How to Blend Wrong Color Hair Extensions

You just bought a pair of hair extensions – but oh, no – they’re the wrong color. Needless to say, putting hair extensions that aren’t the right color into your natural mane will look ridiculous. Is all hope lost, or is there a way to blend the wrong shade of hair extensions?

The simplest option is to send the hair extensions back and get the right color. If you don’t want to hassle with that, you can try using a toner to alter the shade (if the color is ever-so-slightly off) or strategically place them to look like “highlights” or “lowlights.” Your last resort is to dye/bleach the hair extensions or your own hair.

Do you need to blend the wrong color of hair extensions? Then keep reading! Below, I’m sharing the five ways you can make your incorrect color hair extensions look like they actually belong attached to your head. 

Let’s fix those wrong-colored beauties!

Five Ways to Blend Wrong Color Hair Extensions

Buying the wrong color of hair extensions is a drag. But that doesn’t mean it’s game over. Here are five ways you can blend the wrong color of hair extensions.

1. Send Them Back and Buy New Ones

The first option is to simply package them back up and send them back. Then, buy a new set of hair extensions. Of course, you’ll want to be very careful that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong color again.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure you buy the right color hair extensions:

  • Buy a color that matches the ends of your natural mane – not your roots.
  • Always go a shade lighter if you’re unsure.
  • Have your hair professionally color-matched (in-person or online).
  • Purchase a color ring and keep it as your forever hair extension coloring sidekick.

2. Use a Toner

If the shade is slightly off, you can also try using a toner to reach the desired shade. This will work best on ultra-bright blonde hair extensions where there may be some undesirable undertones that are causing the extensions not to blend correctly.

However, don’t think that toner is solely for blonde hair extensions. While you should use purple toner on blonde, blue toner can work for brown hair with unwanted undertones. Opt for a pigmented toner if you want a richer hue.

3. Strategic Placement

If your hair extension color is only slightly off, you might be able to install them strategically so that they look like highlights or lowlights. However, you might need a professional hairstylist to lend a helping hand. You may also need to purchase more hair extensions in different shades to get the desired results.

Tip: Once you have your hair extensions right where you want them, I highly recommend adding texture to your locks, such as waves or curls. This will help to blend the extensions even more to create an all-natural finish. (Not to mention, your hair will look incredible, babe.)

4. Bleach/Dye the Hair Extensions

Are your hair extensions entirely the wrong color, and there is no way they could ever look like they match your natural strands? Then it’s time to do something a bit more drastic: bleach or dye the hair extensions.

Bleaching and dying hair extensions is relatively simple (although I will admit, it’s easier to dye than bleach!). All you’ll need to do is follow the instructions on the package. 

Keep in mind that synthetic hair extensions cannot be bleached – they can only be dyed using a very specific process.

5. Bleach/Dye Your Hair

I know this suggestion might seem a little over the top. But hear me out. Maybe your hair extensions arrived, and you fell in love with the color. Now, you wouldn’t mind having that shade on your entire mane. 

If that’s the case, you should consider dying or bleaching your hair. You can have a professional stylist do it to make sure they match the color of your hair extensions completely. Or, you can try to do it on your own in the comfort of your bathroom. 


See? Buying the wrong color of hair extensions isn’t the end of the world, and there are plenty of ways to fix them, so they look natural. Don’t take off yet, though! Here are a couple of frequently asked questions that might benefit you.

Why does my hair not blend with extensions?

If you have the correct hair extensions color, but you’re still finding it hard to blend them into your natural mane, you might be struggling with a different dilemma. For instance, the hair extensions might have a different texture (they’re coarse, but your hair is fine).

How do I get my hair extensions to match?

The best way to ensure you buy hair extensions that match your current hair color is to have your hair professionally color-matched. If you don’t go this route, I recommend buying hair extensions that match your ends rather than your roots. Always go lighter, as it’s easier to dye hair extensions than to bleach them.

Should you go lighter or darker with hair extensions?

You should always go light when purchasing hair extensions. They’re more likely to blend with your natural hair. They will also be easier to dye, if necessary. This is especially essential for those purchasing synthetic hair extensions, as they can only be dyed – not bleached.

Bought the Wrong Color Hair Extensions? No Prob, Girlfriend!

As you can see, buying the wrong color hair extensions is a nuisance, but it can be remedied. The best solution is to send them back and buy a new color that matches your hair. However, you can also use toners, place them strategically, or bleach or dye the extensions or your mane.

Have you ever purchased the wrong color of hair extensions? What was your solution? Did you use any of the tips above, or do you have any tricks to share with us? Comment below!

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