What Does Toner Do to Brown Hair?

Toner is a hot topic when it comes to blonde hair. It’s a must-have for getting rid of those horrid brassy, and yellow undertones that make your hair look meh. But what about brunettes? Is toner a no-go, or will it have any effect whatsoever?

Certain toners can work well for brunettes. For instance, blue toner can eliminate unwanted red or orange undertones, while a pigmented toner can make brown shades pop. You can also use colorful toners to add some zesty casts to your strands. Certain toners can also add some much-needed moisture to dull, dried-out brown hair.

Have you ever wondered what toner does to brown hair? You’re not alone. Plenty of people ask this question, especially if they hear the “buzz” from blonde babes. Well, this article teaches all the effects toner can have on brown hair.

Come on, brunette divas – let’s talk about what toner does to your alluring locks!

What Does Toner Do to Brown Hair? Results Explained

What toner does to brown hair depends mainly on what type of toner you use. Let’s discuss.

1. Remove Unwanted Pigments (Blue Toner)

Do you notice some undesirable shades sprinkled in your brown mane, such as burnt orange or red? Then it’s blue toner to the rescue. Blue toner is designed to get rid of unwanted colors, leaving you with a desirable brown shade you’ll adore.

2. Create a Deeper Hue (Pigmented Toner)

Have your brown strands been looking a little lackluster lately? Do you want to create a deeper and more luscious shade? Then you’ll want to purchase a pigmented toner

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to choose a shade that’s the same or darker than your current shade. Toners won’t lighten your locks!

3. Create a Cast of Color (Colored Toner)

Want to give your hair a little bit of colorful pizazz without dying it to a vibrant shade? Then you can also use colorful toners. These are designed to provide your natural strands with a cast of very subtle colors. The result? Brown hair that’s just a little more complex and unique.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Highlighted Undertones (Purple or Blue Toner)

Brown-haired babes don’t tend to use toners. They simply aren’t as widely used for brunettes as they are for blondes. That said, if you have your hair highlighted (or indulged in ombre, sombre, or another fan favorite), you’ll likely need to use purple or blue toner to help your blonde strands look their best.

5. Add Moisture (Conditioning Toner)

Some toners are marketed as deep conditioning masks that will not only enhance your brown shade but also revive dehydrated and dull strands. So, if you’ve been struggling with some dryness and breakage lately, consider swapping your current hair mask for a conditioning toner.

Not only will your hair feel incredible, but it will get a noticeable boost in the shine department. Win-win!


See? Nothing but great things can come from using toner on your brown hair – so don’t hesitate to pick up a toner the next time you’re shopping online or at your favorite store. Want to learn more about what toner does to brown hair? Then keep readin’, queen! Below are some fun FAQs.

Will a toner lighten my dark hair?

Unfortunately, no, toner will not lighten your dark hair. You’ll need to bleach your hair in order to “lift” it to your desired, brighter shade. You can use household products to bleach hair, purchase a bleaching kit, or have your fave hairstylist do the hard work for you.

How long does toner last in brown hair?

Toner should last anywhere from two to six weeks. That said, you won’t need to use toner on your brown locks too regularly. So, in between using your toner, opt for fewer washes and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to “lock in” the effects of the toner.

How long does toner sit in hair?

Every toner is going to be different. For instance, if you’re using a blue shampoo toner, you won’t need to leave it sitting on your hair for an extended period. On the other hand, a deep conditioning toner hair mask might need to stay on your hair for several minutes before being rinsed. The best option is to check the instructions on the product.

Toner Can Be a Great Option for Brown-Haired Babes!

Don’t think toners are just for blondes. Brown-haired gals can indulge in toners and receive great results. From moisturized strands to more pigmentations, less undesirable shades to a colorful cast, toners can be an excellent tool to add to your hair care repertoire.

Have you ever used a toner on your brown hair? What happened? Would you recommend other brown-haired divas use toner on their hair, too? Share all of your unique stories, tips, and tricks in the comment section below!

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