How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need?

When it comes to hair extensions, one of the biggest questions is, “How many do I need?” After all, you can read some reviews saying “not enough hair” or “just the right amount of hair.” But how can you know if it’s enough for you and your hair type?

How many hair extensions you need depends on the thickness of your hair and how many grams come in the pack. Typically, fine or thin-haired women only need a single pack, possibly two. Those with thick or coarse hair types may require up to four or more packs, depending on how many grams are in the package.

I get it – this can sound a little confusing. But I’m here to make it easy for you, babe! Below, you will find exactly how many hair extensions you need to buy for a full head. Ultimately, it’ll look flawless and entirely natural – two things we definitely want from our extensions.

Let’s find out how many hair extensions you need!

How Many Hair Extensions Do You Need? The Breakdown

Is a single pack enough to get you by, or do you need to buy multiple packs? That depends

When it comes to purchasing hair extensions, it’s not super cut and dry.

The biggest thing you need to pay attention to is the grams. Grams refers to the number of hairs in the pack. That said, you could buy a pack with ten pieces and only 50 grams, in which case you’ll need two or three for a full head. On the other hand, you might only need a single pack if it comes with 175 grams.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what you should be looking for.

Fine/Thin Hair (75 to 100 Hair Extensions, Typically 1-2 Packs)

If you have thin hair or a fine hair type (or both), you don’t have to worry about buying an abundance of extensions. In fact, using too many can make the hair extensions stick out like a sore thumb.

With that in mind, fine and thin-haired gals can get by with 75 to 100 grams, which is usually what is included in a single package of hair extensions. However, you might consider buying two if it’s less than 75 grams per pack.

Medium-Haired Gals (100-175 Hair Extensions, Typically 1-3 Packs)

For those that don’t have fine or thin hair but don’t consider their hair thick or coarse, you’ll want to use 100-175 grams of hair extensions (grams). That said, you can easily end up buying three or more packs, depending on how many grams are included in a single package.

I understand that 100-175 is a relatively large range, so here’s a quick tip to help you buy the right amount: the longer your hair, the more hair extensions you should buy.

Also, if you want to add extra volume, go up to 175 hair extensions.

Thick Hair (175+ Hair Extensions, Typically 2-5 Packs)

OK, thick-haired queens, let’s discuss how many hair extensions you’ll need.

Because your hair is naturally thick, you want to ensure you have enough hair extensions to make them look natural. That said, you will need to buy 175 or more hair extensions (grams). 

Looking back at our “50 gram per package” reference, this means you’d need to buy four packs to make a full head. I know it sounds a little bit much. But it’s better than having your hair look like it’s coming out of two different heads. Trust me.

Those with thick and coarse hair should definitely look for 200 or more hair extensions per package. This will create the most natural (and luscious) appearance.


OK, chicas! Now you know how many hair extensions you’ll need to get that glam look, honey! But if you want to keep learning more about this fun topic, here are a couple of FAQs to check out.

How many extensions do I need for a full head of hair?

How many extensions you need for a full head of hair depends on how many grams of hair are in the package. That said, someone with thin or fine hair may require a single package, while those with very thick and coarse hair can need four packs or more.

Is one pack of hair extensions enough?

It can be, depending on how many grams are in the pack and what your hair type is. For example, if there are 100 grams per package and you have medium hair, you should consider buying a second pack to make it appear more natural.

Can hair extensions be worn every day?

Hair extensions can be worn every day. In fact, some are designed for daily use and can be treated as your own hair (showered, slept in, etc.). Temporary options like clip-ins and halos can be used daily, but they must be taken out before showering, sleeping, swimming, etc.


It’s pretty simple – how many hair extensions you need to buy depends on the number of grams in the pack and what your hair type is. Typically thin or fine-haired babes only need a single pack or two, while those with very thick or coarse hair can easily need four or more packs, depending on the grams.

How many hair extensions do you buy? Share with us in the comment section!

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