How Long Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

There are many types of hair extensions out there – and that’s good news, too, considering we all desire different things. Temporary queens might prefer clip-ins, while those who want long-lasting wear will opt for fusion or micro-links. But what about those that fall in the “in-between” category?

If you’re looking for a set of hair extensions that are semi-permanent with decent longevity, you might consider tape-in hair extensions. With proper care, tape-ins can last up to eight weeks. At that point, they’ll need to be moved up. You can use the same extensions up to three times.

Are you thinking about getting tape-in hair extensions but want to know how long they’ll last? Plenty of babes ask this question – and that’s why I’ve put together this in-depth article. Keep reading to discover how long tape-in hair extensions last (and how to make them last longer).

C’mon, divas, let’s learn!

How Long Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

Tape-in hair extensions fall within the “semi-permanent” category. That’s because they don’t need to be installed and removed daily, which is the case with clip-ins and halos. Yet, they aren’t the longest-lasting extensions, either.

That said, tape-ins typically last anywhere from four to eight weeks. It mainly depends on how they’re installed and how well they’re taken care of.

For instance, someone who has their tape-ins professionally installed and follows all the maintenance tips will likely enjoy eight weeks of wear. Someone who installs them on their own and is so-so with maintenance may only get four to six weeks of use.

The good news is that the actual tape and faux hair can be re-used up to three times. So, you shouldn’t need to purchase new hair extensions until your third or fourth appointment. 

How to Take Care of Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you’re getting tape-in hair extensions installed, you likely want them to last as long as they can. After all, who wants to sit in the salon chair every four weeks? And that’s not even considering the money required to have tape-ins fixed up!

With that in mind, here are some of the top care tips to ensure your tape-ins last up to the eight-week mark.

1. Wash Correctly

When I say “wash correctly,” I really mean three things.

One, make sure you’re using a good shampoo that’s free of sulfates and parabens. If you can use a product designed for hair extensions, that would be ideal.

Secondly, make sure you’re washing the right way. This video shows you the step-by-step technique for washing hair with tape-in hair extensions:

Last (but not least), don’t overwash. Washing too regularly can put undue stress on your hair extensions. It can also cause them to become frizzy and unkempt-looking, which is obviously something we want to avoid at all costs.

2. Sleep Correctly, Too

“Sleep correctly? What on earth are you talking about?” OK, don’t panic, babes – you don’t have to change how you’re actually sleeping. However, you’ll need to change how you do your hair before falling asleep. 

  • Never go to bed with wet hair. This can cause tangles, mats, and breakage.
  • Always tie your hair in a loose ponytail or braid. You can also place it into a silk bonnet or scarf. This will omit the possibility of tugging and pulling while you’re sleeping.

3. Brush Regularly

Not brushing your hair is a definite no-no. And yes, the same is true for Remy hair extensions. Although they’re less prone to tangling and matting compared to other human and synthetic hair extensions, if you don’t brush them often, they can become a rat’s nest, too.

Brush your hair at least every morning and night using a hair extension brush. Be gentle. The last thing you want to do is cause your tape-in hair extensions to slip or come off entirely because you’re overly rough.

4. Separate the Bonds Regularly

Unfortunately, tape-in bonds can become connected, which spells trouble for the rest of your mane. You can avoid sticky situations (haha, get it?) by taking the time to separate your bonds. 

5. Condition, Condition, Condition

Hair extensions do not make their own natural oils like your real hair. So, they will lose their “moisture” rather quickly, leading to lackluster and dried-out strands.

What’s the best way to avoid this?

With conditioner, of course!

Use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. You can also perform deep conditioning hair masks once weekly to keep them in silky, smooth, and tip-top shape.


Clearly, it’s pretty simple to take care of tape-in hair extensions and make them last longer. Do you want to learn more about tape-in longevity and other fun facts? Then I implore you to check out these frequently asked questions below!

Do the taped hair extensions ruin your hair?

As long as tape-in hair extensions are applied, removed, and cared for appropriately, they do not cause damage to your hair. However, I don’t recommend tape-ins to be applied to unhealthy hair types, as the risk of damage is higher.

Can you shower with tape in hair extensions?

You can shower with tape-in hair extensions. In fact, you will need to shower with them installed, considering they can last up to eight weeks – and I’m going to assume you don’t want to go a full eight weeks without bathing. Just be careful and use the right products!

How often do tape extensions need to be replaced?

Tape-ins need to be moved up every four to eight weeks. However, they likely won’t need to be replaced entirely until the third or fourth appointment. That said, the stylist will simply re-tape the hair extensions for a few appointments, cutting down on time and cost.

Tape-ins Are a Great Semi-Permanent Solution!

Tape-in hair extensions are an optimal choice for anyone looking for a semi-permanent option. They can last up to eight weeks, but you’ll need to follow some basic (but essential) maintenance steps.

How long do your tape-in hair extensions last? Do you have any care tips to add to this list?

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