What is the Best Material to Use for Hair Extensions?

Are you finally going to get that long, thick, and lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed of? Then you need some hair extensions, of course! But don’t settle for just “any” hair extensions – opt for the best of the best

Wait, which one is the best? What is the best material to use for hair extensions?

When it comes to the premier material for hair extensions, nothing beats Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is essentially human hair that is virgin or minimally processed. That said, the cuticles remain intact, ensuring an all-natural appearance that’s glossy, smooth, and resistant to tangles.

Want to learn about the best material to use for hair extensions? Then keep readin’, babe! I’ve highlighted the best material to use for hair extensions – you know, so you can make a confident purchase and enjoy your lovely new locks, duh!

Come on, bestie – let’s learn about the best material to use for hair extensions.

The Best Material to Use for Hair Extensions

If you’ve been to my site, you know I go on and on and on about Remy human hair extensions. Am I obsessed? A little bit. But honestly, once you see what Remy hair extensions are, you’ll understand why I love them.

Remy human hair is undeniably the best material to use for hair extensions. They’re even better than “regular human hair” – yes, there is a difference, and it’s a big difference.

Remy human hair is almost always virgin hair, or it’s been minimally processed. This allows the cuticles to remain entirely intact

I know what you’re thinking – “Who cares.” I know, it doesn’t sound all that exciting. But let me tell you this: with the cuticles intact, Remy human hairs remain in a single, uniform direction, which means you get a more natural appearance with less of a risk of tangles and mats. Win!

Why Choose Remy Human Hair Extensions

I’ve highlighted why Remy human hair extensions are the premium choice in some of my other blogs (including this one, which also shares care tips!). But I wanted to briefly explain why these are the “gold standard” in the hair extension world.

  • Less prone to tangles and mats. One major perk of going the Remy route is that you won’t have to suffer with tangles and mats, which are notorious for synthetic hair extensions.
  • Longer-lasting compared to the competition. If you take care of your Remy human hair extensions correctly, you can wear them for up to a year – if not longer. No, you’re not dreaming!
  • Noticeably shinier and glossier. Remy human hair is top-tier because of its appearance. Seriously – Remy human hair strands are undeniably shiny and glossy, beating the competition every time.
  • Styleable. Do you want to bleach or dye your hair extensions? It’s possible with Remy human hair extensions. Oh, and you can also use all your fave hot tools for delightful looks (hello, beach waves, and romantic ringlets). Just use heat protectant!
  • All-natural. Some extensions stick out like a sore thumb, not Remy human hair extensions. Because the strands are uniform, they create a natural appearance. None will be the wiser!

Top Remy Human Hair Extensions to Buy

I recently wrote an article on the market’s top five Remy human hair extensions. But if you don’t feel like reading through that entire list, here’s a quick breakdown of which top five made the list:

As you can see, Remy human hair comes in various formats. That said, whether you opt for temporary or semi-permanent solutions, you can enjoy the best hair on the market!


When it comes to the best material to use for hair extensions, Remy human hair wins the gold medal every time. If you want to learn a little more about this topic, I’ve added these frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in!

What is the best quality type of hair extensions?

Ladies, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m going to say here – Remy human hair extensions. They simply have the highest quality out of all the other hair extensions on the market. At the least, you should buy human hair extensions, even if they’re not Remy.

What is the longest-lasting type of hair extensions?

Fusion hair extensions and micro-link hair extensions last the longest, with both options lasting up to four months with proper care. Fusion hair extensions require heat to melt the keratin bond to your natural strands, while micro-links are attached using small beads clamped to the hair.

What are the best and least damaging hair extensions?

Honestly, no hair extensions are inherently damaging. As long as they’re installed and cared for adequately, they will cause zero harm. However, my top four “safest” extensions include: keratin, sew-in, clip-in, and halo hair extensions. Always opt for Remy human hair!

Remy is the Best Material to Use for Hair Extensions!

When it comes to the best material to use for hair extensions, there is no competition – Remy human hair wins every time. Remy human hair is top-tier human hair that leaves the cuticles intact, ensuring a stunning appearance that isn’t prone to mats or tangles. It’s also 100% styleable!

Do you love Remy human hair as much as I do? Would you recommend another type of material for hair extensions? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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