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps along the way.


  • Tons of colors to choose from, including natural and unnatural.
  • One size fits all.
  • Perfect amount of sexy tousle and volume.
  • Natural-looking accessory.


  • Only lasts a few months before hair falling out.

4. YEBO Synthetic Short Afro Ponytails (Best Afro Ponytail Extension)

Is your afro ponytail feeling more like a flop than a victory? I got you covered, babe. The YEBO Synthetic Short Afro Ponytails have all of the luscious body and volume you crave, all wrapped up into an easy-to-use clip and elastic rope. 

There are plenty of colors available to match your look, whether you’re going all-natural with jet black or dark brown or have added some fierce hues such as mahogany or red. Each piece is designed with high-quality synthetic materials for an overall gorgeous appearance and soft feel.


  • Volumizing afro design.
  • Natural and colorful options available.
  • Adjustable and easy-to-use clip and elastic rope.
  • Made with 100% premium synthetic materials.


  • Curl is not defined enough for some women.

5. Rich Choices Wrap Around Human Hair Ponytail (Best Wavy Extensions)

Last but not least, let’s take a look at these virtually flawless wavy ponytail extensions. Now, I will start by saying these are the most expensive ponytail extensions on my top five list. Why? Because they are the only ones using real human Remy hair. 

For some women, using real hair is a must. Others don’t mind as much, especially since it is “just” being used for a ponytail. However, if realness is essential, then consider these stunning wavy extensions. They’re alluring to look at and to touch and are 100% customizable.

Switch up your style in a flash and enjoy some delightful body. Make it your own by dying, curling, perming, and even washing. Just keep the temp below 350 degrees F. 


  • Designed with a delightful wavy texture.
  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Customizable and styleable – perm, curl, dye, and more.
  • Can be styled with temperatures up to 350 degrees F.
  • Double drawn for added thickness.
  • Excellent range of colors to choose from.
  • Available in 14” to 22”.


  • None!

Best Hair Extensions for Ponytail: What to Consider

The good news is, you can’t go wrong when buying a ponytail extension. They’re essentially all the same. You wrap it around your elastic band and call it a day. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be picky with your purchase. Consider these things before buying:

The Style: Straight, Curly, Wavy?

The most important thing to consider when buying a ponytail extension is the style of the hair. Ponytail extensions come with pre-styled locks, so if you’re going for a sleek and straight ponytail, you wouldn’t want to opt for the curly package.

Decide which one is right for you. Or, be like me and buy all the ponytail extensions to mix it up. Who wants the same ponytail day after day? Talk about a snoozefest.

The Length

I don’t know about you, but I loved slapping on some extensions and rocking ultra-long locks here and there when I had short hair. But, it’s not the same deal for everyone. 

So, consider the length when buying. Some of these extensions are gag-worthy long, while others are shorter to suit your style. 

The Color

Two-tone ponytail? No, thanks. Unless you’re going with a cool ombre or edgy look, you don’t want to end up with a ponytail that is nowhere near your natural shade. Be extra picky when picking a color!

The Quality

Now, you have two options when it comes to ponytail extensions: synthetic or real. Some women won’t want to spend the extra money on real ponytail extensions, and that’s okay. Natural hair is going to cost more. If it’s worth it to you, make sure to find genuine hair products.

Final Words

Any girl who wants to shake up their style when it comes to their ponytail can’t go wrong with any of the ponytail extensions listed above. Just make sure you find hair that matches your preferred look, color, and length.

My personal favorite is the Felendy Ponytail Extension, though, just because it has a ton of gorgeous body wrapped into loose, romantic ringlets.