3 Best Remy Human Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a pair of extensions to enhance your Halloween costume, the last thing on your mind is quality. You need something cheap for fifteen bucks that will tie your look together. But when you’re looking for high-quality extensions for an everyday style, things get trickier.

With so many extension options on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will give you that all-natural appearance. Well, I’m here to tell you this: always go for the Remy products.

Remy human hair extensions provide the most organic appearance. The hair really looks like it’s yours, so you can sway, flip, and style without anyone being the wiser.

Whether you’re looking for a way to add thickness for a luxurious date night or want to rock a longer hairstyle for school, my number one choice is the VARIO Clip In Human Hair Extensions. The rich hue and silky texture are unmatched, and this pack of 7 will give you plenty of body.

Keep reading to find out why Remy extensions are the best options for hair extensions and which Remy extensions made my top three list.

Who Should Get This?

Any woman that wants to add serious body and length to their locks should consider extensions. But why go with Remy? What’s the difference?

Remy hair extensions aren’t like other types of hair extensions. Even though they are technically human hair extensions, they are still far superior to other human extension products, too. 

That’s because Remy hair extensions utilize entirely unprocessed hair. The cuticle layer is left intact. By doing so, the hair is incredibly soft with a natural feel. They give off an indulgent shimmer and shine, too.

To put it simply, Remy hair extensions are the most high-quality hair extensions you can buy. They look and feel entirely real, giving them an instant edge over the competition. 

The Best Remy Human Hair Extensions Reviewed

Ready to get long, luscious, and natural-looking extensions? I looked high and low to find the best Remy hair extensions on the market. I decided on these three products due to their favorable features that any woman will enjoy.

1. VARIO Clip In Human Hair Extensions (Best Pick)

I fell in love with these extensions the moment I saw them. Yes, they are the priciest, but you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to your extensions. These VARIO Remy extensions are designed with a double weft to ensure ultimate bounce and body. 

There are seven pieces of gorgeous ombre coloring on each extension. I loved the deep, luxurious black hue flowing down to chestnut brown highlights. Gorgeous! With 22 inches of fascinating colors, you can’t go wrong.


  • Double woven for added thickness.
  • Twenty-two inches for plenty of lengths.
  • Striking ombre coloring.
  • Hair life of 6 to 12 months depending on care.
  • Free eyelashes set included.
  • Tangle and shedding free.
  • Can be styled, dyed, and bleached with ease.


  • Not as thick as some prefer. 

2. GOO GOO Clip in Human Hair Extensions (Best Ombre)

Stunning, stunning, stunning. These GOO GOO Clip in Human Hair Extensions are a gift from the hair gods. They are desirable to look at and provide an all-natural feel that is entirely customizable. From changing the part to the style, you have complete versatility.

The GOO GOO Hair Extensions are 9A grade made with Remy hair – in other words; this is as real and as high quality as you can get. They come in a pack of 7 extensions to add volume and the ombre look of chocolate brown to caramel blonde is nothing short of exhilarating.


  • Beautiful ombre coloring.
  • Eighteen inches long to add desirable length. (Also available in 14, 16, 20, 22, and 24 inches)
  • 9A grade with 100% Remy human hair.
  • Completely customizable from style to color.


  • Single weft.
  • Need two packs for thin and delicate hair types.
  • Only last up to 3 months.

3. TRESSMATCH Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions (Best 9-Piece Set)

Not into ombre? That’s okay. Need more than seven pieces? I get it – I have thin hair, too. Well, for those who want a more uncomplicated color match with more pieces for added fullness, I highly recommend the TRESSMATCH Remy Human Hair Extensions.

These beautiful natural blonde extensions are designed with a double weft to add brilliant body while the hair itself can be curled, straightened, washed, colored, and more. They’re incredibly comfortable and flexible, so you can finally enjoy wearing 16 to 18 inches of hair. 


  • Designed with a double weft for more volume.
  • Comes with nine pieces – enough to satisfy thin and delicate hair types.
  • Lasts up to 12 months with proper care.
  • Comfortable and flexible for all-day wear.
  • Entirely customizable from styles to color.
  • 16 to 18 inches of beautiful blonde locks.


  • A little bit of shedding during first use.

Best Remy Human Hair Extensions: What to Consider

Now, before buying these high-quality extensions, there are a few things you need to consider. 

How Many Come in the Pack

Every pack of Remy hair extensions is going to come with a different amount of extensions. How much you need depends on how much hair you have initially. 

Someone with extra thin hair might need a pack of 9. Someone with reasonably thick hair who wants to add length only needs 6.

The Length

Another essential detail is the length. If you want hair dangling down to your lower back, you will obviously need a pack of Remy hair extensions with many inches. Pay attention to length to get the proper style you’re looking for.

The Color

You want a match that is going to appear natural. After all, you’re spending more to make sure that you’re getting hair that looks and feels entirely organic. 

Why skimp when it comes to finding the right shade, too? Pay close attention to the color to make sure you’re making a match made in hairstyling heaven.

Final Thoughts

If you want all-natural looking extensions, there is no better way to go than Remy human hair extensions. These are the most high-quality hair extensions on the market, and you will love the way they look and feel. 

I chose the  VARIO Clip In Human Hair Extensions as my number one option because they’re versatile and stunning – a must-have combo when finding Remy human hair extensions. However, you can’t go wrong with any of these three superior extensions. 

You’re going to love your locks.