Is Keratin Good for Curly Hair?

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll know I talk about keratin hair extensions. But keratin doesn’t just equate to extensions; it’s actually its own separate entity. But what is keratin, and is it good for curly hair?

Keratins are natural proteins found in the hair. In fact, they make up to 95% of your hair strands. That said, keratin can be highly beneficial for curly hair. It will reduce frizz, make curls more defined and manageable, and create a noticeable (and lustrous) shine. However, results may vary depending on the treatment.

Are you considering using keratin-infused hair care products or perhaps looking at a keratin treatment at your favorite salon? Then you need to know how it will affect your curls first. Below, you’ll find all the must-know info about keratin and whether or not it’s the right option for your curly locks.

Let’s see if keratin will take care of those curls!

Is Keratin Good for Curly Hair?

The best answer to this is: Yes, but different keratin treatments will have varying results.

For example, a hair care routine that includes keratin products can be highly beneficial in many ways. For one, it will remove the dreaded frizz familiar with curly strands. It will also add a considerable level of shine while simultaneously making curls more manageable.

A keratin treatment will do the same. However, it’s much more involved than a hair care product. Keratin treatments inject keratin proteins directly into the hair follicle, resulting in a smooth, relaxed, and ultimately slick-straight ‘do.

While keratin hair care products may relax curls a little bit, keratin treatment will get rid of most, if not all, of your curls.

If you’re looking for the perfect “in-between,” a keratin smoothing treatment is an ideal choice. Keratin smoothing treatments will give you all the benefits of a high-end product without straightening your locks.

Best Option: Keratin Smoothing Treatment

When people hear the term “keratin treatment,” they think of a particular treatment that will relax your curls for a specific amount of time. While this might be a good thing for some, it’s not great for all. 

If you don’t want to remove your curls but want to reap the benefits of keratin, a keratin smoothing treatment is the best choice. When opting for a keratin smoothing treatment, you’ll enjoy these fantastic benefits:

1. Reduces and Prevents Frizz

Anyone with curly hair will know that frizz is a part of day-to-day life. But does it have to be? No way, honey. With a keratin smoothing treatment, you can say goodbye to frizz for good – well, at least until the treatment fades in three to four months.

2. Adds Smoothness to Your Curls

With no frizz standing in your path, you can once again have silky smooth curls virtually flawless. Who said it had to be a challenge to rub your fingertips through curly hair? 

3. Improves Curl Texture

While a keratin treatment gets rid of most (if not all) of your curl pattern, a keratin smoothing treatment enhances them. So, if you want to improve the look of your curl and have a more defined and glamorous style, this treatment may be the best option for you.

4. Makes Hair Shiny

Regardless of which treatment you end up using, one thing is for sure: keratin treatments are always going to add a level of shine that’s unmatched. If you want glossy locks in the future, then a keratin smoothing treatment should be added to your “to-do” list.

Runner-Up: Hair Care Products

Spending oodles of money at the salon and sitting in a chair for a couple of hours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not only that, but you might be a little weary about having your hair treated in such an intense manner.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of keratin: you can always add keratin hair care products to your regular hair care routine. This product from Keratin Salon Direct is highly recommended, as is this top-notch leave-in conditioner from CHI

Benefits of Keratin for Curly Hair

Whether you go with an in-person treatment at the salon or simply purchase a couple of keratin hair care products to use at home, you can enjoy some of these great benefits that keratin offers your curly mane.

1. No More Frizz

As mentioned previously, keratin is the easiest, quickest, and best way to say goodbye to your struggle with frizz. 

2. Protection from Humidity

Humidity is the number one enemy for curly-haired gals, am I right? Well, by simply using keratin hair products or opting for a keratin treatment, you can successfully protect your strands from the hassles of humidity. 

3. Stronger Hair Shaft

Who doesn’t want strong hair? Strong hair is infinitely more beautiful and able to withstand the elements, ensuring you don’t succumb to breakage, split ends, and other nuisances. Well, keratin is your gateway to the strongest strands of your life. Yes!

4. Locked in Colors

Did you know that keratin is also awesome for color-treated curly hair? Keratin locks in colors more readily, which means you won’t have to worry about your color fading as quickly. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a huge perk!

5. Easier Styling

If you are someone who hates trying to manage and style their curls, you’ll be happy you added keratin to your routine. Keratin makes curly hair far more manageable, which means you’ll spend less time struggling to style your mane. Talk about a carefree morning.


Is keratin good for curly hair? Oh, yes, indeed. While you’ve already learned so much about keratin and curly hair, I encourage you to read through these frequently asked questions real quick. It’s never a bad thing to learn more!

Will keratin ruin my curls?

If you opt for a keratin treatment designed to straighten hair, then yes, keratin can ruin your curls, and you’ll have to wait until the chemically-treated portion of your strands is fully grown out before enjoying your natural curl pattern again. However, keratin hair care products and a simple smoothing treatment won’t ruin your curls!

Are keratin products good for curly hair?

Keratin products are excellent for curly hair! They’re designed to eliminate the notorious frizz curly-haired ladies suffer from, add an impeccable and glorious shine, and even make curls more defined – yet manageable. It’s an all-around win-win situation for curls!

How long does keratin last on curly hair?

How long a keratin treatment lasts on curly hair can vary depending on which type of treatment is received. However, for the most part, keratin treatments will last three to five months, with four months being the most common.

Keratin Can Be a Game-Changer for Curly-Haired Babes!

If you want to reduce frizz, add shine, and make your curls more manageable, keratin hair care products and smoothing treatments can be excellent options. However, don’t opt for keratin treatments unless you’re ready to rock straight hair for a couple of months.

Do you enjoy keratin on your curly hair? Do you have any recommendations to share with other readers? Let’s talk in the comments!

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