How Long Do Hair Extensions Take to Put In?

We’re not all blessed with perfect hair. And when you’re feeling a little blah about your strands, there’s only one way to turn: hair extensions. But if you despise sitting in a salon chair (like me) or are in a time crunch, there’s one thing you need to know – how long hair extensions take to put in.

How long hair extensions take to put in depends on what type of extensions are being installed. Temporary options, such as clip-ins and halo extensions, can take as little as five minutes to apply. Cold fusion, on the other hand, can take as many as six hours to install.

If you’re considering getting hair extensions but need to know the installation time before you commit, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find the different types of extensions and how long they take to apply. 

Take the time out of your day to discover how much time it takes to install extensions!

How Long Do Hair Extensions Take to Put In?

How long it takes to put hair extensions in depends mainly on what type of extensions you’re installing. However, keep in mind that the more wefts you apply, the more time you’ll need for installation.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Clip-In (5-10 Minutes)

Clip-ins are the perfect temporary option if you want to switch up your style in a flash but don’t want to wear your extensions daily. Clip-ins are a cinch to install. Simply attach them to your head using the pressure-sensitive clips, and you’re ready to roll.

Clip-in packs typically come with several extensions with one to four clips attached. Altogether, installing these extensions should take you no longer than ten minutes.

So, if you’re in a rush for an extravagant event and want to come in with a bang, clip-in hair extensions are an excellent selection.

2. Halo (>5 Minutes)

Halo extensions are another temporary option for gals that want to zhuzh up their mane without committing to long-term length and volume. Halo extensions are essentially wires with hair attached. The wire sits on your crown like a halo – hence the name halo extension.

Since halo extensions are single pieces, you can attach them in five minutes or less. Talk about the quickest makeover you’ve ever experienced!

3. Tape-Ins (<2 Hours)

If you’re looking for extensions that are a little more long-lasting, tape-ins may be the right choice. This is especially true if you have thinner or finer hair, where it may be challenging to cover up clips, wires, and other standout adhesives.

Tape-ins are low-maintenance, seamless, and beautiful extensions that can easily last up to eight weeks before needing to be moved up. The application can take up to two hours, which isn’t too long considering these babies last a full two months (with proper care).

4. Sew-Ins (<6 Hours)

Sew-ins, also referred to as braided hair extensions, involve braiding a portion of your natural hair from ear to ear to create a base for the stylist to “sew” or “weave” the extensions into. Sew-ins are best for thicker and coarser hair types and last up to 12 weeks.

If you’re thinking about sew-in hair extensions, you’ll need to know that the installation time can be quite extensive. In some situations, installation can take as many as six hours. However, it’s more common for applications to take around three or four hours, which isn’t that bad.

5. Cold Fusion (<6 Hours)

Cold fusion hair extensions are another top-notch type of extension that involves applying small sections of fake hair to your natural strands with a loop or ring. 

Since smaller sections of hair are involved, cold fusion tends to be a lengthy process, with some appointments lasting up to six hours. Don’t panic, though – most girls leave the salon in under four hours, but it all depends on your natural locks and how many extensions are installed.

Are cold fusion hair extensions worth the wait? Most wearers will agree with a resounding “yes.” Not only are these extensions discreet, lightweight, and natural-looking, but they can last up to five months with correct maintenance.

6. Hot Fusion (<3 Hours)

Cold fusion uses no heat. Instead, the rings are clamped onto your natural strands. On the other hand, hot fusion hair extensions are applied by melting the keratin glue onto your tresses using a hot air gun.

Hot fusion is one of the most tried-and-true installation methods in the hair extension world, and many people love the way their locks look and feel after application. You’ll only need to be in the chair for about three hours, and they’ll last anywhere from three to five months.


As you can see, installation times vary widely depending on which type of extension method you choose. Luckily, most of these installs are under three hours, so you can achieve beautiful locks without a lengthy installation. If you want to learn more, check out these FAQs.

How long do extensions take to install?

Temporary extensions will take less than ten minutes to install. Semi-permanent or “permanent” options typically take around three hours, but some methods and circumstances can prolong the session, sometimes up to six hours. 

How long do hair extensions usually last?

How long hair extensions last varies according to the extensions you wear. For instance, tape-ins last around eight weeks, while micro-links (cold fusion) can last up to five months. 

Can you wear your hair up with extensions?

You can definitely wear your hair up with extensions. However, some extensions are easier to hide than others. For example, you might have difficulty concealing clip-ins, but tape-ins, cold fusion, and hot fusion extensions are easily tucked away.

On Average, It Takes Three Hours to Put Extensions

Unless you’re going the temporary route, you should expect to spend anywhere from two to six hours at the salon, depending on what type of extension method you choose. You can find out a general time frame from your hairstylist!

How long did it take for you to put your hair extensions in? What kind of extensions do you have? Comment below!

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