5 Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair in 2022

Let’s all take a moment of silence for us girls with thin hair – we are not okay. Okay, so it’s not that serious. But if you ask any thin-haired lady, she will tell you it’s a significant pain. Thin hair is just lifeless, bland, and exhausting – and not in a good way.

And yes, I can say this as a thin-haired gal myself. I hate my hair. 

However, I have grown to love it. Of course, the inclusion of a good set of hair extensions certainly helps, too.

Hair extensions for thin hair can take you from a flathead hot mess to a look-at-me, voluminous diva. And for thin hair emergencies, my go-to is the SixStarHair Clip In Hair extensions. They come with a whopping 240 grams of hair that are simply stunning.

Keep reading to find out why I love these extensions, and my other top four thin hair picks.

Who Should Get This?

Any girl that’s struggling with thin hair should seriously consider getting hair extensions for their thin hair. I’m telling you, they are a game-changer. 

With a pair of extensions, you can take your lifeless locks into a runway-ready look – even if you’re just wearing them to the school function.

It really doesn’t matter what type of thin hair you’re dealing with, either. I know I have horribly thin and fine hair that is stick straight. Others might have thin hair with some body. 

Whatever type of thin locks you’re dealing with, a set of extensions can change your (hair) life.

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair: Top Picks 2022

Who’s ready to add volume and body? Me, too. Well, I am so excited to share with you my top five picks for ultimate hair success. Say goodbye to your thin hair for good with these life-changing extensions.

1. SixStarHair Clip In Hair (Top Pick)

These are my number one choices. Why? Because they’re top-notch clip-ins that allow for ultimate versatility while styling your mane. Plus, the package comes with an incredible 240 grams of hair. You’d have quite a difficult time finding something with that much thickness!

Each of these breathtaking, thick extensions are designed using 100% Remy human hair – otherwise known as the best hair on the market. There are many luxurious colors to choose from, from off black to beach blonde and highlighted delights. 

The package comes with ten different pieces, so you can add bulk and body exactly where you need it. They also last up to 12 months with proper care. And don’t worry – although they come straight, you can dye, wash, curl, and crimp just like your real hair. 


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Ten pieces weighing 240 grams total.
  • Fully styleable. 
  • Available in many delightful natural hues.
  • Available in 20” and 22”. 
  • Lasts up to 12 months with proper care.


  • Clips a bit bulky.

2. RUNATURE Human Hair Extension (Best U-Tip Extensions)

Okay, there are a lot of things to love about these hair extensions. So much so that I don’t even know where to start. The color options? Impeccable. They even have edgier shades like green and hot pink for my fierce queens out there.

The length options? Another selling point. Go for a flirty bob with the 14” or go bold with lengths up to 22”. All sizes and colors are made using only the most delicate 100% Remy human hair fully styleable. Plus, they are straightforward to apply and will last for months. Who doesn’t love that?

The only drawback? As I mentioned before, thin-haired babes are going to need way more than one pack. These packs only come with 50 grams, so some may need up to four packs before they’re satisfied with the look.


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Holds for months (must be moved up every few weeks).
  • Available in lengths 14” up to 22”. 
  • Plenty of color options, even unnatural shades.
  • Fully styleable.


  • Only 50 grams. May require up to 4 packs for success.

3. DILUSILK Ponytail Extension (Best Ponytail Extension)

If you were to ask anyone that knows me, they would say I am the ponytail queen. I love a good ponytail. But, let’s face it – a thin ponytail is nothing to write home about. Especially mine. It’s boring. That’s why I have fallen in love with ponytail extensions.

Now, my thin-haired friends, the DILUSILK is the ponytail extensions you want and need. It’s 80 grams of pure sexiness available in black, brown, and blonde. The ribbon and clip hold on tight, too, so you don’t have to worry about your ponytail falling off when you’re whipping it around like a pop star.

What’s more to love about this dashing thick ponytail extension is that it’s made with real hair. No more of that fake nonsense! Real hair means it’s silky and delicious, so you can run your fingers through it and live your best life. 


  • Made with 100% human hair.
  • Available in lengths 14” to 20”.
  • Impressive 80 grams to 95 grams, depending on length.
  • Available in black, brown, and blonde.
  • Easy to wrap around a thin ponytail.


  • A little bit of split ends on some ponies.

4. My-Lady Remy Human Hair (Best Ombre Extensions)

I specifically added these extensions to my list of best hair extensions for thin hair for the ombre selection. I know how incredibly fashionable and fun ombre coloring is, so I couldn’t skip it. Is anyone else as obsessed with ombre as I am?

These are very high-quality extensions made entirely of 100% Remy human hair. They’re 170 grams thick (for the 24-inch package) and available in so many miraculous natural ombre shades. 


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Available in lengths 10” to 24”.
  • Delightful natural ombre shades to choose from. 
  • Lasts up to 12 months with proper care.
  • Eight pieces weighing 110 to 170 grams, depending on length.


  • A bit thin on ends.

5. Full Shine Tape in Hair Extensions (Best Tape-in Extensions)

Now for my tape-in selection. There was no other way to go than the Full Shine brand. I love these extensions for thin hair because they are made with 100% human hair that is fully styleable. Plus, there are tons of color options, including unnatural hues like pink and green.

These packs can last up to 14 weeks at a time with proper care, with readjustments every 2 to 4 weeks depending on hair growth. They are relatively easy to apply and come with 50 pieces – talk about customization to the max


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Available in lengths 10” to 24”.
  • Plenty of color options, including natural and unnatural shades.
  • Easy to use tape-ins.
  • Last up to 14 weeks at a time.


  • Can dry out quickly. 

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair: What to Consider in 2022

I know you’re excited to finally have full-bodied locks (I know the feeling). But, there are still a few things you need to consider before buying. Let’s take a closer look.

Type of Extensions

You will see three types of extensions on this list, and they all have their own advantages.

  • Clip-ins. Clip-ins are my favorite because they allow for more versatility without a whole lot of effort. Simply clip them in when you’re looking to “wow” with all that hair bod and take them out at night. 
  • Tape-ins. Tape-ins are a bit more semi-permanent and can last a few weeks at a time. They’re pretty easy to install, but some might need professional help.
  • U-tip. Lastly, u-tip extensions are the most permanent option. They can last for several months, although they will have to be moved up during the timeframe. Most of the time, you need a stylist to apply unless you have had plenty of practice.

How Much Hair

Obviously, your goal with these extensions is to add more pizazz to your thin mane. Well, that’s why you should care how much hair the extensions have to offer. I have a wide variety listed below.

To understand the thickness, look at the grams. The higher the number, the thicker the hair. For example, the SixStarHair Clip In Hair has an impressive 240 grams. Most thin-haired gals can get by with a single pack.

Keep in mind that the tape-ins and u-tip extensions have fewer grams, and you will need to buy two packs. It’s just the fact that they are sold in smaller quantities. So, plan on buying two or three when you go this extension route. 

Hair Color

Lastly, find the right hair color. You want your newfound hair treasures to match your natural mane. Otherwise, you’re going to be a walking billboard for hair extensions. So, find your right hue. 

The good news is, most of these can be fully styleable and color changed. So, if you have unnatural hair color, you will have an easy time dying a blonde set of extensions to suit your needs. 

Final Thoughts

The #struggleisreal when you have thin hair, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right extensions, you can slay your hair days. 

My favorite is the SixStarHair Clip In Hair extensions because they are super thick and have beautiful, natural hair in fabulous colors. But any of these wonders will do!