5 Best Hair Extensions for Wedding

Aside from the wedding dress and cake, there is one thing that everyone notices at a wedding: the bride’s hairstyle. The crowd expects something luxurious and detailed – and the best way to achieve #weddinghairgoals is by adding hair extensions.

Hair extensions, whether you’re opting for a beautiful updo such as a chignon or want long, flowing locks, are a critical part of achieving your final look. That’s especially true if you’re a lady like me with thin, fine hair that would never create wedding hair on its own.

My absolute favorite is the Hairro Highlight Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpieces. The wrap-around piece is a cinch to use, and it’s designed in a variety of delightful color shades. With this easy extension, creating updos and half updos for your wedding is easy – but it sure doesn’t look simple.

Whatever wedding hairstyle you crave for your “I do” moment, I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing my top six picks that will astonish your guests and make your wedding day one to remember.

Who Should Get This?

Brides-to-be should seriously consider utilizing extensions in their wedding hairstyle. Why? Because they provide that extra pizazz that you will want to see in your professional wedding pictures.

Remember, you need hair that’s just as gorgeous as you and that beautiful wedding dress you picked out. Make the day one to remember by using extensions. They will provide you with the volume and texture necessary to complete your wedding day look.

Best Hair Extensions for Wedding: Top Picks

I looked high and low to find the absolute best extensions for weddings. By the end of this list, you will be sure to say “I do” to one of these fabulous extensions.

1. Hairro Highlight Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpiece (Top Pick)

What can I say? I absolutely love this wrap-around ponytail extension for a wedding. Why? Because they are such a cinch to wrap around your elastic band and create a look that dazzles. 

They come entirely straight, but thanks to the use of 100% Remy human hair, you can style to perfection without the worry of damage or breakage. You can go with a high ponytail, low ponytail, or even a side ponytail if you want an out-of-the-box yet still utterly charming hairstyle.

You can choose between a variety of lengths from 14” up to 22”. You will love all of the different stunning color shades to choose from, all of which allow for a breathtaking cascade of colors as you sashay down the runway to your man.


  • Super easy wrap-around design.
  • Completely styleable.
  • Can be used as a high, low, or side ponytail wedding look.
  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Lengths 14” up to 22”.
  • Wide selection of beautiful, cascading hair colors.


  • Might be too thin for some women. Will need to order two for a fuller look.

2. Soho Style Rena Curly Wired Messy Hair Bun (Top Curly Bun Extension)

A curly bun is a staple in the wedding hairstyle industry. So, if you choose to go this route, you can’t go wrong. But you need to make sure the curls are perfect and full of body and dimension. That’s where this extension comes into play.

This curly bun extension is virtually flawless. Plus, it’s easy to find a color match, thanks to all of the color varieties to choose from. The piece is made with synthetic hair, but don’t worry – no one will notice thanks to the high-quality materials used, making it look all-natural and soft.


  • Full-bodied, jaw-dropping curl texture.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good variety of colors to choose from.
  • High-quality synthetic.


  • Wire is a bit heavy.

3. ROSEBUD Chignon Hairpiece (Best Chignon Extension)

Chignons are classic hairstyles for weddings. They provide an elegant, sophisticated style that pairs well with just about any wedding dress. I love this chignon extension from ROSEBUD because it’s budget-friendly, but it looks like it should cost hundreds.

The piece is designed using heat-resistant synthetic fibers. It weighs 90 grams, so you know you’re getting a volumized chignon. If you want a gorgeous, full-bodied chignon to accompany you down the aisle, indeed consider this lovely extension.


  • Lovely color shades to choose from.
  • Élégant chignon style.
  • Weighs 90 grams for more body.
  • Easily adjustable to suit any sized ponytail.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • High-quality synthetic.
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • Hair can fall out with too much styling and brushing.

4. Vario Clip In Human Hair Extensions (Best Clip-Ins)

Going with your hair down for the big day? I love the idea, but you definitely need a good pair of clip-in extensions to provide the best look. I love the Vario clip-ins because they’re made with soft and natural-looking 100% Remy human hair. Style to your heart’s content!

The package comes with seven different pieces for ultimate versatility. The entire package weighs 120 grams total, so you don’t have to worry about volume. The clips are impressively comfortable for all-day wear, which is essential for your wedding day.


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Lengths 14” up to 22”.
  • Lovely selection of natural hair colors.
  • Completely styleable (acts like real hair).
  • Comfortable clips.
  • Seven pieces weighing 120 grams.


  • Cannot be dyed or bleached.

5. RUNATURE Real Hair Extensions Clip-on (Best Curly Clip-Ins)

To me, nothing quite says “wedding hairstyles” like long, romantic ringlets. Well, if you’re in the market for some flowy curls, then RUNATURE is an excellent option. They’re made entirely of real human hair and curls that will leave take your breath away – yes, they’re that pretty.

The package comes with seven pieces for versatility, weighing in at 100 grams total. This is enough body for most women, although thinner haired gals might require two packs. There’s a wide variety of natural colors to choose from, so blending with your natural locks is a cinch.


  • Made with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Stunning ringlet texture.
  • Seven pieces weighing 100 grams.
  • Lovely selection of natural hair colors.


  • None!

Best Hair Extensions for Wedding: What to Consider

As if you don’t already have enough things to consider for your wedding day, you need to consider which hair extensions are right for you, too. 

Extension Type

There are a few different types of extensions I’m going to share with you today. My top pick utilizes a wrap-around style that is a breeze to put together. So, even if you don’t have a professional stylist helping you out, you can still achieve your hair goals.

However, clip-in flowy extensions are also an excellent option for ladies leaving their hair down. For perfect updos, a clip-in chignon is a delight. Whichever type you choose, you can rest assured it’s easy and doesn’t require too much time or effort.

Type of Look

Are you looking for a full-bodied updo? Or do you want stunning ringlets to bounce with you down the aisle? Consider what type of hairstyle you’re going for before purchasing. After all, you won’t want to go for the tousled, full-bodied chignon if you’re planning to leave your locks down.

Hair Quality

All extensions have different hair quality. The best choice is human hair, but it’s not essential. As a bride, you might be on a budget (weddings aren’t cheap). Don’t be afraid to go the synthetic route if you need to.


Thin-haired gals like myself will benefit from a package that contains more weight. That’s because the higher the weight, the more hair is on the extensions. So, keep this in mind when shopping. Especially for a chignon or ponytail clip-in, you want as much weight as possible.


Lastly, keep length into consideration. Not everyone wants charming girls down to their lower back. If you have an outdoor wedding, it might be best to pull your mane up into a fabulous, Instagram-worthy updo instead.

Final Words

When it comes to your wedding day, you want a hairstyle that will wow the crowd. Well, my personal favorite is the Hairro Highlight Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpieces because it’s easy to use, and I love a good ponytail on a wedding day.

However, you can’t go wrong with any of the hairstyles on this list. Whether you’re sporting a classic chignon or want to leave your hair down with some loose curls, these extensions have you covered.

Just make sure that you are paying attention to the length and style of hair when choosing the right extensions. Remember – it’s your special day, and you (likely) won’t have another wedding. Don’t be afraid to get nit-picky when finding your perfect hair extensions.