How Many Grams of Hair Extensions Do I Need?

You did it – you finally found the perfect hair extensions to buy, whether you were looking for blonde clip-ins or top-notch u-tips. But then you notice it – the word grams. What on earth does this mean, and how many grams of hair extensions are necessary?

Grams refer to the thickness of the hair in the package. The higher the number of grams, the more hair will be in the box. Those with fine or thin hair can buy as little as 75 to 100 grams, while those with incredibly thick locks should opt for up to 200 grams to match their hair type.

Finding the right hair extensions can be difficult, as there are so many things to consider. Grams are one of those things that can confuse people when it comes time to purchase – but not anymore. Below, you’ll find out how many grams of hair extensions you actually need.

Make the gram game a cinch – find out how many grams you need below!

What Does Grams Mean in Hair Extensions?

Every package of hair extensions will have a certain amount of “grams.” The grams simply refer to the thickness of the hair in the package. Essentially, the more grams are in a package of hair extensions, the more hair there will be. 

How Many Grams of Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Grams = amount of hair. Pretty simple, right? Well, not exactly. That still doesn’t answer the question, “How many grams of hair extensions do I need?” Let me help you out, sugar – keep reading to find out how many grams of hair extensions you need.

Hint: It all depends on your hair type!

Fine/Thin Hair (75 to 100 grams)

Fine and thin hair types don’t have to worry as much about how many grams come in a package of hair extensions. That’s because they don’t really need as much hair. A little bit goes a long way – in fact, adding too much can be noticeable and heavy and should be avoided.

For fine and thin locks, 75 to 100 grams will work just fine for any length.

Fine-Medium Hair (100 to 150 grams)

Is your hair not fine but not thick? If you’re somewhere in the middle, purchasing anywhere from 100 to 150 grams is recommended.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “That’s a relatively large gap. How can I decide?”

It really depends on the length. For shorter lengths (up to 14 inches), you can stick to 100 grams. For longer lengths (16 inches and beyond), you’ll want to bulk up to 150 grams.

Medium-Thick Hair (125 to 175 grams)

If your hair’s a little thicker than the average bear but not too thick and coarse, your range is slightly higher at 125 to 175 grams.

Again, the number of grams you ultimately decide on depends solely on the length. Shorter lengths of less than 16 inches require 125 grams. If you’re going beyond 16 inches, you will want to purchase a higher number of grams, up to 175 grams.

Thick/Coarse Hair (150 to 200 grams)

Last but not least, let’s discuss the right amount of grams for thick and coarse hair types.

Honey, you’re going to need at least 150 grams of hair. Yet, I would recommend going up to 200 grams regardless of the length of hair you’re purchasing.


Well, let me put it this way – it would look awfully silly to stick in a few strands of hair and call it a day. The goal is to create a natural and blended appearance. And for that, you’ll need a lot of grams to match your natural mane.


See? When you break it down, deciding how many grams of hair you need for your hair goals isn’t too overly complicated. But hey, if you’re not done learning yet, I have good news for you – I’ve added some frequently asked questions below. 

Is 100 grams of hair enough for a full head?

One hundred grams of hair is enough for most hair types to achieve a full head of hair extensions. However, if you have very thick hair, 100 grams simply won’t be enough. Remember – 100 grams is mainly reserved for fine/thin hair and fine-medium hair. Purchase accordingly.

Is 220 grams of hair a lot?

To put it simply – yeah, 220 grams of hair is a lot. However, 220 grams will be an excellent choice for those with very thick or coarse locks. Two hundred twenty grams will likely be way too much for fine or thin hair types – although you’ll have extras for next time.

Is 70 grams of hair extensions enough?

Seventy grams of hair extensions isn’t very much. While it might be suitable for very thin or fine hair types, it won’t be enough for those with medium or thick hair. I recommend buying more than 70 grams – you always want to have too much than too little extensions.

Choosing How Many Grams of Hair Extensions You Need is Simple!

When it comes to choosing how many grams of hair extensions you need, it mostly comes down to your hair type. Fine and thin hair types can go with fewer grams (70 to 100), while thick and coarse hair types need much more (150 to 200+). 

How many grams of hair extensions do you typically purchase? Do you have any tips or tricks for deciding on grams?

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