What Kind of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use?

If you’re scrolling through Instagram, checking out the latest edition of Elle, or simply tuning into the Met Gala, you’ll notice two things – wowing outfits and even more impressive hairstyles. And while some celebs might have beautiful all-natural strands, plenty use hair extensions – just like you.

Maybe she’s born with it, but honestly, perhaps it’s hair extensions. Many celebrities wear hair extensions. But which ones are their fave? If you’re trying to recreate your fave celeb’s look or simply want glorious hair as they do, then you’ll need to know what type of extensions they use.

And I’m here to help.

I want you to have Red Carpet ready hair like Kylie Jenner and Zendaya. So, with that in mind, I welcome you to this comprehensive article explaining what kind of hair extensions celebrities use. By the end, you’ll know exactly which hairstyles to buy ASAP.

Put on your reading glasses, girls – it’s time to learn!

What Kind of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use? The Type

If you’re reading this blog, you’re wondering what kind of hair extensions celebrities use. But to be honest, that can mean more than one thing. You might be talking about the hair they use, the brand, or the type

Since I’m not a mind reader (unfortunately), I’ve decided to include all three answers. So nice of me, right?

Let’s start with the type. Celebs tend to use these three types of hair extensions:

1. Clip-Ins

Yup, you read that read – celebs love to style their hair with clip-ins

But why?

Clip-ins offer peak versatility. So, whether you want ultra-long locks down to your feet one day and shorter ones to bulk up your bob cut the next, you can do it with clip-ins.

Clip-in hair extensions are temporary hair extensions that must be installed and removed daily, which means endless possibilities. Hey, they even have clip-in ponytail extensions, which are worn by some of the hottest celebs like Hailey Bieber.

2. Beaded Wefts

Micro-link hair extensions are some of the most popular types of hair extensions in and out of the celebrity world. Yet, while most “normies” choose the single-stranded method, celebs prefer the wefts.

There isn’t a huge difference, and the application is essentially the same (clamping a bead to your natural hair strands). The most significant differentiation is that wefts come with separate strands attached, which cuts down on overall installation time. Maybe that’s why they do it? 

3. Fusion

The last option is fusion hair extensions. These extensions have been around since the dawn of time (well, close enough), and many people adore them. 

They blend seamlessly and are quite comfortable and lightweight, so whether you’re riding in a BMW down Beverly Hills Boulevard or are sipping on cocktails at a local lounge, your hair will look and feel amazing.

What Kind of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use? The Material

OK, so we got the first part out of the way – celebs use clip-ins, beaded wefts, or fusion hair extensions. But what about the material

Regardless of what application method you choose, you’re going to be met with more questions. One of the biggest questions to answer is what type of material you want. And if you want to follow in the path of celebrities, get Remy hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions are human hair extensions with the cuticles intact. As such, the hair remains in a uniform design, ensuring an all-natural and flawless appearance. They’re also much shinier, glossier, and softer compared to other human hair or synthetic options.

Remy human hair is undeniably the best of the best in terms of hair extension materials. So, of course, celebrities will opt for Remy human hair every time.

What Kind of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use? The Brands

We’re almost at the finish line, gals – it’s time to discuss which brands celebrities use. 

Now, I’m going to level with you – lots of celebrities have personal hairstylists that will craft, create, and customize hair extensions for them. You simply won’t be able to find the same set of extensions on the market.

But that’s not true for all. Here are a few of the brands that celebrities have spoken about:

1. Luxy Hair

Luxy is just one of the many notable top hair extension brands on the market. They’re worn by various beautiful celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, and a few Victoria’s Secret Angels, such as Jasmine Tookes. 

2. Priscilla Valles

Kim K recently raved about these extensions from Priscilla Valles (collab with another famous hair extension brand, Glam Seamless). Although the Kardashian Krew may be the biggest stans of these extensions, other big names also wear them – including Dua Lipa and Chrissy Tiegen!

3. XOXO Virgin Hair

XOXO Virgin Hair has recently become a fan favorite among many African American celebrities, with some of the top names including Lizzo, Solange, and Jordyn Woods. Needless to say, these extensions are fab and make these celebs’ hair look incredible.

4. Hair By Violet

Celebrity hair extensions Violet Teriti became so popular in the realm of hair extension installation that she started her own brand – Hair by Violet. Now worn by celebs like Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez, Hair By Violet is a top-tier brand with hair that can be dyed or bleached without issue.

5. Bellami Hair

Last but not least, celebrities buy and wear Bellami hair extensions. These lovely hair extensions look like literal silk and work like literal magic. While they’re touted by the K Krew, many other celebs love these extensions, too.


Alright, babes – now you know everything there is to know about what kind of hair extensions celebrities use. Pretty cool stuff, right? But don’t take off just yet! I’ve added a couple of frequently asked questions you might find interesting.

What type of hair extensions look the most natural?

Remy human hair extensions are going to be the most natural looking. Again, that’s because the hairs have the cuticles intact, which isn’t the case for all human hair extensions. Fusion and micro-links are the easiest to conceal, offering an all-natural aesthetic.

What is the most popular hair extension method?

While there are several popular choices to pick from, the one method that hair extension wearers continue to ask for is micro-link hair extensions. They are also referred to as cold fusion or i-tip extensions. Even celebrities prefer this installation method!

What hair extensions stay in the longest?

Fusion and micro-bead hair extensions last the longest. As long as they are installed correctly and are well taken care of, they can easily last up to four months without needing to be redone. So, if you’re looking for a more permanent option, consider fusion or micro-links.

Celebrities Use Remy Human Hair Extensions from Various Brands

If you want to replicate your fave celebrity’s hairstyle, you can do so by choosing the right extensions. Always opt for Remy human hair and get clip-ins, fusions, or micro-link wefts. Choose the brand you enjoy best, as they are all wonderful brands that will give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you have any insider information about what kind of hair extensions celebrities use? Do you have anything to add to this article? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below!

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