How to Store Hair Extensions Properly?

Storing your hair extensions may seem very simple. At the end of the day, you take them out and throw them around or stuff them in a drawer or even in the bathroom! 

Does this resonate with you? If yes, then you should read this post. I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to properly store hair extensions.

Following the tips, your extensions will last longer than you expect and you’ll also form good habits to take care of your hair.

1. Wash Your Hair Extensions with Shampoo and Condition

Washing your extensions thoroughly is very important before storing them! 

You don’t want to be grossed out when you forgot to wash them and a few weeks later they smell like something less than amazing. 

You may need to shampoo twice if there is a lot of product buildup, and the water you’re rinsing with also needs to be clear and not brown. Yes, this happens a lot. I personally get tons of product buildup since I get sew-ins and tend to leave them in for months at a time.

After shampooing all the buildup, use a deep conditioner and leave it on for 5 to 25 minutes, this will restore the hair softness and manageability.

2. Detangle The Hair

After conditioning, it is very important to detangle the hair to prevent knots and tangles. 

One tool you can use to achieve this is a loop brush (like this), these brushes are gentle and prevent breakage since you will be brushing the hair wet.

Another tool you can use is a wide-tooth comb, which is great for curly hair extensions so they can keep their shape. Always start detangling from the bottom to top, short, small strokes until detangled thoroughly.

3. Prep Hair and Blow-dry

After detangling, ring out as much water as you can and start prepping the hair before you blow-dry. This step is crucial because it determines how soft and manageable your hair will be once dry.

You’ll need a heat protectant so you won’t risk any heat damage, as well as hair serum or leave-in conditioner and lightweight oil. 

These products will make your hair feel luxurious the next time you install them. Make sure you blow-dry completely through to prevent bacteria growth and mold which makes your hair smelly.

4. Find a Small Bag or Box to Store Hair in

If your hair came in a box, this doubles as a storage container! 

It will protect against any dust and bacteria, leaving the hair clean and sweet-smelling.

If you do not have a box for your extensions, consider purchasing either a small, round box that you can wrap your hair in or a silk extension bag to prevent any damage or breakage. 

You can also try a storage hanger that allows you to hang it anywhere you’d like.

5. Find the Perfect Storage Location

This step is pretty straightforward yet easy. Find a cool, dry place in your home to store the hair, but make sure it’s a place you’ll remember! 

If you choose to hang your hair extensions, I recommend hanging them in a closet (that’s right, a closet not the bathroom door). 

Why? Because if you leave them in the bathroom and you take multiple hot and steamy showers, your extensions will definitely be moist and we all know moisture is the enemy for storing hair.

Closets are the best, but if you must resort to storing hair in the bathroom, tuck it away in a drawer or the back of the cabinet under the sink.

Do’s and Dont’s of Hair Storage

Shampoo and condition before storingThrow hair in a ball and throw it in a drawer
Detangle your extensions while it’s wet toLet friends wear your hair
prevent any knots or breakageThis can give you or your friend lice! Never share hair products.
Use heat protectants and oil on your extensions to prevent heat damageStore hair on a hanger in the bathroomThis is too moist of an area to store it, moisture will cause bacteria growth and mold
Blow-dry extensions before storing themSkip blow-drying! This creates a buildup of bacteria and mold on the hair
Use a looper brush or wide-tooth comb to detangleUse a normal brush
Use sulfate-free shampoo when washing extensionsUse too many products that will weigh hair down and cause too much product buildup
Use a deep conditioner to revive hair extensionsForget to oil your extensions!
Save the box that your extensions came in and store it in a dry, dark area.Sit your extensions near sunlight, this will cause UV damage and will lighten your hair

A Few More Tips

If you choose to color your extensions, I’d recommend using a demi-permanent color so it will come out easily if you end up having any porosity problems with it causing the hair to be splotchy in some areas. 

This can happen with any hair extensions so make sure you read the description of your extensions and it says it’s safe to color them.

Extensions are colored and treated so you should be able to pick the perfect shade instead of having to color them, but if you absolutely want to color them, make sure it’s not going to backfire on you and give you mercky brown hair.

Oil your ends DAILY. That’s right. Daily! As well as heat protectant when using styling tools. This helps increase the longevity of the hair and prevents any damage or breakage caused by heat and brushing.

Anyone can enjoy hair extensions as long as you make it a habit from day one to take care of them!

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