How Much to Tip Someone for Hair Extensions

There are specific etiquette rules to follow when getting your hair done. For instance, you shouldn’t talk on your cell phone, and you should bring something to drink and nibble on. Another important etiquette tip is to, well, tip your hairstylist. But how much should you tip someone for hair extensions?

Generally, you can tip your hairstylist anywhere from 10% to 20% of the service (hair not included). So, if you paid $700 for your hair extensions – $500 for the installation and $200 for the hair – you’ll tip anywhere from $50 to $100. Of course, you can always tip more if you’re ecstatic about the results.

Tipping can be somewhat awkward and overwhelming. There are no definitive “rules” for tipping, but you don’t want to look ungrateful or “cheap.” Well, I’m here to put your worries at ease. This article shares all the vital info regarding how much to tip someone for hair extensions.

Check out these “tips” on “tips!”

How Much Should I Tip Someone for Hair Extensions

When it comes to tipping your hairstylist for hair extension installation, the general consensus is that anywhere from 10% to 20% is safe and respectable. It gives your hairstylist a definitive “thank you” and “I love my new hair” without appearing chintzy or draining your bank account.

However, keep in mind that you should only tip on the service provided – not the cost of the hair extensions. So, if the final cost is $800 – $600 for the hair extension installation and $200 for the hair – you’ll tip between $60 and $120.

It’s simple math, really. Start by removing the cost of the hair from the grand total. I.e., $800 – $200 = $600. Then, divide $600 by 10% or 20%. You will end up with $60 or $120, or $90 if you want to play it safe and tip 15% instead.

Don’t think that 20% is the limit, though. If you’re over the moon with how your hair turned out, you can always tip more (if it makes sense to your budget). Your stylist will undoubtedly appreciate your overwhelming gratuity. 

Who to Tip for Hair Extensions

If you go to a salon that offers several services, you may end up leaving with new hair, nails, and eyebrows. In this situation, you’d need to tip all of the individuals that provided your services, not just a single person.

With hair extensions, it’s different. Typically, you’ll work with one hairstylist from start to finish. In this situation, you’ll only need to tip the stylist. There’s no need to tip the person at the front desk. 

On the off chance someone else assisted with the extensions, you should give them a tip, too. It’s OK to split the total tip (for example, $120) between the two stylists. Although, it should be based on who performed the bulk of the work. So, one may end up with $30, while the other gets $90.

Use your best discretion when it comes to tipping multiple stylists.

How to Tip for Hair Extensions

Ok, so now we got the important question out of the way. Great! Now we need to discuss how you will get this tip money to your stylist. 

Depending on the salon, there may be a few different ways to tip your hairstylist after getting hair extensions installed.

1. Give Them Cash Directly

The simplest and most straightforward way to tip your hairstylist is to hand her the cash. You can include it with the total payment and give it to her when she’s done with your hair. Just hand it over and say, “Thank you!”

2. Give the Cash to the Receptionist

If the salon has a receptionist, you can also take your payment and tip up there. Tell the receptionist which hairstylist performed your service. Then, you can tell them that the tip is included in the amount you’re handing them. They’ll make sure it gets to your girl!

3. Add It When Paying With a Card

Are you paying with your debit or credit card? Then there should be an option to “add tip” after inputting your card or scanning it. At this point, you can input the tip amount, which will create your final total. Complete the transaction. Easy-peasy!

What If You Don’t Like the Outcome?

If you hate your hair when it’s done, you shouldn’t walk out of the salon angry and without a tip for your hairstylist. The best thing to do is, to be honest with your hairstylist (nicely!) to see if there is a way she can fix it. 


See? Tipping your stylist for hair extensions doesn’t have to be weird or tricky! It’s pretty easy, actually. But if you want to keep learning about tip etiquette, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

How much do you tip for a $200 hair appointment?

If you’re getting out of the hair salon only spending $200 for your appointment, you should tip between $20 and $40 (10% or 20%). However, you can give more if you feel your hair turns out exceptional.

How much do you tip a hairdresser for $500?

The same rules apply to an appointment that costs $500. You will tip 10% to 20%, which ends up being $50 to $100. Again, you can go over the 20%-mark, but you should never tip below 10%. 

Is it OK to tip the hairdresser 15%?

It’s perfectly fine to tip a hairdresser 15%. That falls under our 10% to 20% rule, so you’re safe if you choose to go smack dab in the middle with 15%. 

Always Tip Your Hairstylist After Getting Hair Extensions!

Your tip shows appreciation for the stylist and their hard work, and anywhere from 10% to 20% is acceptable. You can go above 20% if you think your stylist went above and beyond with their work and you’re ecstatic about how your hair turned out. Never go below 10%, as this can be considered rude.

How much do you typically tip your hairstylist after getting hair extensions?

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