What Are Weft Hair Extensions

Craving Pinterest-worthy hair? I don’t know about you, girl, but I certainly was not born with hair that should be on the cover of a magazine. Do I give up, though? Nope! And neither should you. If you want full-bodied, long locks that everyone envies, it’s time to try out extensions.

But I will be honest with you – there are a lot of different types of hair extensions. Going down the list can be exhausting and confusing. There are tape-ins, clip-ins, keratin, sew-ins, wefts; the list goes on and on.

Well, I have lots of blogs explaining different types of extensions in depth. But here, we are looking head-on into the world of weft hair extensions. What are they, and why might you need them in your life?

What Are Weft Hair Extensions

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly are weft hair extensions, anyways? Well, it all begins with human or synthetic hair. These strands of hair are then sewn into a horizontal, long strip, which is otherwise known as the weft.

From there, a hairstylist will sew parts of the weft into your natural locks. The weft is secured into your natural mane using beads or tape directly at the roots. 

Wefts can be handsewn or sewn by a machine. The benefit of handsewn wefts is that they tend to be more fragile and lightweight. Machine-made wefts are a bit heavier, but they have the bonus of being durable.

And don’t worry – although it might sound like a nuisance, and even possibly painful, weft hair extensions are anything but. In fact, the installation process takes about an hour, and you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during or afterward.

How Long Do Weft Hair Extensions Last?

The benefit of going the weft hair extension route is that this type of hair extension easily lasts up to a year with proper maintenance. However, keep in mind that you will need to see your stylist every few weeks (6 to 8 weeks, typically) for touch-ups.

Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. As your natural mane grows, the wefts will follow suit. So, if your hair grows out two or three inches, the wefts will be that far down your locks, too. This may not only cause discomfort as the wefts begin to feel heavy or tugging, but it might not look great, either.

Benefits of Weft Hair Extensions

Think that weft hair extensions might be right for you? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits of going the weft hair extension route.

  • Customizable. With weft hair extensions, you’re given ultimate customization. You get to choose between the cut, style, color, and thickness of the hair you want to add to your mane. That said, you get the perfect look you crave to slay every time.
  • Tangle-free. While some hair extension types can lead to undesirable tangles, one benefit of the weft route is that they are easy gliders. Basically, they won’t tangle up, and you can enjoy tresses that fingers can easily comb through.
  • Minimal damage to natural hair. Again, the same isn’t true for all hair extension types. Some are horrifying to your locks! But not wefts! They do not cause harm to your natural mane, leaving you with flowy, stunning strands everyone will want.
  • Blend seamlessly. When it comes to wefts, the stylist will utilize beads or tape that match your natural hair color for a seamless look. That way, you can toss and sway your hair as much as you’d like without anyone being the wiser.
  • Styleable. If you go with human hair wefts, you will be happy to know that you can style weft hair extensions like your real hair. Dazzle your look up with some curls for a special event, or toss your locks into a high pony to charm the office.

What to Look for When Buying Weft Hair Extensions

The first thing you need to do is decide which attachment method and type of hair you will be using. Those with thinner hair should opt for the bonded weft, while thicker manes can utilize the beaded process.

Human hair is going to be the best option as opposed to synthetic. Unless you’re on a tight budget, Remy human hair is the way to go. This will provide the most beautiful and blended look and is super soft and shiny.

Lastly, find a professional hairstylist you trust to apply the wefts. A high-quality hairstylist will apply the wefts without any damage and leave you with a look you’ll want to show off all over town.

Final Thoughts

Weft hair extensions are great because they’re comfortable and cause minimal damage, plus they can last for months with maintenance in-between. Just make sure you’re buying high-quality hair and finding a great stylist to do the (somewhat lengthy) installation. 

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