Where to Buy 6D Hair Extensions

Some people avoid getting hair extensions installed because of the lengthy application time – and I don’t blame them. I hate sitting in the salon chair for hours on end, but I do it for the sake of beauty. (Beauty is pain, right?)

But if you’re short on time or dread the trip to a salon, I have great news for you – there’s another way, and it doesn’t involve heat, tape, clips, or other pesky adhesives. 

Ladies, let me introduce you to the 6D hair extension. This method applies six hair pieces at once, rather than the traditional single strand. This immensely cuts down on application time, leaving you with flawless locks for up to eight weeks.

Where can you buy these beauties? Luckily, there are lots of spots to get your hands on six-dimensional hair extensions, which I’m sharing with you today!

Where to Buy 6D Hair Extensions – 4 Options

Six-dimensional hair extensions sound like a dream come true, and they kind of are. If you’re looking to try out a new method of hair extension installation, I highly recommend going the 6D route. Here are the top four places to get started!

1. Amazon

Anyone who shops online knows about Amazon. They’re the world’s retail giant, with a seemingly endless list of available products and impressive delivery times. Unsurprisingly, they’re home to several 6D hair extension options, too.

Personally, I’d recommend this set. They come in a few natural colors (that can be bleached to reach a different shade or color if desired), featuring 100% human hair. Each package comes with 13 pieces of hair 18 inches long, so you might want to purchase one or two more packs.

2. Etsy

Do you adore handmade goods? Then you’re likely an avid Etsy shopper – the global online marketplace for unique products. And while you’re scrolling through vintage, eclectic, and beautiful items, one thing you’ll find along the way is 6D hair extensions.

Etsy has plenty of 6D hair extensions up for grabs. However, these extensions have garnered the most attention, with customers saying that the hair is “absolutely amazing.” The extensions are constructed using 100% human hair and come in a myriad of lengths, from 10 to 28 inches.

3. Market Hair Extension

Online shoppers, rejoice – I have one more top-notch online store to purchase your 6D hair extensions. It’s called Market Hair Extension, and their collection of 6D hair extensions is guaranteed to wow you.

What I like about Market Hair Extension is that there are lots of styles to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a five or ten-row package with 25 or 50 strands. Lengths range from 16 to 26 inches, and you can indulge in various colors, including all-natural picks and out-of-the-box fun shades like green and purple.

With so many different options, you’re sure to find the 6D hair extensions that are right for you. Oh, and don’t worry – these hair extensions are designed with Remy Human Hair, ensuring peak quality.

4. From Your Hairstylist

Buying 6D hair extensions can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you’re buying a suitable pack. And with so many confusing features like the number of strands, grams per package, and varying hair colors, you can easily end up purchasing the wrong kind.

To make things easier, equip the help of your hairstylist. There may be 6D hair extensions already for sale in the salon, making your job much easier. If not, you can always ask your hairstylist to purchase 6D hair extensions for your upcoming appointment.

By giving your hairstylist the reins to purchase the 6D hair extensions, you can put your worries and fears to rest. 


See? Finding high-quality 6D hair extensions isn’t challenging; if it is, you can always leave it in the hands of your hairstylist. Before shopping for your new extensions, check out these commonly asked questions. They may benefit you!

How much does it cost to get 6D hair extensions?

Six-dimensional hair extensions may be the “new and improved” method of installing hair extensions, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend an arm and a leg to get your new ‘do. In fact, most 6D hair extension appointments range from $200 to $500 (not including the cost of the hair).

Can you reuse 6D hair extensions?

Six-dimensional hair extensions can be reused. (Go ahead and cheer out loud.) In fact, most 6D hair extensions will last up to a year. Of course, you’ll need to have them moved up every eight weeks – but you can use the same hair until the quality deteriorates.

How many 6d hair extensions do I need for a full head?

It’s recommended to have at least 100 strands for a full head. However, if you’re looking for unworldly fullness and bounce, you might consider stepping it up to 200 strands. You can discuss which amount is right for your hair type with your hairstylist.

6D Hair Extensions Are the Next Big Thing – Try Them Out!

Needless to say, lots of people are jumping on board the 6D bandwagon due to their simplicity and beauty. And you can get your hands on these lovely hair extensions online at shops like Amazon, Etsy, or Market Hair Extensions. Too confusing? Ask your stylist to purchase before your appointment.

Do you love 6D hair extensions? Where did you buy your tresses? Share with us!

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