What’s the Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Green Eyes

Olive skin can be described as (beautifully) light or medium brown or tan. And, when paired with green eyes, I think we can all agree it is an absolute knockout combination. If you’re lucky enough to have this pairing, you must complement your colors and undertones with the right hair color.

But which hair color is the best?

Golden blonde hair is always lovely on gals with olive skin and green eyes. If you don’t want to go as light, you can opt for copper-based colors, chocolate brown, or auburn. However, you will want to avoid platinum and ashy shades. 

If you have olive skin with green eyes, let me first say I’m jealous. Then, I will invite you to join me as we uncover the top hair color picks for ladies with olive skin and green eyes. Which one of these hair colors will find its way onto your mane?

Let’s decide.

Top 6 Hair Colors for Olive Skin and Green Eyes

Women with olive skin and green eyes have many desirable hair colors to choose from. In fact, there are six striking hues that will look fabulous, dah-ling. 

1. Golden Blonde

Golden blonde will be one of the best choices for gals rockin’ olive skin with green eyes. The hues blend with your skin tone wonderfully, creating a genuinely decadent appearance. This shade works particularly well during the summer when you want a brighter shade on your mane.

2. Copper-Based Colors

Copper + olive skin + green eyes = a match made in heaven. No, seriously. When fall pokes its head out, it’s time to switch your hairstyle up. I recommend going with any copper-based shade, whether you desire something fiery or a deeper shade like a copper penny.

3. Chocolate Brown

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I certainly don’t know anyone who can resist the decadence of chocolate. And to be quite honest, it will look just as delicious when paired with your olive skin and green eyes. For winter, consider going with a lavish chocolate brown shade.

4. Auburn

Auburn is the ultimate color, especially for fall. Red undertones fight to be the focal point, creating an oh-so-sultry multi-dimensional hue. You can keep things light or opt for a darker, almost burgundy hair color with hints of purple undertones taking center stage.

5. Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde is the perfect compilation of warm and cool tones, creating a seriously lovely finish that’s not too bright. With that in mind, sandy blonde is the ultimate go-to for the summer months. 

6. Pink

Okay, if you’re looking for something entirely out of the box for spring and summer, let me tell you this: you can’t go wrong with pink, queen. Pink plays well with olive skin and green eyes, creating a look that’s ultimately daring yet fashionable. Opt for bright, pastel pinks!

Hair Colors to Avoid

So, if you have olive skin and green eyes, you have lots of attractive hair color options for every season. However, there are a few hair colors that you should avoid, like the plague. Don’t ask your hairstylist for any of these colors.

1. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair does not work on this skin tone and eye color combination. It will create a clashed appearance that nobody wants to sport while walking down the city sidewalks. While platinum might be an edgy ‘do, it shouldn’t be a part of your bucket list.

2. Ash Tones 

Another tone to forget about is ash. Ash is another tone that will clash with your beautiful skin tone and charming eye color. Never reach for hair colors that have ash tones!

3. Purple

I added pink to the “yes” list, so I figured I should also put a quirky color on the “no” list. If you like experimenting with wild hair colors, ditch the purple. While you’re at it, you should also stay away from blues and greens. Any other color – especially pink – will be magical.


With six fantastic colors to choose from, I’m sure you’re ready to head to your stylist ASAP. But wait! Before you grab your purse and head off to the salon, check out these frequently asked questions by readers just like you.

What hair color will make green eyes pop?

If you’re looking specifically to make your green eyes “pop,” red will be your best friend. It doesn’t matter if you go with a fire engine red or a less intense yet highly seductive auburn hue. Any red shade is going to be amazing with your green eye color.

What hair color suits pale skin and green eyes?

If you have pale skin and green eyes, the hair color options change a tad. Those with this skin tone and eye color combination will want to stick with bright or deep reds, brown hair, or pale blondes.

Is olive skin cool or warm?

Olive skin is said to have neutral and warm undertones. However, the uniqueness of olive skin is that there is a green cast, which is why we chose the above-mentioned hair color options. The hair colors above will complement the neutral, warm, and green tones for a picture-perfect result.

Olive Skin and Green Eyes Have Many Hair Color Choices

If you were blessed with this charming skin tone and eye color combination, your best options are to go with golden blonde, copper, chocolate brown, auburn, or sandy blonde locks. You can also go with a fun shade like pink, with bright or pastel pink being the best looks.

Which one of these colors are you most excited about?

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