3 Best Temporary Hair Extensions

If you were to ask me what my favorite type of extension is, I would say temporary extensions without hesitation. I love temporary extensions because they allow for superior versatility.

If I want a shorter look today, I can ditch the extensions. Feeling like a long, flowy half updo for tomorrow? Simply clip in the extensions, and you’re on your way. 

Aside from versatility, I love not having to spend hours in a salon chair. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find sitting in a single spot for several hours to be therapeutic in the slightest.

The only problem is, there are a lot of temporary extensions to choose from. Which are the best? Well, the Sono 120 g Clip-in Straight Extensions are by far my favorite pick in terms of quality and appearance. However, I’m sharing three must-know temporary extensions.

Who Should Get This?

Women who want a temporary change to their appearance should consider using temporary extensions. Temporary extensions will allow you to mix it up from day to day, never being confined to a single length or fullness.

Aside from versatility in your style, temporary extensions are also exceptional choices because they are easy to use. There is no professional styling experience required. So, if you want full-bodied, lengthy tresses, you can do so right from home. 

The Best Temporary Hair Extensions Reviewed

Ready to become a temporary temptress? I’m sharing my top three picks when it comes to temporary extensions. 

1. Sono 120 g Clip-in Straight Extensions (Top Pick)

If you want luscious long and voluminous locks without the commitment, consider the Sono 120 g Clip-In Straight Extensions. There is so much to love about these extensions, from the 100% human hair and gorgeous hair colors to choose from.

I love that these extensions are designed with comfortable yet super durable pressure clips. They can stay in all day without feeling loose or uncomfortable. Plus, you can style these beauties to switch up your look in seconds. Love it!

Now, as a thin and fine-haired lady, I love the fact that the pack comes with an impressive 120 grams of hair. This is a relatively high number, which means I might be able to get away with a single pack to create drop-dead gorgeous volume.


  • Gorgeous hair color shades to choose from.
  • Made with 100% human hair.
  • Versatile – can be styled like real hair.
  • Can last up to a year with proper care.
  • Installs in minutes with a high-quality and secure clip.
  • Weighs 120 grams.


  • Only available in 16”.

2. Onedor 20″ Curly Full Head Clip in (Top Clip-In Curly Extensions)

Need curls? Who doesn’t. There is nothing like a voluminous hairstyle featuring sexy ringlets. Well, this extension pack has everything you need to transform your look in seconds. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option compared to the others. You officially have no excuses not to buy.

What I love about these extensions is the appearance. They’re nothing short of stunning, and I love the vast selection of colors. They are made with synthetic materials but don’t panic. This company only uses the highest quality synthetic that can handle temperatures up to 300F.

The package comes with seven pieces weighing in at 140 grams altogether. That’s enough to offer plenty of dimensions, especially for those with thick or regular locks.


  • Alluring curly texture.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Made with high-quality synthetic material.
  • Weighs 140 grams.


  • Not great for styling at home.

3. HMD Clip in Bangs (Top Temporary Bangs)

Switching up your style doesn’t always have to mean adding length or volume. Sometimes, you just want to wear a pair of coquettish, face-framing bangs. Sound like something you are interested in? Then, girl, you need these temporary bangs.

These adorable bangs show up thick with a straight, blunt cut. And while this might be precisely what some girls are looking for, you’re not stuck with the style. These are fully customizable to create wispy bangs, side-swept delights, and more. 

The bangs come in 100% human hair, so you don’t have to worry about quality or a natural look right around your face. They blend easily, even if you have to end up bleaching or dying them to get the “perfect” blend.


  • Cute bangs that can be cut, dyed, and bleached.
  • Blends well.
  • Made with 100% human hair.
  • Clips do not tug or nag natural locks.


  • Not a ton of colors to choose from.

Best Temporary Hair Extensions: What to Consider

Okay, so before you start altering your looks, there are a few essential things to consider.


The first thing to pay attention to is the length. Are you looking to add some serious length to your locks, or want to keep them somewhat similar to your current hair length? There are tons of options to choose from, so make sure you’re going with the size you crave.


The quality of the hair being used is also critical, but don’t worry too much. Although human hair is obviously the number one option, sometimes people’s budgets simply won’t allow for 100% Remy human hair.

Is synthetic all that bad? Not really. It’s gotten a bad reputation, but companies have taken great lengths to improve quality. The shininess might still be a bit noticeable, but a few washes should take care of that. Plus, most are designed for improved heat resistance, unlike before.


You’re going to see the terms “grams” used in the extensions. What does that mean, exactly? 

Well, they’re talking about how much hair the extensions offer. The higher the number, the fuller finish. So, super thin and fine-haired gals like myself want tons of weight (and maybe a second pack).

Final Words

Temporary extensions can temporarily change your whole world. Whether you want bouncing, sexy ringlets, or want to try on a pair of blunt-cut bangs, you can find what you’re looking for on this list.

My number one pick remains the Sono 120 g Clip-in Straight Extensions. I simply adore these temporary extensions’ quality and found them highly desirable in terms of looks and feel.