How to Detangle Synthetic Hair Extensions

A good pair of synthetic hair extensions can look and feel like the real deal – and they’re way less expensive than the Remy variety. However, even the best of the best synthetic hair extensions will succumb to tangling over time. How do you ditch the tangled disaster?

The easiest way to detangle synthetic hair extensions is to use a high-quality synthetic extension hairbrush (or comb) and detangling spray. Start from the bottom of the extensions to the top, working in sections until you’ve completed detangling all of them.

If your synthetic hair extensions look more like a bird’s nest than a lovely pair of hair extensions, you’re not alone. This is a common nuisance for 99% of synthetic hair extension wearers. Luckily, you can detangle synthetic extensions relatively quickly and easily.

Come on, detanglers – let’s get to work.

How to Detangle Synthetic Hair Extensions in 3 Steps

Synthetic hair extensions are notorious tanglers. So, if you’re considering purchasing a set of synthetic hair extensions, know that you’ll be detangling them sooner than later. 

Thankfully, detangling synthetic hair extensions don’t have to be a complicated or lengthy process. As long as you have a good brush (or comb) and some top-notch detangler, you can eliminate pesky tangles in no time. Here’s how to do it.

1. Apply Detangler to the Synthetic Hair Extensions

As you may have guessed, a detangler has one job – to detangle

That said, your first step is to apply a generous amount of detangler to the synthetic hair extensions.

Personally, I think that trying to detangle synthetic hair extensions without a detangler is much more complicated. So, if you’re a fan of synthetic extensions, I highly recommend shelling out a few dollars to purchase a professional detangler specifically designed for synthetic strands.

2. Section the Hair

The good thing about detangling synthetic extensions rather than a wig is that extensions are already portioned into different pieces, making your job easier.

The key is to work with one section of hair extensions at a time. Do not try to detangle all of the extensions at once. 

You may consider sectioning a longer portion of synthetic hair extensions into two, just to be on the safe side. Simply clip one-half of the hair extensions apart from the other, allowing you to focus on a small portion at a time.

3. Work from the Bottom to the Top

Now it’s time for the fun part – detangling your synthetic hair extensions.

Whether using a brush or a comb, you’ll need to start from the bottom and work your way up. Working from top to bottom can have negative implications, as the synthetic hair strands can stretch, snap, or fall out entirely.

I like to grip my extensions at the root while working my way up. That way, I know I won’t accidentally yank strands from the adhesive.

Always be gentle when detangling your synthetic hair extensions. While minimal shedding is OK, excessive loss of synthetic hair signals a problem with the way you’re detangling.

Follow Up with a Wash and Conditioning Schedule

Keeping your synthetic hair extensions silky, smooth, and soft is key to avoiding unmanageable tangles. 

The best way to do this is to wash your synthetic extensions sparingly. For daily wearers, once a week is enough. For those who don’t wear their extensions too often, you can limit washing to once a month.

Use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for synthetic hair extensions. Do not apply the conditioner to the top of the hair extensions, as this can be harmful to the adhesive. 

Monthly hair masks using a commercial product like this or natural oils like coconut or olive are also effective. Again, just keep it away from the top of the extensions!


See? I told you that detangling synthetic hair extensions wasn’t challenging! With a brush and detangler, you’ll be on your way to detangled and flawless synthetic strands. But if you’re still curious about this topic, don’t leave just yet – check out the FAQs below!

Can you use conditioner to detangle synthetic hair?

If you don’t want to use a detangler, a conditioner can also be used. It might not work as well as a detangler, but it’s a close second. Apply conditioner liberally to the mid-shaft of the hair extensions and below. Then, use your brush or comb to detangle from bottom to top.

Should you brush or comb synthetic hair?

You should absolutely brush or comb your synthetic hair extensions. They don’t need to be brushed too often, but daily brushing can keep tangles at bay. When brushing, start from the bottom and work your way up. Be gentle, as vigorous brushing can be detrimental.

Does detangling spray work on synthetic?

Detangling spray will work on synthetic hair extensions. However, I highly recommend purchasing a detangler specifically designed for synthetic hair. It will provide the best results for the type of extensions you’re dealing with.

Detangling Synthetic Hair Extensions is Easier Than You Think

Some people might think detangling synthetic hair extensions is time-consuming and complex, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is spray some detangler on the strands and use a brush or comb to work out the tangles from bottom to top.

Have you ever detangled your synthetic hair extensions? What products did you use? Do you have any special tips or tricks to share with other readers? Comment below, girls!

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