How to Choose the Colors of Hair Extensions

When it comes to choosing the right hair extensions, you are met with a lot of options. First, you have to decide on the material (Remy or synthetic). Then, you have to pick which type of hair extensions you want (clip-in, k-tip, etc.). Last? You have to choose the color. And boy, can everything go wrong when it comes to choosing hair extension colors!

If you don’t want to struggle with mismatched hair extensions or undergo the (relatively simple) process of dying your hair extensions, your best option is to start with the right shade. The best way to do this is to match the ends of your hair. When in doubt, always go lighter. Take advantage of companies that offer professional color matching!

Ahem! Ladies! Before you run off to buy your next set of hair extensions, I highly recommend you take a good look at this article. Today, I’m sharing all the must-know deetz about choosing the color of hair extensions. With this knowledge, you can avoid some significant, colorful mishaps!

Keep reading to learn how to choose the colors of hair extensions!

How to Choose the Colors of Hair Extensions – Six Ways

Choosing the right color of hair extensions is critical. After all, the goal is to create a blended and natural finish. So, if you’re left with hair extensions that are multiple shades brighter or darker, you’re going to run into some big probs.

Have no fear, honey baby. Just follow these simple ways to choose the colors of hair extensions (correctly).

1. Match the Ends – Not the Roots

Some people may be inclined to purchase hair extensions that match the root of their hair, but this is all wrong. For the most part, your roots are going to be darker than your ends. You’ll end up with hair extensions that are oddly dark and noticeable on the bottom. Nobody wants that.

Instead, take a look at your ends and go from there. Trust me – they’ll blend much easier and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Go Lighter

If you’re absolutely unsure which hair extensions you should buy, you can always rely on one simple trick: always go a shade lighter. But why?

You can dye hair extensions, but you’ll have a much trickier time trying to bleach them. Oh, and if you opt to purchase synthetic hair extensions, you won’t be able to bleach them at all. See the dilemma?

If you go a shade brighter and it’s too bright, you can always dye it to match your current shade. Easy-peasy!

3. Color Match

Some companies go the extra mile to help their hair extension wearers (isn’t that nice of them?). How do they do this? Well, some companies will encourage you to email a photo of your hair so that they can recommend the best matches.

Other companies, like Luxy Hair, have actual color-matching appointments. Here, you will meet with a stylist who will assess your locks via video chat and determine which shade is right for you. 

Then, it’s simple – purchase the recommended hair color and enjoy your new life full of thick and lustrous locks.

4. Buy a Color Ring

Well, hair extensions aren’t exactly cheap, even if you purchase more affordable options. So, buying an “extra” item like a color ring may not seem financially feasible. However, it’s a surefire way to ensure you don’t end up with an incorrect hair extension color.

That said, I’d say that a hair extension color ring is an excellent investment.

Think of it this way: you’ll only need to buy it once. From there, you can use the same color ring whenever you need a new pair of hair extensions. So, in reality, it’s not a huge setback to your wallet. Right?

5. Ask a Professional for Help

When all else fails, you can always reach out to your go-to hairstylist to get their opinion. It should only take them a matter of minutes (or seconds!) to know which hair extension is right for you. 

6. Don’t Overthink It

Honestly, it can be easy to freak out when it comes to choosing the right hair extension color. You don’t want to choose the wrong one. Otherwise, everyone will know you’re rocking some faux strands!

Yet, truthfully, overthinking things is only going to cause more problems.

You have to remember two critical things. 

For one, if you end up with a slightly wrong color, nobody will notice. This is because your hair isn’t likely one, monotone shade. Whether artificial or natural, your locks have some highlights and lowlights, and the extensions will likely blend right in (especially if you add curls or waves!).

Secondly, if the color is way too far off, you can always dye your hair extensions. Dying hair extensions is so easy, regardless of whether you purchased Remy human hair or synthetic hair extensions. 

So, relax. You’re going to make a fantastic choice. And if nothing else, there are ways to remedy wrong-colored hair extensions. 


See? I told ya that choosing the colors of hair extensions wasn’t too complicated! Really, the best thing to do is to match your ends and go a shade lighter. If nothing else, get some help, girl! Oh, and also read these FAQs for some extra help, too.

Should you go darker or lighter with extensions?

Always go lighter with hair extensions. While you can dye your hair extensions a darker shade to match your natural strands, you can’t always bleach hair extensions. So, if they’re too dark, you won’t be able to use them. Avoid this hassle and go a shade lighter, baby!

Do hair extensions have to match exactly?

Surprisingly enough, hair extensions do not have to match precisely. While they should be close to your natural hair shade, being a little “off” will add some delightful dimension that looks splendid.

What extensions look the most natural?

If we’re talking about what type of hair looks the most natural, Remy human hair wins every time. Remy human hair keeps the cuticle intact, allowing for an all-natural and beautiful aesthetic. While synthetic strands have come a long way, they still don’t have the all-natural appeal of human hair.

Choosing the Right Color of Hair Extensions Isn’t Difficult!

While it might seem horrifying and overwhelming to choose the right hair extension color, it isn’t as tricky as it appears. The two best tricks are to match your ends and go a shade lighter. If nothing else, ask for professional help from a hairstylist or company.

How do you choose the colors of hair extensions? Do you have any tips to share?

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