Can You Dye Bellami Hair Extensions?

You just ordered your Bellami hair extensions, and you’re thrilled. You can’t wait to rock your new ‘do! However, when you pull the extensions out of the package, you notice they’re not quite the right shade. You feel an internal panic coming on, wondering whether or not you can dye your Bellami hair extensions.

Most Bellami hair extensions can be dyed, although you should not try to color the balayage or ombre sets as they have already been processed multiple times. Also, you should avoid bleaching or lightening the extensions. It is recommended to have them professionally colored.

OK, so that’s great news, right? But don’t stop there. Keep reading to find out essential information on dying Bellami hair extensions, such as which extensions can be dyed and how to do it correctly.

Let’s give those Bellami hair extensions a makeover!

Can You Dye Bellami Hair Extensions? Things to Consider

Itching for a new hair color? Then I have good news for you – Bellami hair extensions can be dyed! However, it’s not as cut and dry as it may seem. There are a few key things to consider when dying Bellami hair extensions.

1. Don’t Try to Bleach or Lighten 

While Bellami says it’s usually a-okay to dye their hair extensions, one thing they make clear is that you should not try to use bleaching or lightening agents on the extensions. 

That’s because Bellami extensions have already undergone a dying process, and trying to bleach or lighten your strands can lead to damage (and potentially undesirable colors).

So, with that said, you can easily transform your golden blonde locks into mysterious chocolate brown ones, but you can’t go the other way around.

2. Dying Can Lead to a Shortened Lifespan

Bellami hair extensions typically last up to six months with proper care. But if you dye them, you might not get the same timeframe. So, if you decide to dye your Bellami’s, you risk shortening their lifespan. (This may or may not be a big deal for some.)

3. Damage Can Occur

Trying to dye your Bellami hair extensions on your own can lead to damage if not done correctly. That’s why Bellami highly recommends having your dye job done by a professional. After all, they’re trained in the art of dying hair – including hair extensions – so there are no risks involved.

4. Leave Balayage and Ombre Extensions Alone

Balayage and ombre Bellami hair extensions are so beautiful – and we can all agree on that. But that beauty didn’t come from just anywhere. Bellami balayage and ombre hair extensions undergo several processes to reach their desired shade.

With that in mind, you should never try to dye Bellami balayage or ombre hair extensions. Not only do they not take to dying well, but you may end up with some serious damage, breakage, and split ends if you try to dye them. 

How to Dye Bellami Hair Extensions

If you want to dye your Bellami hair extensions, I highly recommend getting them done professionally. An expert will know exactly how to color your extensions while minimizing potential damage. If nothing else, they can offer guidance.

However, if you don’t have the time or money to go to the salon and have them professionally dyed, you can try to color them on your own. It’s a relatively simple process. 

1. Purchase High-Quality Hair Dye

The first step is to purchase high-quality hair dye free of harsh chemicals that could damage your strands. Pay extra close attention to the shade you’re buying, as you don’t want to have to dye your Bellamis again.

2. Prepare Your Work Station

I recommend placing some newspapers or old towels on your sink and floor where you’ll be coloring your hair extensions. Dying can get messy, and you don’t want the mess to end up all over your beautiful bathroom counter and floor. 

3. Brush and Detangle Your Extensions

Never try to apply dye to tangled and matted hair extensions. The color won’t dispense properly. Not only that, you’ll have quite a time trying to slather dye all over the knotted areas. Use your go-to brush or wide-toothed comb and detangle from root to tip.

4. Put on Gloves and Start Mixing

It’s time to “make” our color! Begin by putting on a pair of gloves (from the kit or bought separately). Then, follow the directions for the product you’re using. Directions may be on the back of the box, or a handy instruction manual may be inside. 

For the most part, you will need to mix one part developer with one part hair dye. Use the included tinting brush to mix until all ingredients are incorporated. The texture should be somewhat thick but smooth and creamy.

5. Apply the Dye

Now, use the tinting brush to scoop up some of the dye and slather it onto the hair extensions. Make sure that all of the extensions are covered with color. You don’t want to have any blotchy areas. Flip the extensions over to get the other side of the hair, too.

6. Wait

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of dye applied to your hair extensions, you simply need to let them rest and let the dye “do its thing.” Most products will take approximately 20 minutes, but follow the recommendation of your hair dye.

7. Rinse and Condition

Ding, ding, ding! Time’s up! 

Now it’s time to rinse the hair extensions. Continue rinsing (with cool or lukewarm water) until all of the hair dye is removed from the extensions. 

Then, condition with your preferred conditioner to rehydrate your strands. The MATRIX Conditioner is an excellent choice.


See? Dying Bellami hair extensions are a cinch! If you want to learn a little more about dying these extensions, I’ve selected some frequently asked questions that might pique your interest. Let’s dive in!

How often should you wash Bellami hair extensions?

Whether your Bellami hair extensions are dyed or not, you should limit washing them to once a week. There’s really no need to wash them any sooner unless they have succumbed to some severe build-up, dirt, or grime.

What kind of extensions can be dyed?

Remy human hair extensions can be dyed because they are minimally processed or untouched. And, you guessed it – Bellami hair extensions are made from Remy human hair so they can be dyed (most of the time).

Can you swim with Bellami hair extensions?

It’s not recommended to swim with Bellami hair extensions. While the hair itself likely won’t get damaged, the clips can become entangled with your natural strands, causing quite a mess when you slip out of the pool. It’s best to remove them or pile your hair, so they don’t get wet.

You Can Successfully Dye (Most) Bellami Hair Extensions!

Most Bellami’s can be dyed. The only ones that are off-limits for dying are balayage and ombre options. You should also avoid bleaching or lightening agents. It’s recommended to have a professional hairstylist color your extensions to minimize potential risks.

Have you ever dyed your Bellami hair extensions? What was the outcome? Do you have any tips to share with other readers? Let’s hear it! Comment below!

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