5 Best Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair

After a fair amount of research plus my personal experience, my top pick of the best hair extensions for relaxed hair is Fairise Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions which are made of quality hair, easy to install, inexpensive and versatile.

During my 12 year hair journey, I taught myself how to add hair extensions to my relaxed hair and create a seamless, natural-looking hairstyle. As long as you choose the right technique and the right type of hair, I believe you can do the same too.

Hair extensions are a great way to change your look – as long as you find the best type of extensions to suit your needs. If you’re looking for hair extensions for your relaxed hair, then this review will help you find them.

I know that shopping for a product that fits your needs can be a tedious process, so I’ve created a list to help you narrow down your options, along with a guide on how to choose.

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Who Should Get This

If you’re looking to add length, volume, or color to your relaxed hair, then you will find some of the products recommended here useful.

Regardless of your experience level for styling hair, you should be able to install the products I’ve recommended for temporary styles on your own, with no assistance. 

However, installing hair extensions for semi-permanent and permanent styles may require assistance from a professional hairstylist.

Also, note that women experiencing hair loss should NOT use any of the products recommended here because the extensions may cause additional trauma or damage.

The Best Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair Reviewed

Here are some of the best products that I recommend, along with detailed reviews.

1. Fairise Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions (Best Overall)

Clip-ins are an excellent technique for an easy hairstyle that can be done at home. They are normally fitted in and out of your hair daily, making them a perfect solution for a temporary style. 

The Fairise Hair Extensions are made of 100% remy human hair. Each hair weft has durable stainless-steel clips that securely attach to your hair without sliding or pulling. 

This extension also comes straightened with a slight texture to closely resemble the look and feel of your relaxed hair, and it can also be styled with heat and dyed to create an even more natural blend.


  • Easy to install
  • Won’t damage your hair
  • Versatile 
  • Best for adding length 
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t add much volume
  • Temporary style

2. Amella Body Wave Bundles (Best for Quality)

Amella bundles offer quality hair extensions that can be used with the sew-in technique.

These bundles are made of 100% Brazilian human hair with a natural body wave curl pattern that is perfect for blending your relaxed hair with a curling or flat iron. They also have double wefts to give you a much fuller, voluminous look. 

A sew-in with these bundles should last anywhere between 6-8 weeks, making them a great solution for a semi-permanent style. 

However, it is important to properly care for your bundles while they are installed to maintain their natural look and minimize tangling and shedding. 


  • Great quality hair 
  • Best for adding volume 
  • Semi-permanent style 


  • Installation may require professional assistance 
  • Installation may be expensive
  • Less versatility 

3. AISI Beauty Drawstring Ponytail (Best for Price)

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require any real technique, then the AISI Beauty drawstring ponytail is the perfect option.

With this product, you simply pull your relaxed hair back and attach the drawstring ponytail to create a new chic look within minutes.

The natural wavy curl pattern is made of synthetic hair that doesn’t require any additional styling or manipulation making it a great temporary styling option.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive 


  • Temporary style
  • Made of synthetic hair 
  • No versatility 

4. GOO GOO Store Tape-in Hair Extensions (Best for Naturalness)

Tape-in hair extensions are growing in popularity because they are seamless and natural-looking. With this technique, a special tape is used to attach the GOO GOO Store Tape-in Hair Extensions to your hair. 

Once the installation is complete, the extensions will lay perfectly flat against your relaxed hair and will be practically undetectable.

These extensions are also made of high quality 100% remy human hair that has been straightened to match the texture of relaxed hair. 

With proper care, tape-in hair extensions are a great semi-permanent hairstyle that should be able to last 6-8 weeks.


  • Quality hair
  • Seamless install 
  • Versatile 
  • Semi-permanent 


  • Installation may require professional assistance 
  • Installation may be expensive

5. Hesperis Micro-Loop Hair Extensions (Best for Durability)

This hair extension from Hesperis is the best option for continuous, permanent styling. It uses a “micro loop” to attach small strands of hair at a time and is best done by a professional hairstylist to prevent damage and tangling.

These extensions are made of 100% human hair and have a kinkier, natural texture that becomes sleek and silky once straightened, just like your relaxed hair.

The installation may take longer than other options but it is definitely worth it as you will have a new, permanent natural-looking versatile hairstyle that will last for 3-4 months with proper care.


  • Durability  
  • Versatile
  • Permanent style 


  • Textured hair must be straightened
  • Installation will take more time and may require professional assistance 
  • Installation may be expensive

Best Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair: What to Consider

Before making a decision on which product to use, you should consider the following factors.

What hairstyle do you want to create? 

Having a general idea of the hairstyle you are looking to achieve with your relaxed hair will help you to decide which technique and product will work best. 

  • Do you want a short bob, or long hair that falls down your back?
  • Do you want to wear your hair down or in an updo?
  • Would you prefer voluminous curls or a sleek, straight look? 

Your options are endless.

How long will you keep your hairstyle? 

Answering this question will help you avoid wasting money and time on the wrong technique and product. 

Those looking for a temporary style would likely choose a different option than those looking for a semi-permanent or permanent style.  

How much do you want to pay for your hairstyle?

Semi-permanent or permanent hair extensions may require you to have a professional hairstylist to assist during the installation and this will incur additional costs. 

Final Verdict 

Whether you are looking for a quick new style for an evening, or something to last for weeks/months to come, one of the options above should help you achieve the exact look that you want for your relaxed hair.

I personally think that Fairise Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions is the best overall choice, but other products are great options too depending on your personal preference.