How to Put Extensions in Very Short Hair

Plenty of cool cats and kittens love hair extensions – even those who purposely (or accidentally) cut their hair short. If you’re looking to add length, bulk, or both, hair extensions are the best way. 

However, it can be a little tricky when you’re dealing with very short hair. Misplacement can lead to fashion faux pas like mullets and visible adhesives. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Well, don’t panic – just because you’re applying hair extensions to very short hair doesn’t mean that you’re destined to look like a walking hairstyling blunder. No. In fact, you, too, can get hair that slays all day. Just follow my easy steps on how to put extensions in very short hair.

Hide Those Little Hairs at the Nape of the Neck

Okay, before you even think about installing hair extensions, you first need to hide away those pesky short strands that will easily play peekaboo through your extensions. Where exactly? Well, right at the nape of the neck.

You need to hide those little hairs. To do so, you can braid them (if possible) and secure them using some bobby pins. If your hair isn’t long enough, or you’re just not a big fan of plaiting, then you can simply tease these tresses and clip them securely. 

Correct Placement is Key

Placement is going to be critical when dealing with very short hair. While someone with longer hair can kind of wing it, someone with short hair needs to be a bit pickier. This will help to hide the adhesives and the natural hairs. 

So, which placement is best? Essentially you need to do two things: hide your natural short strands and make sure the adhesives are covered. To do this, it is suggested to place the extensions a bit higher on your head than normal. 

It is also recommended to place the bulk of the hair along the center of the head. Smaller wefts can be added to the sides to add a little extra body and pizazz. Just make sure that each extension is thoroughly covered to avoid disaster!

Tease Before Placing

Teasing your hair before placing the hair extensions is also a great move. This does two things:

  • Creates a secure area for the hair extensions to be installed, and
  • It helps to cover up the adhesive.

You see, very short hair might not have a whole lot of grip for extensions like clip-ins. So, teasing creates a safe space for the extensions to clip in and look natural.

Cut and Style 

Once all of the hair extensions are installed, and you’re satisfied, it’s time to blend, blend, blend. This is even an important tip for girls that don’t have short hair. Why? Because combining your natural mane with the hair extensions will look that much better, girl.

What should you do? There’s a couple of options.

  • Cut and layer the hair – One excellent option for blending hair extensions with very short hair is to snip the extensions a bit. Creating layers will create a gorgeous flow that can integrate seamlessly with your natural strands. This can be done at home or by a professional.
  • Style the hair – Using a curling iron or wand of any size is an excellent option. It is far easier to create a seamless look when the hair is styled up to your liking. Not only that, but curly and wavy hair is so hot, ladies. Why wouldn’t you want to do this?
  • Add some serum – Don’t want to cut or style? You can still do a little bit of maneuvering to a more seamless finish. Adding a conditioning serum that’s light enough for all-day wear will eliminate any flyaways that might be present from the extensions. With the serum, you create a streamlined look that slays.

If you want to see a great video that shows how to install and style extensions into very short hair, check this video out. She has wonderful tips and tricks for a lovely finish, ladies!

Add Accessories

Hair accessories are a great thing to utilize when trying to put extensions in very short hair. Why? Because you might fear that the adhesives are showing. This is a common threat for short-haired babes. 

But with hair accessories, these fears can be laid to rest. Place an adorable bow or hair wrap to keep the adhesives hidden but your hairstyle still on-point.

Keep in mind that you need at least 3 inches of hair to be successful with any hair extension options. 

Final Thoughts

Adding extensions to very short hair might seem like a challenge, but it’s easier than you might think. The goal is to cover your natural mane and the adhesive, which can be done with strategic placement and blending. Just make sure you’re starting with at least 3 inches!

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