Loose Wave vs. Body Wave: What’s the Difference

When shopping for faux hair to add to your natural mane, you want to ensure you buy the right kind. Otherwise, your hair is going to look like a hot mismatched mess – and who wants that? To ensure you don’t end up on the hair struggle bus, you need to understand the difference between a loose and a body wave.

A loose wave has tighter curls than A body wave, yet they aren’t overly tight. They tend to be bouncier and more voluminous compared to A body wave. A body wave has a distinct “S” pattern and is a bit straighter. They don’t hold curls as well and will become straighter over time.

If you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place – a.k.a., a body wave or a loose wave – and don’t know which way to go, keep reading. This article shares the critical differences between A loose wave and A body wave so that you can make a confident decision.

Are you ready to ride the waves today?

What is a Loose Wave?

A loose wave can best be described as a hairstyle featuring large, voluminous ringlets that aren’t too tight or straight. They’re the perfect “in-between” for those who want plenty of volume and bounce without restoring to actual curls.

One perk about a loose wave is that they are effortless to style – if desired. They take to styling well, so you can switch up your look with tighter ringlets or opt to go stick-straight. They won’t lose their elasticity over time, and the fluffier texture looks so natural.

What Is a Body Wave?

A body wave also features curls, but they’re much looser compared to those of a loose wave. The other distinct feature of a body wave is that the curls are designed with an intriguing “S” pattern. Yet, they have a delightfully realistic appearance when added to natural manes.

These waves are an excellent choice for someone looking for simple yet sultry. A body wave is very easy to manage. However, they won’t hold a curl as well as A loose wave, so they’re not great for styling. They’ll also lose their elasticity quicker, ending with straight strands.

Top 6 Differences Between A loose wave and A body wave

Now that you know what a loose wave and a body wave are, we can dive into the whole reason why you’re here: to know the differences between the two. So, what are we waiting for? Here are the top six differentiations between a loose and a body wave.

1. Loose Wave Is Curlier

The most significant difference between a loose wave and a body wave is that a loose wave is curlier than a body wave. They’re slightly tighter, yet aren’t too tight, like a ringlet. A body wave is much looser with a definite “S” pattern, which a loose wave does not have.

2. Loose Wave Is More Voluminous

Because of the curl pattern, a loose wave tends to be more voluminous than a body wave. So, if you’re looking for more bounce and a fuller mane, a loose wave is the clear winner.

3. Loose Wave Has More Elasticity

A loose wave wins in the “elasticity” department. While a body wave will lose its shape and go straight after a period, a loose wave will retain the same bouncy and adorable curls they had to begin with.

4. Loose Wave Is Easier to Style

If you enjoy switching up their hairstyle regularly, you should go with a loose wave. That’s because a loose wave can be styled easily, while a body wave doesn’t take to styling tools as well. You’ll get much better (and quicker) results with a loose wave.

5. Body Wave Is Best for Simplicity

Not everyone wants to indulge in bouncy, full locks. If you prefer simplicity when it comes to your mane, a body wave is the only way to go. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re “boring” – trust me; they’re plenty hot. They’re just not as flashy as a loose wave. It’s a matter of personal preference!

6. Body Wave Curls Face the Same Directions

Body wave curls all face the same direction, creating a sleeker and more uniform aesthetic. A loose wave has curls facing in different directions, which leads to added texture, dimension, and fullness. Both are beautiful, but it all depends on which look you’re going for.


As you can see, a loose wave and a body wave are pretty similar (both offer a unique curl pattern that looks adorable and natural), yet they have distinct differences. Want to learn more about these hair types? Ok, I hear ya – check out these frequently asked questions below!

Does loose wave hold curls?

A loose wave holds curls magnificently, which is why they are the number one choice for those who want to enjoy voluminous curls or style their hair regularly. A body wave, on the other hand? Not so great at holding curls and is not a suitable choice for those who can’t get enough ringlets.

What’s the difference between a loose wave and a loose deep wave?

The most significant difference between a loose wave and a loose deep wave is that a loose deep wave is slightly tighter than a loose wave. In a way, the difference is similar to the differences between a body and a loose wave

Is body wave hair thicker than straight hair?

A body wave isn’t necessarily “thicker” than straight hair. However, it can appear fuller due to the dimension and texture. So, if you’re looking for a “thicker” look without the need for additional density, a body wave may be a great choice.

A body wave and A loose wave Are Both Excellent Options!

Really, you can’t go wrong with a loose wave or a body wave. The key is to purchase the wave that’s right for you. A loose wave is known for being more voluminous with slightly tighter curls compared to a body wave. They also hold styles better. A body wave is best for those who like a straighter look with some texture.

Do you prefer a body or a loose wave? Do you have any other differences you’d like to add? Share in the comments below!

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