What Kind of Hair Extensions Does Kim Kardashian Have?

When it comes to beauty and fashion, there is no other diva quite like Kim Kardashian – or Queen Kim, as she’s often referred to. From her bodacious bod to her perfectly-poised lips, she is the epitome of style; and that includes her incredible mane.

Kim K has been seen wearing a variety of headline-making hairstyles, which leaves one to wonder – what kind of hair extensions is this fashion icon wearing?

If you’ve been dreaming about sporting locks like Kim Kardashian, you’re in luck. The fashion trailblazer recently made comments about which extensions she uses and which ones she would recommend time and time again.

Are you ready to become the next headliner on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

The Hair Extensions That Kim Kardashian Have

With show-stopping looks at every turn, it’s no secret why women want to replicate Kim K’s styles. And while some might be on the hunt for her clothes, makeup, and skincare products, this article focuses solely on achieving Kardashian-worthy locks. 

That said, what kind of hair extensions does Kim Kardashian have? While plenty of blogs claim that the fashion guru wears Bellami hair extensions (which are incredible, by the way), Kim recently spoke about which hair extensions she’s most obsessed with: Priscilla Valles collection x Glam Seamless.

She had this to say about the extensions (via Cosmopolitan): 

Oh my god, you guys, I just got Priscilla’s new hair extensions. I’ve been using Priscilla for the last, like, six months? And I’m obsessed. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back. But she has the most amazing hair, and look at all these colors! I love it. Priscilla, thank you so much. Congratulations.”

Copycat Kim K Hair with Priscilla Valles x Glam Seamless Extensions

If you want to replicate Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous locks, you’ll need to invest in the Priscilla Valles x Glam Seamless collection. There are a couple of great options to suit your needs:

Go ahead – live a little, and get these amazing hair extensions! 


Can you believe you can purchase Kim Kardashian quality hair extensions online? Who knew it could be so easy to achieve perfect hair! I went ahead and added a few more questions in case you’re interested.

Do the Kardashians wear hair extensions?

Most of the Kardashians wear hair extensions, including Kim and Khloe. They are also known to spot wigs every now and then, too. So, don’t think they were blessed with hair that can be switched up in the blink of an eye. Blame it on the extensions – which you can wear, too.

What brand of hair extensions do celebrities use?

There are many brands of hair extensions that celebrities swear by, so don’t think you have to settle for the Priscilla Valles x Glam Seamless Collection. Other popular choices include Hidden Crown, Indique Hair, Richy Hair, and The Hair Shop.

Does Kylie Jenner wear wigs or extensions?

Kylie Jenner definitely wears wigs and extensions! When she’s not showing off her adorable bouncy locks (that hit just below shoulder-length), she can be seen wearing impressive and gorgeous long tresses, all thanks to extensions or out-of-this-world wigs.

You Can Get Kim K-Worthy Hair, Too!

It may seem impossible to replicate Kim Kardashian’s famous look, but at the least, you can copy her show-stopping locks by purchasing and wearing Priscilla Valles x Glam Seamless hair extensions. They can be installed as fusions, tape-ins, or clip-ins!

Do you plan on buying these Kim K-approved hair extensions?

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