How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be to Get Extensions?

Are you dreaming of perfect hair? Yeah, me too, girl. Well, let me tell you the absolute quickest and best way to get beautiful hair that’s bound to get hundreds of likes – hair extensions. However, you might not think you’re the right candidate if your hair’s short. That said, how long does hair actually have to be to get hair extensions?

Hair as short as two inches long can enjoy hair extensions. However, it’s recommended to have at least four inches of hair. If you’re using extensions with clunkier or bigger adhesives, such as clip-ins, it’s ideal to have around six inches of hair.

When it comes to hair extensions, length matters – and that’s what we’re discussing today. Keep reading to find out how long hair has to be to get hair extensions. The answer might surprise you!

How long does your hair have to be to get extensions? Let’s find out.

Why Does Hair Need to be a Certain Length for Hair Extensions?

Is this the first time you’re hearing that your hair should be a certain length before getting hair extensions installed? Then you might be thinking, “What gives? Why is length an important factor for hair extensions?” There are two main reasons.

1. Adhesives

Baby, let me say one word – adhesives. There are many types of hair extensions on the market, from micro-link to clip-in, tape-in to sew-in. And while they’re all different, they share one common thing: they must be installed using a type of adhesive.

Now, some adhesives are easier to conceal than others. For instance, i-tip hair extensions use tiny beads to fasten to the natural strands and are hardly noticeable. On the other hand, Clip-ins require large clips that can be more challenging to hide.

That said, you’ll need enough hair (length and thickness) to cover up the adhesives. So, a larger adhesive – like those on clip-in hair extensions – require longer locks compared to easily concealed extensions like i-tips

2. Appearance

If you have a super short and edgy pixie haircut, good for you, babe. You have the confidence that I might never have.

However, this might also mean that you want to wear hair extensions because you want to relive your long-haired days or you simply want to see what you’d look like with longer strands.

Whatever the case may be, the clear choice is hair extensions. The only issue is that it can be a little trickier to make extensions look “real” on short hair. Don’t worry – it’s entirely doable. Although, the longer your hair is, the simpler it will be to make them look all-natural.

How Long Does Hair Need to be For Extensions?

OK, now you know why your hair needs to be a certain length for hair extensions. But how long is long enough

Easily Concealed Extensions – Two Inches

If you’re opting for hair extensions that can easily be concealed – such as fusion hair extensions or i-tips – then you don’t have to worry as much about length. They’re incredibly discreet, so even the shortest haircuts can accommodate them.

However, two-inch-long hair strands likely won’t be able to cover up bulkier adhesives, such as clips. So, temporary options like clip-in hair extensions might be out of the question. You may also have a hard time with sew-ins or tape-ins.

Best Length for Most Extensions – Four to Six Inches

The ideal length for almost all hair extensions is four to six inches. This will provide plenty of hair for you (or your hairstylist) to work with. It’ll also provide enough coverage for adhesives, even bulkier or more noticeable ones like clips.

For Clip-in Hair Extensions/Better Look – Six Inches

If you really want to play it safe – or want to purchase clip-in hair extensions – you’ll want to have at least six inches of hair or more. The added length will make it a cinch to hide adhesives while also creating a more natural aesthetic. Nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing hair extensions!


You only need two inches of hair to wear hair extensions. Great news, right? Well, if you’re not ready to say bye just yet, don’t worry – I’m not ready to say my goodbyes yet, either. Join me in checking out these frequently asked questions by readers like you!

Can you get extensions with a pixie cut?

You can get hair extensions with a pixie cut as long as at least two inches of hair to work with. However, if you want to make sure you have a very natural appearance, I’d recommend growing your hair out until it reaches your shoulders before applying hair extensions.

What extensions are best for short hair?

Because they are installed strand by strand and are incredibly easy to conceal, fusion hair extensions and micro-link hair extensions are considered the best options for very short-haired gals. Have them installed by a professional hairstylist to achieve the most natural-looking finish.

Can you get extensions with 2 inches of hair?

Surprisingly enough, yes, those with as little as two inches of hair can wear hair extensions. Of course, you’ll want to use hair extensions easily concealed from view, such as fusion hair extensions or micro-bead hair extensions. Professional installation will render the most natural look.

Hair Should Be Anywhere from Two to Six Inches for Hair Extensions

Hair as short as two inches can have hair extensions installed. However, I always say the longer the hair, the better. That’s because you need enough hair to cover the hair extension adhesives and blend the faux and natural hairs naturally. You’ll also need longer hair if you opt for extensions with larger adhesives, like clip-ins and tape-ins.

How short was your hair when you had extensions installed?

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