How to Style Hair With Clip-in Extensions

Right now, I’m in a phase where I don’t want my hair too long all the time. That said, I’ve entered my clip-in hair extension era. How about you?

If you’re like me and stan clip-in hair extensions or simply want to try out some new ‘dos, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, I’m sharing my absolute favorite ways to style my hair with clip-in hair extensions. And trust me – they’re easy styles, so don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a “top-notch stylist.”

Let’s dive into how to style hair with clip-in extensions!

How to Style Hair With Clip-in Extensions: 5 Ways

Styling hair with clip-in extensions is simple, even though it might seem challenging. Yes, you do have some rather large and clunky clips to work with, but I promise that they’re easy to conceal. You just have to use a little razzle-dazzle to keep the clips discreet and rock some adorable hairdos.

1. Half Updo

Half updos are probably my favorite hairstyle of all time. I love the added dimension and beauty it provides. It’s the ideal choice when you want to be casual or classy – all it takes is switching up the hairstyle ever so slightly. (For instance, a topknot for casual, a stunning braided bun for elegant!)

There are so many ways to style a half updo when wearing clip-in hair extensions. The trick is to make sure that you have enough hair to cover the clips. After that, you’re as good as gold. Flaunt that charming ‘do, babe.

Tip: Backcomb or “tease” your natural strands above the clips. This will help to keep them tucked away.

2. Low Ponytail

Worried that your clips might play a little game of peek-a-boo while you’re out and about? I can relate 100%. If you don’t want to “risk it,” you can always opt for a low ponytail.

Now, don’t think that low ponytails have to be styled like you’re headed to the middle school locker room. Nowadays, there are so many adorable low ponytail hairstyles, making this a definite go-to for everyday wear and Black Tie events.

3. Low Bun

Another great way to style hair with clip-in extensions is with a low bun. Like the low ponytail, you never have to worry about your clip-ins making an appearance, ensuring you can go the entire day with concealed clips. It sounds like the perfect day to me!

One of the biggest perks of opting for a low bun is that it’s so easy to style – even if you’re going for something more alluring than effortless. With a number of low bun styles to choose from, you can easily sport a lovely low bun every day of the week.

4. Braids

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely obsessed with braids. They’re the epitome of femininity while also being a surefire way to hide clip-in hair extensions, regardless of which brand you buy from

Oh, and by the way – you don’t have to resort to the traditional three-strand plait. The masters of braiding have introduced us to some gorgeous new ways to braid, from rope braids to french fishtail braids and beyond.

5. Curls/Waves

Really, the only foolproof way to make sure that your clips are concealed throughout the day is to opt for curls or waves. The added dimension will not only hide the clunky clips, but it will blend your natural strands with the faux hairs, creating an all-natural and stunning finish.

To do this hairstyle, all you need to do is put in your clip-in hair extensions, apply some heat protectant, and use your favorite styling tool to create the look of your dreams. (In case you’re wondering, my latest obsession is the Beachwaver – the easiest ringlets ever.)

Quick tip – try to use a lower heat setting when styling your clip-in hair extensions. Hair extensions are more prone to damage and do not produce their own oils, so it’s up to us to keep them in tip-top shape.


Styling your hair with clip-in extensions is a cinch, am I right? Before you take off with these new hairstyles in your repertoire, take a look at these interesting, frequently asked questions. You might learn a thing or two!

What can you not do with clip-in extensions?

Luckily, with clip-in extensions, you can do most anything. However, the major no-no is to wear your clip-ins in the shower, while sleeping, working out, or swimming. They should be removed prior to these events (unlike permanent hair extension options).

Is it better to go lighter or darker with extensions?

If you’re unsure which color to purchase, it is always recommended to go a shade lighter. That’s because you can easily dye hair extensions a darker shade, but it’s slightly more challenging to bleach them – and impossible to bleach if you opt for synthetic hair extensions.

How do you do a messy bun with clip-in extensions?

If you want to do a messy bun with clip-in hair extensions, the good news is, you can! It’s a little trickier to hide the clips when pulling them up into a bun, but still possible. You just need to maneuver your strands so that they hide the clips. Teasing your natural locks can be beneficial. Here’s a great video to follow along with.

Do you curl extensions before you put them?

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. However, I suggest curling them after you put them in. That way, you can curl the extensions with your natural strands, creating a more blended and uniform appearance. 

Final Words

While it can be slightly more challenging to conceal clips compared to other extensions, it’s still entirely possible. My favorite hairstyles include half updos, low ponytails and buns, braids, and curls or waves. Just make sure your natural hair hides the clips, and you’re golden!

What is your favorite way to style your hair with clip-in hair extensions? Do you have any tips to share?

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