How to Fix Patchy Hair Dye at Home

When it comes to dying your hair, there are many concerns. Will you like the color? Will it be too dark or too light? Will it come out looking patchy and unsightly? If you washed out the dye only to realize you ended up with a patchy hair dye, don’t cry just yet – there are a few simple solutions.

Patchiness can come from various reasons, including improper application and dried-out strands. A color-depositing mask can work for subtle patchiness, while semi-permanent dye can be used for medium patchiness. Consider highlights, permanent dye, or color remover for excessive patches.

I understand how horrifying it can be to end up with a patchy hair job. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Simple fixes can turn your hair disaster into a dream come true. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading – because I’ve found the top five fixes for patchy hair dye jobs!

Let’s fix that hair, hon!

How to Fix Patchy Hair Dye at Home – Five Ways

There can be many reasons why your hair didn’t dye correctly. Most of the time, it’s due to improper mixing or application. However, there can be some other issues, such as unhealthy strands. Whatever the cause may be, here are the five ways to fix it.

1. Coloring Depositing Mask (For Subtle Patchiness)

If you’re only struggling with a pinch of patchiness (lucky you), you can try a quick solution of a color-depositing mask

A color-depositing mask is exactly how it sounds – it deposits some color onto the hair shaft, ensuring all of those pesky patches are a thing of the past.

So, for those who have some subtle patchiness strewn throughout their mane, see if this simple, quick, and budget-friendly approach is enough to fix your strands.

2. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (For Subtle to Medium Patchiness)

A good semi-permanent hair dye may be all you need to take your hair from patchy and unsightly to beautiful and perfectly colored.

Semi-permanent hair dyes don’t penetrate the hair shaft fully. That said, it’s more manageable to apply and render lovely and consistent results. I.e., you’re likely not going to end with patches at the end of your treatment.

3. Highlights (For Medium Patchiness)

Have you ever thought about getting highlights? Whether you have considered it recently or not, they may be the simplest solution to concealing those horrid patches.

No, I do not recommend highlighting your hair on your own, especially if you have minimal hairstyling experience. Highlighting hair requires skill and strategy – two things you likely don’t have in your arsenal.

So, go ahead and call up your favorite hairstylist. Let her know that you have recently become a “patchy queen” and need her help with some gorg highlights ASAP.

4. Dye Again (For Severe Patchiness)

If your hair looks more like patchwork, then it’s time to pull out the big guns – permanent hair dye. Choose a color that’s at least one shade darker.

Now, this is another option that I would recommend you have performed by a professional. They will ensure that your hair comes out in the color you desire.

Although, if you’re absolutely determined to dye your own hair at home, you can try it. Just make sure that you follow the directions in their entirety and don’t try to rush them. A good dye job takes time and precision!

5. Color Remover (For Severe Patchiness)

Are you just over it and want to get rid of all the color? Then let me introduce you to color remover, the product you’ll be using to get rid of all of the dye in your locks.

Using color remover is easy. Most products will simply need to be slathered onto your strands and allowed to sit for a predetermined amount of time, for instance, 20 minutes. Then, it’s washed out. Viola! Color is completely gone.

Now, you can decide whether or not you want to try dying your hair again. If you do, make sure that it is mixed and applied correctly so that you don’t end up with patchiness again. Also, make sure that your hair is in good health before considering an at-home dye job.

You can always take the easy way out, too, and have your hair professionally colored!


Yeah, patchy hair is traumatizing – but at least it’s relatively simple to fix, right? If you want to keep learning about fixing patchy hair dye jobs, then keep reading. These frequently asked questions have been asked by readers just like you!

Why does my hair dye unevenly?

It’s likely uneven because you did not mix or apply the dye correctly. However, if your hair is unhealthy or if your hair has already been dyed, the dye might not be able to perform its job right. 

How do you fix patchy bleached hair at home?

Is your bleach job patchy? The easiest way to say bye-bye to these patches is by dying your hair a darker color. If you don’t want to ditch the bleach-blonde look, you can also try using a toner or applying bleach to the affected areas (make sure you use lots of conditioners afterward!).

How do I get my hair to dye evenly?

Start by ensuring you’re mixing the dye correctly. Improper mixing is a leading cause of patchiness. Then, apply to your roots, sides, and back of the head. Make sure you use very small portions, so none of the hair gets lost. Here’s a video with more tips and tricks:

Fixing Patchiness Is Easy With the Right Products

Patchiness sucks. But now you know how to fix it, lickety-split. For subtle patching, use a color-depositing mask. For medium patching, highlights or semi-permanent dye will work. For severe cases, you’ll need to dye it again or use a color remover.

Have you ever ended up with a bad dye job? What did you do to fix it? Did you use one of these methods or a different technique? Let’s hear it, babes!

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