How to Bleach Hair Extensions

Calling all blonde bombshells! Or at least those that want to be. If you’ve got your hands on a pair of gorgeous extensions, but they just aren’t blonde enough, you need to act fast. Okay, not really. But why wait another day? Let’s get bleaching, babes.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it’s because you need to know how to bleach hair extensions. And fast. 

Well, let me start by saying it’s actually pretty easy, girl. There isn’t too much ‘fancy’ equipment or ingredients necessary, and you can get it all done within an hour.

Ready to take your extensions into high gear? Then keep reading. I’ve got the low-down on the easiest and best way to bleach your hair extensions.

How to Bleach Hair Extensions: A Step-by-Step Guide

First and foremost, I will tell you that this method is best for extensions that aren’t attached to your head (yet). It doesn’t matter if you have clip-ins, halos, tape-ins, or wefts. They should not be attached while you’re bleaching. If they are, I don’t recommend bleaching on your own.

Also, if you’re not sure you can really pull this off (by the way, you can – you can do anything, hon), then it might be best to hit up your fave hairstylist. That way, you know they will be exactly what you want without the effort.

However, my babes out there ready to bring on the blonde right from their bathroom sink should follow these easy, breezy steps.

1. Clean the Extensions Thoroughly

Whether they are brand new or not, give them a quick wash. You never know what could be lingering on those extensions. Dirt, grime, chemicals, whatever. A blank slate is always going to be the number one option for bleaching excursions. 

Wash them with shampoo! You should be looking for a sulfate-free, clarifying shampoo. The MATRIX Total Results Length Goals Shampoo is perfect. When you’re done washing, make sure they’re dried completely before trying to bleach. (Air drying is preferred). Then brush.

At this point, you should also cut up strips of foil that are large enough to house a single extension. 

2. Mix Your Bleach and Developer

Okay, for fashionistas out there that know what they’re doing, don’t hesitate to buy these two things separately. If you don’t know what you’re doing (I’ve been there), I recommend the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 40 Vol kit. 

Why? Because for one, it’s pretty cheap. Two, it contains everything you need to be successful. Three, it has a 40 volume developer, which means the blonde won’t take hours and hours and hours to come to fruition. Honestly, this stuff is great.

Tip: Wear gloves during the process of mixing and applying bleach to avoid irritation. You should also ensure the area is well ventilated. It is bleach, after all. We don’t need undesirable headaches or burning!

3. Start Bleaching!

Don’t jump right into slathering. It’s a process, hon.

  1. Lay one hair extension on top of a piece of foil.
  2. Slather the fully mixed bleach and developer onto the hair, starting at the root.
  3. Ensure that the hair is fully drenched with the mixture to avoid streaks.
  4. Close the foil over the hair to seal the mixture inside and retain heat which is essential for the hair to process and avoid drying out.
  5. Continue with the rest of the hair.

Yeah, it’s that easy. And that’s why I say you should always bleach before placing your extensions into your mane. Otherwise, you would have to be pretty crafty about reaching the back of your head and applying foils yourself. Sounds like a pain, right? Be smart, babe!

4. Check the Bleach Every 10 Minutes

Everyone is going to have a different experience. This is especially true if you are not using a 40 developer. If you’re using a 20 developer, you might be waiting a lot longer than someone using a 40 developer. It’s that simple.

Either way, check the hair every 10 minutes to see if it’s to your liking. Remember that this is a personal preference. Some chicks might want an ashy, browny blonde while others want platinum!

5. Please Don’t Forget the Toner and Conditioner

Toner is going to work wonders at eliminating any brassy or unwanted undertones. Toner will provide a perfect color that’s full of dimension. The Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair is an awesome product. Shampoo your extensions thoroughly to remove the bleach and tone.

Don’t stop there, though. When the bleach and toner are rinsed out, apply a generous amount of conditioner. Just like your real hair, bleached extensions can get dried out. Not only that, but extensions can’t rely on natural oils to get hydrated. 

Do your extensions a favor and lather up with a conditioner.

Final Thoughts

Bleaching extensions is a cinch, but you 100% should bleach before applying the extensions. The main steps are to wash, brush, mix, bleach, tone, and conditioner. After that, you can enjoy gorgeously blonde locks of your dreams!

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