7 Best Human Hair Extension Brands

When it comes to buying hair extensions, most of us are in the market for human hair. Human hair is softer, easier to style and customize, and obviously has an all-natural look for seamless blending.

If you’re looking for the top brands to buy human hair extensions from, you’ve come to the right place. I will break down some of the industry’s leading brands that pride themselves on offering their customers entirely human hair – nothing more and nothing less. 

Let’s get into it, hon!

1. Babe

It’s no wonder why Babe is a leader in the human hair extensions community. After all, they have been named the ‘world’s oldest and most prestigious raw human hair authorities. But what’s to love about this particular brand?

For starters, they only craft extensions from 100% human hair that is known for its great radiance and shine. It comes with a silky smooth texture that’s easy to work with. The hair is never coated with synthetics like some brands, leaving you with flawless strands every time.

You can find a wide variety of extension types on their website. Most notably, Babe does not have clip-ins. Instead, they rely on more long-lasting methods such as sew-in, tape-in, and microbeads. They even offer the tools to get it done yourself.

2. Great Lengths

The brand ‘Great Lengths’ goes through great lengths to ensure the quality of their hair. (See what I did there?) Okay, enough joking around. Let me tell you why Great Lengths is the greatest human hair extension brand on the market.

All of the hair that makes Great Lengths products comes from a single, traceable doner from India. Not only that, but the natural hair qualities are preserved through a picky production process. Through the process, the hair becomes double drawn for utmost thickness root to tip.

Once this process is completed, the hair goes through one last procedure to make it Remy hair. This process changes the cuticle direction while protecting the cuticle entirely. The result? Flawless locks that are vibrant and dimensional. 

3. Kinkistry

There is so much to love about this brand. Where do we even begin? Let’s start by saying this is a brand founded and operated by a Black woman, which is always a great plus. 

What’s even more to love about this brand is that they thrive on creating extensions designed for all types of African American hair from 2B to 4C. Owner Angela Fite’ describes her brand with the phrase “No curl left behind,” and honey, she means it.

All of her fascinating extensions are designed using 100% virgin human hair. So, not only is it easy for all African American women to find their perfect match, but they can feel confident knowing the hair looks and feels incredible.

4. Yummy Hair

Yummy Hair extensions will absolutely make your hair look delicious. Why? Well, let’s just say there are a long process and plenty of quality control that goes into every strand that makes up their hair extensions. 

The owner of Yummy even says, “Yummie won’t wear it; then we don’t want it.”

Yummy Hair is organically curated and has been in the raw hair industry for over ten years. Their hair is prided on having no synthetic fibers, no undesirable smells, no animal hairs, and no shedding or tangling – ever! Yas!

5. Bellami

Of course, you know you wouldn’t go through this list without finding the world-famous Bellami brand! Bellami is very well-known. The company offers an enormous selection of clip-in hair extensions, and you guessed it – they’re all made using only the best human hair around.

Bellami products are all made with Remy human hair, which essentially means the cuticles are left intact for amazing performance and incredible softness. They seamlessly blend and can be styled beautifully. 

6. Luxy

If there is another brand you’re familiar with, it’s likely Luxy. Luxy is a world-renowned brand that has been featured in several magazines, including VOGUE and Bazaar.  Homemakers and celebrities use them – think of big-time names like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian!

Why go Luxy, though? It’s more than just a claim to fame with Luxy; they can back up their work. Luxy is designed using only Remy human hair. They’re crafted with the highest level of care to ensure they look as good as they feel. 

7. Donna Bella

If you want quality human hair extensions, honey, look to Donna Bella. These extensions are crafted using 100% Remy human hair entirely void of any matting or tangling. Each strand follows the same direction for beautiful, seamless application. 

Donna Bella is known for being entirely human hair – no synthetic materials or coating involved. Each strand and weft is hand-crafted by experts in the biz, and the hair is sorted, cleaned, color, and conditioned before being sold.

What you will really love about this human hair extension brand is that the company requires a 3-week long coloring process so that you don’t have to worry about lack of hair quality from rushing. Nope! Just enjoy beautiful, pigmented locks that are super smooth.

Final Words

It really doesn’t matter which brand you end up using – you’re bound to end up with a high-quality set of extensions you’ll love. 

Just keep in mind that one company might be right for you over another. For example, someone who doesn’t want clip-ins should look at Babe, while someone who wants quality clip-ins should look at Bellami. 

Happy shopping!

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