Long Hair or Short Hair: Which is Better?

Are you debating between sporting long locks or chopping them short into a shoulder-length or bob haircut? You’re not alone. Plenty of women find themselves in this debacle, leading to this critical question: is long or short hair better?

Long hair and short hair have their own list of pros and cons. At the end of the day, you need to analyze the pros and cons list to decide which one is right for you. 

While long and short hair are both lovely, if you need help deciding which one is better (for you), you’ve come to the right article. Today we’re discussing the pros and cons of long and short hair.

Long or short? Let’s find out!

Long Hair or Short Hair: Which is Better?

Honestly, no haircut is “better” than the other. They both come with a hefty list of pros and cons. That said, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of haircut. 

Pros and Cons of Long Hair

Are you dreaming about having long, lustrous locks like Naomi Campbell or Blake Lively? Then check out these lists of pros and cons to help you decide if long hair, don’t care, is really your ultimate #hairgoal.

Pro: More Styling Options

Have you ever tried to put together a fancy chignon for an upscale event with short hair? How about a laid-back, messy bun? Having long hair means limitless styling abilities, and the longer your hair is, the more exquisite and complex the hairstyles can be. 

Just look at these lovely hairstyles. You simply wouldn’t be able to recreate these flawless styles without enough length.

Not only that, but long hair provides a better palette for colors. So, whether you want stunning blonde highlights or want to try out the mermaid ‘do, you’ll achieve a better look with longer locks compared to colored short hair, which might not get the full effect.

Pro: Simply Sexy

There’s no “rulebook” about which hairstyles are sexy and which aren’t, but let’s face it, long hair has been deemed the more alluring option compared to short strands.

Think of it this way: letting down your long locks and whipping your head gently from side to side creates a tantalizing view. You simply can’t get that same aesthetic with shorter strands.

Pro: More Feminine

Again, there are no “rules” when it comes to femininity. Plenty of women feel just as dainty – if not more so – with shorter hair. However, it’s been a stigma for the last hundred years that long hair equates to femininity. 

Con: More Hair to Deal With

While long hair opens up more styling abilities, it also presents more challenges. With longer hair, you’ll be more prone to tangles, knots, and other issues that will be trickier to work out compared to short hair. You’ll also blow through product like there’s no tomorrow.

Con: Sweat!

Have you ever had long hair during the hot summer months? Then you know that sweat is a primary concern. If you’re not tossing your hair into a cute ponytail or bun, you’re going to end the day with sweat dripping down your back – and it’ll all be because of your long locks. Ew.

Con: Tickling on the Back

Ok, so this one is a little bit funny, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Long hair will rub against your back, which can lead to an undeniably trickly feeling that I wouldn’t describe as “pleasant.” Have a backscratcher on hand at all times when wearing long hair!

Pros and Cons of Short Hair

Are you considering stepping out of the box and chopping off your mane? You know, just like Miley Cyrus did? Before you bust out the sheers, take a look at the pros and cons of having short hair.

Pro: Lightweight (No Sweat)

While you can enjoy short hair any time of year, one of the best times to get your locks cut is during the summer months – and yes, that’s because you don’t want to suffer from the undeniable sweat stains that come from long hair. 

Short hair is infinitely more lightweight than long hair, so you won’t have to worry about feeling like you’re being pulled down to the ground by your long and heavy strands. Plus, your neck will have a delightful breeze 24/7. Who wouldn’t love that feeling?

Pro: Easy to Style

It’s true that shorter haircuts have limited styling options. However, any hairstyles they can be styled into will be much simpler. So, if you’re a gal that wants ease of styling, short hair may be the optimal choice.

Pro: More Professional/Edgy

Shorter hair tends to be more professional. After all, long locks have a certain feminine sex appeal, while shorter strands have a businesswoman feel. Yet, this isn’t always true. For example, Katy Perry’s ash blue crop was anything but businesslike.

Pro: Shorter Drying Time

Long hair might look lovely, but boy, will you be spending a good chunk of your morning trying to dry it! That brings us to the next pro of having short hair: a much shorter drying time. Your hair will be dry, lickety-split, which saves you time and hassle. Major win.

Pro: Frames the Face 

Short haircuts have the ability to frame the face perfectly, accentuating your features and putting your “best assets” on full display. For example, a cute face-framing bob will highlight your cheekbones and narrow your chin, creating a mesmerizing appearance.

Pro: More Volume

Long hair = weighed down. Short hair = bouncy and fun. If you lack natural volume or have naturally thin or fine hair strands, you might consider going the shorter hair route. It will add instant volume that can’t be ignored.

Con: Limited Styling Options

Unfortunately, short hair just doesn’t compare to long hair when it comes to styling options. Sure, there are some styles you can still enjoy, but very intricate and stunning styles will likely be off the table – especially if you opt for a very short crop or bob haircut.

Con: Requires Regular Haircuts

With long hair, you can essentially let your hair grow like a weed. Sure, you’ll need regular trims to get rid of split ends, but you don’t need that too often. On the other hand, short hair will need regular salon visits to maintain the shorter cut. This can put a dent in your pocketbook.

Con: May Change Hair Texture

This doesn’t happen too often, but some girls have claimed that their hair texture changed when going with short hair. That’s because their curls or waves weren’t weighed down by length, leaving them with a more pronounced texture. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it means you’ll have to learn to work with your new hair texture, which can be challenging.


By now, you probably know which haircut is right for you. But before you dial your hairstylist’s number to schedule an appointment, take a look at these frequently asked questions that were asked by readers just like you.

Is long hair or short hair more attractive?

Statistically speaking, longer hair is deemed more “attractive.” But why should you listen to these silly statistics? What it really comes down to is whether or not you feel attractive with your haircut. If you love it and feel confident, that will exude to everyone around you, making you look beautiful regardless of how long or short your hair is.

Is long hair damaging?

Long hair can be more prone to damage compared to short hair. If you have long hair, getting regular trims is essential so that the scraggly split ends can be taken care of. You should also be using deep conditioning masks once a week to keep your lengthy strands in tip-top shape.

What is an attractive hair length?

Any hair length can be attractive. Surprisingly enough, though, the 12-inch hair length tends to be the most popular. That’s because it’s a medium-length haircut, borrowing pros and cons from short and long hair. If you can’t decide between short or long, consider going the 12-inch route!

Long Hair and Short Hair Are Both Fabulous Options!

Whether you end up with long or short hair depends mainly on personal preference. Consider longer hair if you want lustrous locks that are flowy and styleable. Go with short hair if you want something more manageable with a professional or edgy vibe.

Do you think long hair or short hair is better? Why? Share your thoughts about long and short hair in the comment section below!

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