Is Remy Hair Human Hair?

When shopping for hair extensions, you’ll find several different types of hair extensions. From clip-ins to fusions, synthetic strands to human hair, everything can get a little confusing. But one thing for sure is this: everyone recommends buying Remy hair extensions. But why? What is Remy, and is it human hair?

Remy hair extensions are human hair extensions. It’s known as being the highest quality human hair on the market. The hair cuticles are left intact, which creates a more all-natural aesthetic that won’t succumb to tangles or matting as easily as other kinds of hair extensions.

Curious about Remy hair extensions? Then keep reading, queen! Below, you will find all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about Remy hair extensions – including the biggest question, is Remy human hair or not?

Read about Remy below!

Is Remy Hair Human Hair?

When you come across the term “Remy hair” when shopping for hair extensions, you might be confused. After all, other hair extensions might say “human hair” or “synthetic hair.” What on earth is Remy supposed to be?

Simply put, Remy human hair is a type of human hair extension. The big difference between Remy and other human hair extensions is that the cuticle is left intact. This is beneficial for many reasons, from the beautiful uniform appearance to the lack of tangles and matting.

Remy human hair is said to be the “gold standard” of hair extensions. It surpasses other types of human hair, such as “normal human hair” or “virgin human hair,” which is found on different types of hair extensions. 

Why You Should Always Buy Remy Human Hair

While you can buy synthetic hair extensions or those made with “regular” human hair, I highly recommend shelling out the extra dollars for Remy human hair. It’s simply the best on the market. And here’s why.

1. Less Prone to Tangles

Non-Remy hair extensions are made with human or synthetic strands that do not have the cuticle still intact. This results in hair extensions that end up seriously tangled – even with proper care. And this can happen in as little as one day! Yikes!

Remy human hair extensions? Well, because the cuticles are intact and flow in the same direction, they won’t succumb to tangles as easily. (Of course, you still want to moisturize, condition, and brush them regularly to avoid any potential tangly nightmares!)

2. Won’t Matt As Easily

First comes tangles, then comes mattingew. And while dreadlocks are infinitely trendy, cool, and effortless, if locs aren’t your ultimate goal, the last thing you want to struggle with is matting in your hair extensions.

Again, it all comes down to the cuticles being intact. Non-Remy hair extensions aren’t intact, so they’ll matt easily. Remy human hair extensions are intact, so they are less likely to matt up, leaving you with the silky and smooth strands you started with.

3. Last Longer Than Other Options

Listen, if you’re just planning to wear hair extensions for a few days, you really don’t need to spend more for Remy human hair extensions. You can get by with synthetic or other non-Remy options.

However, if you’re looking for longevity – which will be very important if you’re opting for “permanent hair extensions” – you need to purchase Remy hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions can easily last up to a  year (if not longer) with proper maintenance. This is in stark contrast to other hair extensions that might last just a few short weeks or months. Basically, you’ll get your money’s worth with Remy human hair extensions!

4. Impeccably Glossy and Shiny

Leaving the cuticle intact isn’t just good for fending off tangles and matting; it’s also great for appearance, too. When the cuticle is left intact, they’re able to reflect light, allowing for hair that is impeccably glossy and shiny – not to mention natural-looking, too. 

5. Easy to Style

I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of obsessed with ringlets and waves (my latest addiction has been the Bed Head Barrel Wave Curler – the results are flawless). But certain hair extensions mean you have to leave your favorite styling tools on the back shelf.

But that’s not true for Remy human hair extensions.

Since Remy hair extensions are natural human hair extensions with the cuticles left unchanged, you can style your hair however you please – you can even curl your extensions to create head-turning styles.

Just make sure you use some heat protectant first. Remy human hair extensions are human hair, but they don’t create their own oils. They need added protection (and conditioning) to avoid damage, especially when it comes to heat styling!

6. Can Be Colored

Did you accidentally buy the wrong colored hair extensions? Did you switch up your hair color and need your hair extensions to follow suit? Whatever the reason may be for needing to change the color of your hair extensions, you can do it with Remy human hair extensions.

That’s right – Remy human hair extensions can be bleached or dyed, depending on your needs. Again, this is not true for all types of hair extensions, especially synthetic ones!

7. Look the Most Natural

When you wear hair extensions, the goal is to make them unnoticeable. They should look, feel, and act like your natural strands – and that’s exactly what happens when you opt for Remy human hair extensions.

They provide the most natural aesthetic, ensuring that nobody is the wiser! So, go ahead and whip your hair back and forth, babe.


Well, I don’t think I need to say anything else. Remy hair extensions are the highest quality human hair extensions you can get your hands on and should be considered during your next extension shopping spree. But wait! Before you go, check out these interesting FAQs.

Is Remy hair 100% human?

Remy hair is 100% human hair. However, you may want to double-check your packaging before purchasing. Some companies try to save on costs by blending Remy human hair with other types of hair, which means it might not be the best quality. Always look for 100% Remy human hair extensions!

Is Remy Hair human or synthetic?

Remy is real human hair and not synthetic in any sense of the word. There are absolutely no artificial materials used. In fact, there is no chemical processing, either. That allows the cuticle to remain untouched, resulting in exquisite human hair for hair extensions. Always go Remy!

What is the difference between human hair and Remy human hair?

The critical difference between human hair and Remy human hair is that Remy human hair is collected from a single donor and unprocessed, leaving the cuticles intact. “Regular” human hair is piled from many donors and may be altered, resulting in changed cuticles. That said, they don’t look or feel as nice and will likely succumb to tangles and matting sooner than expected.

Remy Hair is Human Hair!

Basically, Remy hair extensions are made from human hair. The cuticles are left unchanged, resulting in flawless strands that are glossy and smooth and won’t end up in a tangled or matted mess anytime soon.

Are you a fan of Remy human hair extensions, or do you prefer another type of hair? Share in the comments!

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