How to Cover Bald Spots With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are basically magic. You place them in your mane (using tape, clips, glue, etc.), and viola – you have the most gorgeous, long, and voluminous hair you’ve ever dreamed of. But what happens when you have bald spots? Can hair extensions still be used, and how?

Hair extensions are a stellar way to hide those bald spots, honey. With strategic placement, you can easily cover your thinning areas. If your bald sections are on the top of your head or near the front of your face, there are special extension pieces designed to cover them.

If you’re struggling with thinning hair – whether it’s due to genetics, age, over-processing, or any other reason – you can hide the area with hair extensions. This article shares how to cover bald spots with hair extensions successfully.

Let’s perform some wizardry and disguise those bald spots!

How to Cover Bald Spots with Hair Extensions

There are three ways to cover bald spots with hair extensions. However, which technique you use depends solely on the type of balding you’re struggling with. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Strategic Placement (For All-Over Balding)

If you have thinning hair within your mane, you can simply use regular hair extensions to disguise them. Note: this technique will not work for balding on the top of the head or around the face.

Essentially, you’re going to have your extensions strategically placed (either at home or by a professional in a salon) so that the bald areas are covered with faux hair. Easy-peasy, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, you’re probably wondering what type of hair extensions are best for balding. Again, it all depends on your needs.

If you have serious thinning, a hair extension weft – such as those found on clip-in hair extensions – will do you the most good. On the other hand, subtle bald patches can be covered with smaller wefts found with tape-ins, i-tips, k-tips, etc.

I love this video that shows how a professional hairstylist uses tricks to cover up large balding areas:

If you need some help doing it on your own with clip-ins, here’s a great video to watch:

2. Hair Topper Extension (For Balding on Top of Head)

Are you struggling with balding on the top of your head? While switching up your hair parting and adding regular hair extensions might work, you’re much better off working with a hair topper extension.

A hair topper is precisely how it sounds – hair on the top of your head. It will instantly disguise your thinning hair, creating a mane that’s full and vibrant

Hair toppers are great for those who have balding on the top of their head but have nice hair elsewhere. Those experiencing thinning from top to bottom and who don’t have enough natural strands to cover hair extensions should consider going with a full-blown wig.

3. Clip-in Bangs (For Balding Up Front)

Last but not least, we have an option for the ladies who are struggling with balding around their face: clip-in bangs. Now, don’t think you have to go with that specific style – there are so many gorgeous options for bang styles, so you’re sure to find something you adore.

The great thing about clip-in bangs is that they will not only cover up those dreaded bald spots but also recreate your entire aesthetic. So, if you’ve ever been on the fence about chopping off your hair to create some bangs, you can do so – you know, without cutting any natural strands.

Other Ways to Cover Bald Spots

While I highly recommend going the hair extension route, I wanted to share a few additional ways to cover up bald spots. These can be used in conjunction with hair extensions to ensure that there will be no bald visibility. 

4. Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner

A thickening shampoo and conditioner will be your first line of defense in covering bald spots. It will work to instantly add volume to your mane while also fending off future hair loss. Yes, please.

5. Cover Up

There are a few different types of cover-ups to choose from:

  • Spray – A good spray will work wonders at disguising bald spots. Sure, that’s not the actual “purpose” of these root sprays, but what can we say? We enjoy being innovative!
  • Powder – Do you consider yourself more of a makeup artist? Then you’ll love the fact that you can apply cover-up powder and say bye-bye to those pesky bald spots.
  • Keratin fibers – Keratin fibers might be one of the niftiest products ever invented. The application will apply keratin fibers to your mane, mimicking the look of natural hair strands. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

6. Accessories

Last but not least, you can always disguise bald spots with hair accessories. Think: you can step out wearing a trendy bucket hat, and everyone will just think you’re trying to be fashionable rather than trying to hide a bald spot


Balding? Yeah, no big deal. We can easily cover up any bald spots with hair extensions! But before you run off to disguise those thinning areas, take a look at these frequently asked questions. They might help you out!

Can you put hair extensions on bald spots?

You can’t put hair extensions directly onto a bald spot. Hair extensions need natural strands to grip onto. The better option is to place the hair extension on your natural hair above the bald spot. That way, the faux hairs will dangle over the thinning area, concealing any baldness.

Can you put hair extensions on top of head?

Hair extensions must be disguised, whether you opt for clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, or any other type of extension. That said, they can’t be placed directly on top of the head, as you won’t be able to hide the adhesive. The better choice? A hair topper!

Can you use toppik on bald spots?

You can use Toppik to hide bald spots. In fact, you might consider pairing Toppik (or a similar product) with hair extensions to ensure that nobody will be able to see the bald spot. It’s the perfect duo for fending off undesirable thinning areas!

Hair Extensions Are Great for Balding!

If you have thinning areas of hair, whether it’s all over or just on top or in the front, you can use hair extensions to hide them. All it takes is some crafty placement or unique extension pieces!

Do you use hair extensions to cover bald spots? How do you do it? Share tips and tricks below!

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